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Poor kidnapped Bella

Alice Jasper and Emmett kidnap Bella. Edward chases them down. I think it is VERY FUNNY!!! PS it is my first fanfic! PSS There is Edward doing something humiliating in this story.

I dO nOt OwN tHeSe ChArAcTeRs!!!

1. Chapter 1

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"Night Charlie" Bella called from the stairs as she went to her room.

Edward said he might take a while to arrive in her bedroom because he had to go for a quick hunting trip. So Bella had decided to surprise him with the Victoria Secret silk pajamas she had left with her mother. Renee had sent them back to her after receiving a tearful, begging email from Bella.

She would combine this with a brand new shampoo and conditioner scent combo and hopefully he would give in and let them go a little farther tonight.

Bella had just finished getting into her sexy pajamas when someone climbed in through her bedroom window.

"You're earl--" she started to say but stopped when she realized that it wasn't Edward who had entered her room. It was Emmett.

"Emmett, why are y--" She tried to say but was silenced when Emmett pulled out a role of duct tape, tore off a piece and put it on her mouth. Then he threw her out the window where she was caught by two waiting pairs of arms.

Alice and Jasper quickly tossed her back to Emmett who threw her over his shoulder. Then the three of them started running swiftly away from Bella’s house, Emmett in the lead.

It took about two minutes for Bella to remember that Emmett hadn’t tied her hands so she tore off her gag. Then she waited a few seconds till she got the feeling back in her lips and finally finished a thought.

“What are you doing?” Bella shrieked.

“I thought it was obvious.” Alice replied, a concerned look on her pixie-like face, “We’re kidnapping you.”

Why?!?” Bella demanded.

“Because Edward ruined Alice’s favorite pair of pants by getting mountain lion blood on them.” Jasper answered, “She’s getting revenge and Emmett and I are helping.”

“Edward can out run you though. He’ll catch you” Bella said, smiling smugly.

“True, that’s why we’re taking a plane!” Emmett called out over his shoulder.


“Ah, ah, ah! It’s a surprise!” Alice smiled happily.

“Won’t I look conspicuous in my pajamas?” Bella asked suspiciously.

“Yes, that’s why I have a change of clothes” Alice announced even happier, “actually I have a whole suitcase of clothes!” It was then Bella realized Jasper was carrying four suitcases, one for him, one for Emmett, and one for each of the girls.

Bella groaned.

“Don’t be like that!” Alice insisted then whispered something to Jasper. He smiled and a wave of calm hit Bella. Suddenly, she didn’t mind so much that she was being kidnapped.

Then Alice’s cell phone rang. She waited a few seconds then answered it.

“Where is my Bella?” Edward snarled from the other end of the phone.

“I don’t know. Why bother asking me?” Alice replied haughtily, “Why not ask, Emmett?”

“Emmett wasn’t trying to hide his mind all night long. Emmett didn’t tie me to a chair and call Bella telling her in my voice saying I would be a little late tonight. That was YOU AND JASPER!!!!!”

“I still don’t know where she is. I haven’t had a vision about her yet so maybe she’s at her house, you just haven’t looked hard enough.”


“Alice!” Bella groaned, “I wanted to talk to him!”

“You’re a captive. You can’t talk to anyone!” Jasper grinned.

By that time they arrived at the airport. Oddly enough nobody seemed to notice or care that their little group emerged from the forest with suitcases. Bella had been set down but Emmett had wrapped an arm around her waist to make sure she didn’t escape.

Alice dragged Bella to the restroom and handed her a change of clothes. It was a designer sweat suit. Well at least she’s letting me travel in a comfortable outfit Bella thought, still glum about not being able to contact Edward.

When she was done changing Alice towed her over to the terminal where they quickly boarded their flight. They were in first class of course.


Edward, meanwhile, had followed Emmett, Alice, and Jasper’s scent trail to the airport and watched his beloved Bella through the airplane window she sat next to. He knew he could run out there and probably rescue her but that would attract too much attention. He probed around with his mental hearing to see where they were going so he could follow, then rescue his angel.

Why am I always in front of a seat kicker?I hate airplane food. I can’t wait to get to Sacramento! This is the plane that actually gets us there!Oh CRAP! He’s just outside! Have to block him out! A B C D E F G!

The last thoughts were Emmett’s because he sat next to Bella who sat next to the window so he could see outside. But it was too late. Edward knew where the flight took them. But could he get to Sacramento in time? He could get there quickly but by the time he did there would be a good chance that they would take a flight somewhere else.

Then he remembered the tracking device he had placed in Bella’s arm just before Carlisle sewed her up the last time she had needed stitches. She had been out cold and Carlisle was sterilizing the equipment.

Edward didn’t need to follow them! He could just wait until they stopped moving then go rescue Bella. He just needed to get his laptop and watch the beeping red dot.