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Poor kidnapped Bella

Alice Jasper and Emmett kidnap Bella. Edward chases them down. I think it is VERY FUNNY!!! PS it is my first fanfic! PSS There is Edward doing something humiliating in this story.

I dO nOt OwN tHeSe ChArAcTeRs!!!

2. Chapter 2

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Bella was sitting in the Sacramento terminal waiting to board the next train. It would take them to Minneapolis, Minnesota. When Bella had asked why they had gone to California if they were just going to end up in Minnesota Jasper had stated “to throw anyone who might be following off track.” So now she sat, reading a book that Alice had purchased from one of the gift shops for her. Jasper would normally have made her sleep by this time but decided it would be too risky with all the other humans here. He might accidently put everyone to sleep instead of just Bella. Alice, meanwhile, was doing something on her laptop. Jasper was close by holding hands with her. Emmett was “sleeping” on the seat next to Bella with his arm around her shoulder to make sure she didn’t try to contact anyone. Alice smiled. She had had a vision before she had left to go abduct her best friend. She had seen Edward tracking Bella through a tracking device in her arm so she had hacked on to the website and was in the process of disabling the device. Edward knew what it was that he had to do to get his Bella back. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Edward on the other hand was busy trying to get his computer to work again. He had been watching the beeping red dot that was Bella’s chip when suddenly it had vanished. After Edward nearly collasped from worry, the computer was back on for a few minutes only to have it shut down. Edward was infuriated when, after a while, he finally got his computer back up he had an email from Alice. Here’s what it said Edward It’s cheating to use a tracking device! I have taken the liberty of disabling it for you. You can thank me later. You know what you have to do to get your anima Bella back. Send me a video of you doing it to me or you won’t see Bella again. Now do you really want to wait to do this? Love your annoying little sister Alice Edward ground his teeth. He would do what Alice wanted as a last resort. For now he would have to do this the old fashioned way. “Rose, where’s Emmett?” Edward said at a normal volume knowing that she would still be able to hear him. “Minneapolis, Minnesota. Why do you ask?” Rosalie responded from her and Emmett’s room. “No reason. Just curious” Edward smiled. Bella, I’m coming He thought. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Bella was sleeping on the plane since she wasn’t able to get any sleep last night on account of being gagged and thrown over Emmett’s shoulder. Alice was sitting next to her today. Emmett was calling Rosalie on a plane phone. “Don’t worry. As soon as Alice and Jazz are alright in Minneapolis I’ll be right back. Don’t worry.” Emmett was trying to sooth Rosalie as she wasn’t exactly happy about the whole kidnapping Bella thing. It wasn’t that she liked Bella so much that she didn’t like Emmett not being with her. “Emmett! What are you doing? Edward could overhear!” Alice said in a voice so low and fast no human ears could pick it up. “Don’t worry. Rose isn’t about to tell Edward where we are.” Emmett said in an equally low and fast voice. He mumbled a goodbye to his wife and hung up the phone. Then Alice’s face went blank and when she emerged from her vision she was infuriated. “Yes she is! I saw her!” Alice whispered angrily, “we’ll have to settle somewhere different.” “Where?” “Post falls, Idaho. It’s very northern and it’s so close to Washington he won’t suspect we’d stay there.” “Fine, then I’ll head back to Rose.” “No,” Jasper muttered, “Edward would be listening to your thoughts 24-7 waiting for you to give up our location. You can’t go back” Emmett groaned and watched Bella sleep. She was muttering something about Edward. “No, come back. Edward don’t leave. Stay” She begged in her sleep quietly.