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Light in my Life

Bella is heartbroken, hurt, and tired of living her life. But change comes when she creates a bond with a stranger in the strange family that took her in. (Set in the time frame as Twilight, but in a complete alternate universe.) Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Thanks for giving my story a chance! I appreciate it more than you know! I own a New Moon ring. I do not own Twilight. *sighs* Stephenie Meyer owns it. *sobs*

3. Beautiful(Edward's POV)

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1218   Review this Chapter

Edward POV

I took another deep breath and began playing again, my hands easily hitting the right notes on my baby grand piano. I was trying to compose a new song, some song that could possibly relate to the feelings inside of me. They were so confusing!

I had returned to the house a few hours after the incident where I had almost killed the girl. I figured I was okay after hunting, but I texted Emmett and Jasper before coming anywhere near the house. They had waited at the back door for me. Carlisle came to me to see if I was alright, and I nodded my head in confirmation. He lead me to the living room, gathering the whole family before telling me that we were going to care for the girl until we found something better for her.

We suspected that she was a runaway or homeless. Either way, it was not this family’s way to kick someone in need onto the streets. My throat burned at the thought of being near her for any amount of time.

But what if I familiarized myself with her scent? Could I become desensitized?

Alice’s face lit up. “It’ll work!” she yelped happily. I knew. I had seen it, too.

So for the next couple of days, as she slept – she mustn’t have slept much before, she slept for almost three days! She would come in and out of consciousness, but not enough to truly ask her if she needed anything. – I sat outside her door, or just inside it, breathing in her scent with Emmett and Jasper with me in case I needed restraining.

Now I didn’t need my brothers at my side all the time. Her scent became bearable, but it still appealed to me greatly.

When she woke, Esme tried to get her to eat something. There was no such luck there. She won’t speak to her, Alice, or Carlisle. They all tried to get her to cooperate, but she was too scared. I could now hear Alice up there trying to get her up and dressed.

“Please?” Alice begged “You can get right back into bed after, I promise . . . please?”

I heard sniffles coming from the girl as Alice continued to talk in pleading tones. Esme soon joined her.

“Honey, we just want to help you.” The girl had shown no aggression, only fear and sorrow. Esme seemed to make her feel a bit comfortable, but not enough to go along with her wishes. I couldn’t believe it, but it broke my heart.

I stopped playing and began to listen to the one-sided conversation.

“Come on,” my sister’s voice was soft, but I could tell she was getting annoyed. “Can you at least tell us you name?”

The poor girl, Esme’s thoughts were sweet, as always, but had a hint of worry. What could have happened to her? The only person who could answer her question just wouldn’t say a thing.

Alice was becoming more frustrated, so she left the room, before she could truly get mad. She understood, but she wanted to help this girl, but she was doing nothing to help her do such.

I wish she’d just talk! Alice thought. Then we could help! The poor thing!

I had found out when I had come back from hunting that I could not hear the girl’s thoughts. But still, I tried again.

No luck.

With a sigh, Esme left the room. As she began to walk downstairs, the girl began to cry. Her sobs were too much for me, and I found myself flitting to her door. The confused thoughts of my family swarmed in my mind.

What is he doing?! Alice couldn’t seem to see anything of my future seeing this was a split-second decision. Even I didn’t know what I was going to do.

Maybe we should head up there. Emmett didn’t want any of us hurt.

God, this is confusing! Jasper was confused about the mixed emotions I was feeling.

Can he stay in control? Carlisle was pretty sure I would be fine, but I knew he was worried, too.

I found trust in Esme’s mind and indifference in Rosalie’s. She wanted nothing to do with the girl. I opened the door to her room, ready for her scent to hit me.

It didn’t disappoint. I took a few breaths and told myself to get used to it. Her sobs kept going as I stepped forward and sat beside her on her bed. They became louder and more pleading as she felt my weight shift the bed.

“Shhh, shhh, I’m not going to hurt you.” I put my cold hand on her back – it was covered by the comforter, she was wrapped inside her own cocoon of protection. I rubbed my hand in slow circles across her upper back. She didn’t respond, but didn’t make any move away from me. I wondered as I sat there how I could start any kind of conversation. Even if it was one-sided as it had been with everyone else. Hm . . .

“I’m Edward. My family and I only want to help. But . . . you are going to have to let us.” My family had now crowded around the inside of the door, staying away, but also standing by in case I needed help. They were also curious and confused. As was I.

The girl’s stomach growled and she let out a whimper. She brought her arms around her torso. I sighed.

“Okay. I can see why this would be hard, but please. All I’m going to ask of you right now is to place enough trust in me to accept –.” Alice walked in with a bowl of cereal. I hadn’t even noticed she had left. Bless her. “- this,” I finished.

I breathed in again and found myself struggling a bit again, but I pushed through it all. Her scent set my throat aflame, but I was trying to help her, not murder her. I stopped rubbing her back and wrapped one of my arms around her shoulders. I pulled her up into a sitting position. In response, she dropped her head and let her hair conceal her face.

I placed the bowl in her lap. She stared at it for a moment and then finally looked up to meet my gaze.

I found myself staring into the deepest brown eyes, and the next word out of my mouth shocked everyone, including myself.

“Beautiful,” I whispered, finding myself touching her soft cheek with my finger. I heard my family gasp. The girl’s head spun in their direction and her eyes widened at the sight of them all standing there. Tears welled in those gorgeous eyes.

They all watched in surprise as she threw her arms around me and buried herself in my chest.