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The Value of Optimism

Previously title: Bloody Roses Jasper never really thought it would happen the way it did. Temptation is a frightful thing. Once in a while, you give in. Bella was just too good to pass up. Like chocolate. Now, Jasper Hale becomes the animalistic Jasper Whitlock again, but he has a partner who shows him the true value of optimism. Banner

Huzzah for revamping! I intend on editing and stuffing every existing chapter! Woot! Renamed and rebannered. Now I need a beta.... I am so sorry for all of you who love Bella and happy endings. I got this idea after I read a story about Jasper feelings when her attacked Bella.

1. Roses Are For Blood

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Had my exsistence always been dark? No. Did it become dark? Yes. But, I cannot bring myself to blame anyone for what I did. I'll blame Edward for not giving me the proper justice. I did, after all, kill his Bella.

Perhaps I can leave the woods and run home. Maybe never look back. I could probably forget the taste of the blood I found on the fern. But, no, I couldn't. Not really. I'm haunted by it. It is a story.

"Jasper, hurry back!" Alice yelled after me. Why was I headed for the woods? Oh, yeah. Bella had got mad at Edward and I couldn't stand to feel Alice's peircing grief.

Usually, Alice was the first one to go after Bella when she wandered off. Lately, though, she'd decided Bella wasn't close enough to me. Especially if Bella was to be one of us.

I didn't mind Bella. She was a sweet girl full of good intents. Edward sheltered her a bit too much, though. If she was brave enough to kiss a creature that could kill her in an instant, she could surely handle hanging out with a boy that could maybe maul her.

I walked at a nearly human pace, watching the skyline.

The woods were dark and full of woe. What was she doing in here? Was she suicidal? No, the fight had been about Jacob. Nothing too serious. I passed by a low patch of ferns. A delicious smell wafted from them. Ferns do not smell as such. Floral, somehow fresia and lilac. I culd almost picture a field of flowers, and me sitting in the middle, with Bella's limp, bloodless and lifeless body in my lap.

I stooped down the the ferns, searching. Ah, a single drop of pure heaven. Red as roses, sweet as sugar, and calling to me. I touched it with my index finger. I lifted it from the fern to my lips.

Oh! The sweet taste of the blood. Bella's blood. Like a liqued explosion on my taste buds. Assault of the sense...The taste was too much.

I could hear a fast beat of a heart. The wet sound of blood pounding through veins. I recognized the scent that was slowly becoming more potent.


Animal instincts took over and sunk into a hunting crouch. What was I doing. This was Bella! Not some deer or lion. But, blood was worth it. I was imediatly seeing red as I ran. Silently, she came into my view. Her calm facade was flimsy and I could feel the fear. She turned and saw me.

"Jasper! I was getting worried. Are you okay?" Her voice and emotions were nervous and anxious at the end. I moved closer and inhaled. The blood tainted what I perceived as reality. She was no longer a future sister. She was a simple, but delicious, human. Prey. The last thing I heard was meaningless.

" Jasper! No" she screamed as I lunged for her throat.


I sat below a tree, Bella's cold, limp, lifeless body in my lap. Roses surround me, covered in blood, her blood. My eyes were obviously a glowing red. I felt less ravenous, maybe, but my conscious devoured me, slowly. Then I heard footsteps. Soft, lithe footsteps followed by louder, but still soft footsteps.

"Jasper! Did you find her?" Alice's voice yelled. She didn't know I was here. My breathing picked up. She was worried and slightly apprehensive.

"Bella! I'm so sorry! You can see Jacob anytime! Just come back!" Edward's voice was slightly farther back.

I grabbed Bella's body and cradled it in my arms. I stood with my back against the tree, waiting. I knew they would begin to smell blood.

When they broke through the foliage, Alice gasped and screamed. Edward took one split second and then I saw Bella's body flying through the air to Alice's arms. Edward barrled me through the tree. I was ready to die. I had hurt not only him, but Alice too. And the rest of the family. Hadn't I vowed to protect my sister, as she already was? Had been?

"I would love to savor you screams of death and enjoy the flames of your burning body, but I'd much rather give you an eternity to suffer than give you to the flames." Edward hissed into my ear. He lifted me from the ground and sent me flying. Then he was gone, pulling a screaming Alice behind him.

My last coherent thought: Alice. I let her down.


So, now I sit in a black room, my eyes black as the room itself. The lights were off, but I doubt there was any electricity in the old apartment to begin with. I held a rose in my hand. It was withered and splattered with dry blood. Alice's picture hangs on the wall in front of me. Bella is in it as well. Alice's arm is wrapped around Bella's fragile human waist and Bella's arm is draped over Alice's shoulder. The only light in the room is the luminescent glow of their smiles. And Bella's haunts me, even today. For I am cursed by that floral, wonderful blood.

Bella's blood, spilt on roses.

I see myself as a monster...Or I did. Then it occurred to me what I was. I was a cold blooded killer. Killing was in my nature. It was silly to hold onto so much humanity.

I thought of my friends Peter and Charlotte. The theorized that if you feed from what tempted you, the temptation wouldn't be as strong. They fed from evil doers as well.

But Bella was not evil. Nor had she ever been. Innocent blood of a naive angel, split. I was a monster for it, too.