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Light in my Life

Bella is heartbroken, hurt, and tired of living her life. But change comes when she creates a bond with a stranger in the strange family that took her in. (Set in the time frame as Twilight, but in a complete alternate universe.) Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Thanks for giving my story a chance! I appreciate it more than you know! I own a New Moon ring. I do not own Twilight. *sighs* Stephenie Meyer owns it. *sobs*

5. Guardian

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“Bella” she whispered softly. But the sound of her voice rang in my ears.

She blushed. I couldn’t help but notice how innocent she was. I smiled at her, watching her blush deepen.

“Eat,” I reminded her. She seemed to need to badly. Why had she been on the street? She turned to her bowl again, slowly. She seemed a bit dazed. “Are you alright?” I asked. She nodded in response. She then shook her head slightly, as if to clear it, and began to eat again.

“Thank you,” she mumbled between mouthfuls.

“You’re very welcome.” I meant it. I inhaled again. There wasn’t much of a struggle, there. It only burnt. Her scent was strong, but it was quickly becoming endearing.

She quickly finished her meal and began to look uncomfortable. She looked around a bit. Realizing why she was feeling this way, I took her bowl and set it on the bedside table. She relaxed. She wasn’t used to the house. It would take time, I could tell.

“Bella.” She turned to look at me. I smiled at her. Her eyes glazed over, but she was still looking me straight in the eye. I began to worry. I tilted my head to the side, questioning her. She blinked several times, coming out of her daze.


“Are you tired?” She hadn’t slept much last night. She looked at me again, this time with an expression that looked almost shocked. I was so easily frustrated! Why couldn’t I hear her mind? I would give up every other voice in my head. If only I could hear hers. Once.

“Yes, I am . . . “ That was all I needed. I lifted her softly off my lap. She seemed confused when I moved to the side of the bed, so I gently pushed her shoulder down towards the bed. The she realized what I was doing. She lay down. I took the comforter out from under her and placed it over her. She stared at me with an expression I couldn’t understand.

“Please sleep.” She complied and closed her eyes. She shifted into a more comfortable position, facing toward me, on her side. I couldn’t help but watch her. I listened to her heartbeat as it slowed and she became more relaxed. Sometimes she opened her eyes and looked at me. But it became less and less and within fifteen minutes, she had slipped into unconsciousness.

I stood from my sitting position and headed fore the door. I inhaled one more time before leaving the room. I ignored the thoughts that my family shot at me. When I couldn’t seem to block them out, I put my hand up. They stopped immediately. I turned to go to my piano.

I began with a couple warm-ups. Songs I knew, and have played thousands of times. I started with the one I wrote for Esme. It was of the love she shared with Carlisle. She came and sat beside me on the bench. My mother placed one arm around my shoulders. It was comforting, especially after such a day.

As the song came to an end she shot me a grateful glance, and I started with a second warm-up. Clair De Lune. Esme stayed on the bench beside me the whole time.

When I was finally done with those, I started playing the tune I had hummed to Bella earlier. Hm. Bella. You don’t hear that name often. I thought it fit her well.

“This is pretty. Does it have a name?” Esme asked.

“No, not at the moment.”

“I can hear the melody you were humming earlier. I’m guessing this girl was inspiration?”

“Bella,” I corrected her. She smiled. “And, yes, she inspired this one.”

I let my hands flow freely. They knew exactly where to go. I closed my eyes, listening to the notes and thinking about the girl who slept just upstairs. I listened to her heartbeat. Her steady breathing. I remembered her blush. Her eyes. The way her hair fell around her face. Her scent. The sound of her voice . . . .

I faltered when I heard her whimper. My family – well, most of them. Jasper and Alice weren’t back yet – gawked at me. I had never faltered before. I then heard Alice and Jasper coming up the drive. They ran very fast and were in the house in less than a minute. I heard Bella begin to yelp and even scream a bit. I heard the springs of the bed squeaking and I pictured her thrashing in agony.

“You should have listened to my vision!” Alice yelled at me. Vision? Ah, yes. I should have stayed with her. I felt extremely guilty. I began to rise from my position, but Alice was heading to her room before I could reach the stairs.

I watched through Alice’s mind, and realized it was just as I feared; she was just as I had pictured her. The screams became louder, and more frequent as Alice entered the room. She seemed to be having a terrible nightmare.

“Bella, Bella!” Alice must have seen her telling me what her name was. She wasn’t around when she had answered me. “Bella! Wake up! You’re dreaming.”

I watched through Alice as Bella woke with a start. She was sweating horribly. She looked up at my sister and then around the room. She didn’t seem to find what she was looking for.

“It’s okay Bella, you’re safe.” Alice reached out to Bella, but she flinched away. That hurt Alice, but she soon came to a realization. It seemed to please her.

“Oh, you want Edward, don’t you?” she asked. Bella looked her in the eyes. Alice took it as confirmation. “Edward!” she called.

I ran up the stairs and into her room at top speed. Bella looked up, surprised, and I only grinned a huge smile at her. She blushed, but smiled back. I loved the way it lit up her face.

Alice walked out of the room as I walked to Bella’s bed and, once again, sat on the edge of it.

“You wanted me?” I asked softly. She didn’t answer. I scooted up and leaned my back on the headboard. She came closer to me, laying her head slightly into my side. She turned her soft brown eyes to mine, as if asking permission. I let one side of my mouth turn up in a crooked smile.

She looked away from me and into the darkness of the room. Realization hit me. I could see perfectly in the dark. It would never be a problem. But Bella was different. Human. She couldn’t see clearly in the dark. The shadows seemed to frighten her. I brought my arm around her.

“I won’t let anything hurt you,” I vowed. She sighed as she relaxed into me.

No. I would never let anything hurt her.