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In the Dark

It is 20 years since Bella and edward were married. The family all live happily together in Anchorage. However, Renesmee is pregnant and the arrival of her child has terrible consequences for the family.


1. Chapter 1

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It had been 20 years since I married Edward and I still couldn’t believe he was really mine; I felt as though he could disappear like a mirage any second now, leaving me broken. We left Forks 15 years ago. It was only a matter of time before the people of Forks became suspicious of Carlisle and the way he never aged. It was also hard for Renesmee and I as we could rarely leave the confines of the Cullen mansion without risk of exposing our family as something supernatural.

I missed Forks a lot; it was the place where I had met Edward and, in doing so, my destiny. Anchorage wasn’t so bad though. In truth I would be happy to live anywhere in the world so long as I had Edward, Renesmee and the rest of the family with me. Ever since I became a vampire, I have been living in bliss and I was eternally grateful that I would get to live this life until the end of time.

Carlisle was still practicing as a doctor at the local hospital; his perfect control and selflessness never ceases to amaze me. He and Esme are truly the most wonderful people I have ever known. When I married Edward I was blessed with much more than a husband; I had an amazing new family who, I knew, would always be there for me no matter what may come. Esme still spent most of her time renovating. Her latest project was building a little home for Renesmee and Jacob. Alice and Jasper were helping her with this, they were all really excited about it; Alice could hardly keep it secret, but, Jasper was trying to reigning her in the best he could and it was taking a lot out of him to do so.

Rosalie and Emmet had just celebrated yet another wedding and had gone to England on an extended honeymoon. Rosalie hated to leave Renesmee for so long, but, Emmet had persuaded her a break was just what they needed and it’s not like they would miss anything important.

My darling Renesmee had been married to Jake for five years and, much to my delight, they were blissfully happy. It took Edward and I quite a while to come round to the idea, but, we couldn’t be happier for them now; Jake had proved himself time and time again to be worthy of our precious daughter and so we couldn’t really complain.

Renesmee was 8months pregnant . We were all so worried when she told us the news. Edward was very upset. He remembered every detail of my complicated pregnancy and I could see the fear in his eyes every time he looked at her. He just about killed Jake that night, but, Carlisle and I talked to him and managed to calm him down. Carlisle examined Renesmee and determined that the birth would proceed in a ‘normal’ fashion and the baby would take 9 months to grow and would be delivered the normal human way. This calmed Edward down a lot and he joined the rest of the family in their excitement for the new life they were about to meet. Rosalie and Esme were so happy and predictably, Alice saw it as a great excuse to shop even more than usual.

Edward and I were still very much in love. Every time he touched me I swear I could feel my dead heart beat. I thought that becoming a vampire would calm my emotions; it had, however inflamed them. When Edward and I were apart, I ached for him. He told me that it physically hurt him when I was not with him too. We tried to stay together most of the time. It suited us fine and there really was no reason for us to be separated all that much at all. Little did we know that our happy little existence was about to be rocked in the most awful way.