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The Value of Optimism

Previously title: Bloody Roses Jasper never really thought it would happen the way it did. Temptation is a frightful thing. Once in a while, you give in. Bella was just too good to pass up. Like chocolate. Now, Jasper Hale becomes the animalistic Jasper Whitlock again, but he has a partner who shows him the true value of optimism. Banner

Huzzah for revamping! I intend on editing and stuffing every existing chapter! Woot! Renamed and rebannered. Now I need a beta.... I am so sorry for all of you who love Bella and happy endings. I got this idea after I read a story about Jasper feelings when her attacked Bella.

2. The Letter

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I continued to wallow in pity and grief. The torturous picture hauting me, even with closed eyes. I watched as the roses shriveled up and I was tempted to lick off the blood before it hardened. I never did.

Now I was at a very dark fork in the road of life.

What should I hunt?

I kept postponing it, hoping I wouldn't flip out and kill someone for no particular reason. Then again, my heart has frozen over and I was close to snapping, so. . .. it wasn't such a bad idea.

Kill strangers...You don't know them...They won't haunt you.

Now I glanced at the door, a white envelope was on the ground. That wasn't mine. I streched my arm out. It was too far.


I'd become lazy, so I was annoyed that I had to get up. But, I was curious so I got up. I bent down and grabbed it. My name was on the front. Who's handwriting? It was a bit sloppy, but I recognized the way the r and s were.


I ripped it open, anger pulsing through me like blood, fuled by hate. She hadn't cared enough to reach out to me before...So why now?! Something fell out and hit the floor. I ignored it and pulled out the paper. I unfolded it and held my breath.

Dear Jasper,

I've not spoke to you in so long. Now I've decided to give an explanation. For everything.

When Edward dragged me away from the woods, I was in complete shock. I screamed for Bella, and you. When Esme asked about you, holding back sobs, Edward replied, "He may as well be dead." I cried harder.

I want you to lead a new life. If feeding from humans is what you desire, go for it. I shall think no less of you. Edward and I are healing. Together. Turns out that loving someone else was impossible for us. After one accidental night I realized that I needed him as he needed me. My love for you is not the same, if it exists period. I can't say I love you, but I wish you the best. Find new love and live life your way.

Edward wishes for you to stay away, so don't look for us. Bella had a good funeral, but Charlie is depressed. He's staying with a Quileute friend.

Live well, Jasper.

Alice Cullen

I crumpled the letter and threw it.

"Let them live their life! I don't care!" I screamed. The door to the room opened and the stupid, haughty, corrupted owner peeked in.

"Stop that ruckus! I got cus-" I grabbed the man's neck in one hand and snapped it. Then I flung the body into the room. I grabbed the picture off the wall and then picked up the object from the letter. What was it? As I ran into the night, I looked at it.

The engagement ring I gave Alice.

I screamed like an animal. I guess I was. I ran and ran. I didn't care who saw.

If vampires could cry tears, I'd have drown in mine. I was furious, anguished, and in more despair than ever. I knew a monster like me could never have a happy ending.

I hated Edward. I hated Alice. I hated myself. I hated Maria. I hated everyone and everything.

And that was that.