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Light in my Life

Bella is heartbroken, hurt, and tired of living her life. But change comes when she creates a bond with a stranger in the strange family that took her in. (Set in the time frame as Twilight, but in a complete alternate universe.) Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Thanks for giving my story a chance! I appreciate it more than you know! I own a New Moon ring. I do not own Twilight. *sighs* Stephenie Meyer owns it. *sobs*

4. As I Held Her(Edward's POV)

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I held her as she wept. My light blue button-down shirt was turning a darker shade with her tears. But I didn’t care. In fact, I barely noticed at the time. The only reason I did was because Alice was making a big deal of it. I shot her a glare. She was being idiotic!

Alice flinched back, along with everyone else.

Where did that come from?!

He’s never looked like that.

Son, are you okay?

Edward . . .

Was that because we made her cry?

He’s being very protective of her! But why glare at Alice?

I saw my own expression through six other perspectives. It was menacing, threatening. I had never looked at them like that. I hadn’t meant to be so fierce! But I was so frustrated!

But at who? I asked myself.

I growled at the frustration. The girl in my arms jumped and yelped. She cried harder as her eyes flew to meet mine. I swear I would have gotten lost in the brown depths of them if I was not distracted by the fact that she was in pain. That I was in pain because of it.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered to her, running my hands through her hair. It’s just a comforting gesture, I told myself. Her brown hair waved slightly down her back. It was extremely long, but soft. She still seemed very frightened she was still sobbing.

I breathed in her scent. Lavender and freesia. It became my favorite scent.

I pulled her close once more. I didn’t understand why she didn’t try to pull away. I knew I couldn’t be comfortable. I rubbed more soothing circles on her back with my fingers.

“I’m sorry,” I began again. “I didn’t mean to scare you. That was my fault. I only want to help you. I promise . . .” No. “ . . . I swear not to hurt you.” Her eyebrows formed a confused v on her forehead. She seemed to be thinking hard about something. She looked back up at me and the sadness, confusion, and fear seemed to fade away. Everything faded away when she looked me in the eyes.

She wound her arms back around my back and buried her head in my chest. It was becoming a familiar gesture to me. She inhaled deeply. Again, and again, and again. Why?

I put my arms around her overly-thin frame, and began to rock us back and forth. What else could I do to make her more comfortable? Ah. I began to hum an unfamiliar melody. I would have to try it on the piano later. I suddenly heard the thoughts of my family, who were still huddled by the door. Every thought was surprised. But each person had a different take on the relationship between the girl and me. Relationship? I thought.

Rosalie was vain, as usual. Why does he even bother to care for her? And he called her beautiful! He didn’t even think I was beautiful when we met! She began to go on in her head that I must be insane. And maybe I was . . . . I just didn’t care.

Esme was worried, but proud of me all the same. How does he do it? She wondered.

Emmett was still thinking if he should intervene. He met my stare. How are you? I smiled as I rocked and hummed. He smirked at me. Never seen you like this . . . . His take on it surprised me. He thought I had feelings for her . . . ?

Carlisle seemed to swell with pride. His thoughts were encouraging. He smiled widely at me. I’m glad the girl didn’t see. His teeth would have frightened her.

Alice was having a vision about the girl and me. Apparently I was to stay with her tonight. Perhaps it will help her sleep. And perhaps I’m crazy for even thinking my presence would help her . . . or to even care.

Jasper was thinking about my mixed emotions. They were confusing him. He could feel the bloodlust mixed with the other emotions. It was making it hard for him to control himself.

“Jasper, leave,” I commanded. Everyone stared in shock at me. After a few seconds the girl looked up at me. Her expression was unreadable to me. Perhaps wondering? Ah, what was she thinking?! I then realized I had stopped rocking her. “Oh.” I began again. She held my gaze for a few seconds more before returning to her earlier position.

Alice looked to the future for the answers to my outbreak.

Jasper lunged at Bella, no longer able to contain himself. In his rage he acted on impulse so Alice hadn’t seen it coming at the time. Nor had I heard it before it was too late. He sank her teeth into his neck before I could do anything to stop him. But I was fast and knocked him off before he could do more damage.

It took everything in me not to growl or shout. Alice rushed out of the room. She hadn’t even been gone a minute before she returned with another bowl of cereal. She then took Jasper’s hand and led him out the door. The vision disappeared.

Content, I focused again on the girl. I began humming again. In my peripheral vision I saw my family leave quietly, shutting the door behind them. I was then alone with her.

“Okay,” I began. She looked up at me, confused again. “Will you eat?” I gestured to the new bowl. She stared at it for a moment. I even began to wonder if she could understand me. But then she nodded. I handed it to her, and she took a hesitant bite. The she began to shovel spoonfuls into her mouth.

I laughed. “Slow down! You’re going to give yourself a stomach ache.” She repositioned herself better, but I kept her on my lap.

I just stared at her then. Sensing my gaze, she looked my way.

“Will you tell me your name?” I asked. She seemed to think something over.

“Bella,” she whispered softly. But the sound of her voice rang in my ears.