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The Value of Optimism

Previously title: Bloody Roses Jasper never really thought it would happen the way it did. Temptation is a frightful thing. Once in a while, you give in. Bella was just too good to pass up. Like chocolate. Now, Jasper Hale becomes the animalistic Jasper Whitlock again, but he has a partner who shows him the true value of optimism. Banner

Huzzah for revamping! I intend on editing and stuffing every existing chapter! Woot! Renamed and rebannered. Now I need a beta.... I am so sorry for all of you who love Bella and happy endings. I got this idea after I read a story about Jasper feelings when her attacked Bella.

3. Her Blood

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My arms twitched and I ached to throw the ring as far as I could. But then again, I could keep it. I ran to the woods, my throat burning. Perhaps a month of no hunting was torture. The last thing I'd had was a simple doe in Canada. Come to think of it, I hadn't the slightest idea where I was. I'd forgot.

Now I felt like killing something. It didn't matter what. Just something. I was surrounded by trees.

I stalked over to one and punched my fist through it. Suddenly, the tree became Edward. He stole my Alice. Though, technically, I had killed his reason for living. . . . Oh well! I stuck both hands in to the hole I'd created and ripped the tree in half. It felt good. I ripped the leaves from the limbs and imagined bronze hair flying through the air. I laughed maniacally.

Then I felt something foreign. Sadness, anger, hopelessness. Reminded me of Edward.

I turned around and looked for another person.

Then the sweet smell of blood wafted over to me. Sweet like Bella.

I was running before I could proccess my actions. I ended up in a dirty, sad, abandoned part of town. The only human sounds came from a nearby pub.

I came to an alley. A person was standing up from the ground. I could smell the slight alcohol in their blood.

The human turned and I slammed into her. I sought out her throat. The milky white skin gushed out the warm red liquid as my teeth ripped it. Blood splattered the wall of the alley. I drank as if I'd never before. The taste was superb. It was Bella all over again. Why had I ever became a vegetarian?!

I paused to inhale and noticed the way she looked.

Chestnut hair? Big chocolate brown eyes that you could melt into? Soft features and curves?

Why!? This was not Bella. Bella was in the ground some hundred miles away and this soft girl was on the cold ground, thrashing as venom was given a chance to begin the conversion.


Her body shuddered and she breathed quick gasps. She was turning. She was in pain.

I quickly decided to not leave her here. I picked her up and headed back to the woods. Darkness enveloped us. She screamed and yelled and shrieked in pain and horror.

After several minutes of searching, I found the cabin I'd stumbled upon several months ago. It was more of a shack. Rundown but furnished with the necessities.

I carried her in and set her on the dusty bed. I really didn't know whether to leave her bloodied clothes on or what. I wondered what she'd do if she woke up naked? No, I didn't wonder. If she was like Bella she had an imagination. So, I removed her jacket and her shoes.c

I didn't want to leave her, but I walked toward the bathroom to get something to wipe some of the blood away with. I found a moth eaten rag and wet it with a little bit of water. I was surprised there was water at all.

I'd been holding my breath since I picked her up. I was nauseous from the sight of the blood.

I wiped her face with a wet cloth and sat beside her. I must admit, her uncanny likeness to Bella seemed to enhance her beauty. She thrashed for a while with clenched teeth. I sighed and the scooted beside her, wrapping my arms over her's. I set my legs on her's, too. I didn't want her kicking and hurting herself.

She thrashed and seized, but when she was still she was breathing heavily and shuddering in pain. It was enough to break my frozen, bitter heart.

I don't know why I was so...caring toward her. I didn't even know her name! But, if I knew why, I couldn't bring myself to admit it.

I promised myself that when she awoke I would care for her as if I knew her my entire life. And, as for those secret reasons, I forgot all about Alice.