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Poor kidnapped Bella

Alice Jasper and Emmett kidnap Bella. Edward chases them down. I think it is VERY FUNNY!!! PS it is my first fanfic! PSS There is Edward doing something humiliating in this story.

I dO nOt OwN tHeSe ChArAcTeRs!!!

3. Chapter 3

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~StalkerVamp had entered the chatroom~ ~CrystalBall has entered the chatroom~ StalkerVamp- ALICE!!!! GIVE BACK BELLA!!!! CrystalBall- No :-P StalkerVamp- I’ll buy you a pony. CrystalBall- I don’t want a pony. Oh and by the way, your name suits you. STALKER!!! StalkerVamp- I put that device in there for her own protection, what if someone kidnapped her? ~ChocolateEyes has joined the chat~ ChocolateEyes- Edward!!! StalkerVamp- Bella! Are you alright have they hurt you? ChocolateEyes- No, Edward of course not! What’s with the name? CrystalBall- BELLA!! HOW DID YOU GET ACCESS TO A COMPUTER?? ChocolateEyes- Oh CRAP!! Sorry Edward, gtg luv ya! ~ChocolateEyes has left the chat~ ~ConfederateSoldier has joined the chat~ ConfederateSoldier- Sorry bout that honey. I accidently let her get on my laptop because she said that she wanted to check and see if there were any fun places in Post Falls, Idaho. CrystalBall- JASPER!!! ~StalkerVamp has left the chat~ CrystalBall- Nice going Jazz ConfederateSoldier- sorry Ma’am ~CrystalBall and ConfederateSoldier have left the chat~ The next day ~ChocolateEyes has entered the chatroom~ ~StalkerVamp has enter the chatroom~ ChocolateEyes- I love you Edward StalkerVamp- I love you too ChocolateEyes- Do you want to know where we are? We are in New York, New York. We are currently staying in the Hampton inn in room 756. In two days I will go shopping with Alice at the mall that is the closest to our hotel. Please come rescue me. I have been Alice’s Barbie doll for the past two days. I want to see you again StalkerVamp- I promise to come find you. I promise I will get you out of there as soon as I can. I have a plan. However, you’ll need to talk to Jacob. Tell him I need to speak to him ChocolateEyes- I don’t think I will be able to speak to him anytime soon. I’m lucky to be able to chat with you right now. I’m in a library with internet access and it’s sunny outside so Alice can’t get to me. Once it clouds over then I’ll be dragged out of here and forced to have my toenails painted or something. You’ll have to talk to Jacob on your own StalkerVamp- I’m going to kill that damn pixie!!! ~BadDog has joined the chatroom~ ChocolateEyes- apparently I won’t have to try to contact Jacob BadDog- Huh? Bella, is that you? StalkerVamp- Nice name mutt. BadDog- Yeah, yours suits you too leech. ChocolateEyes- *Slaps StalkerVamp and BadDog* EDWARD!! JACOB!! ALICE IS GOING TO DRAG ME OUT OF HERE AT ANY MINUTE AND YOU TWO ARE FIGHTING!!!! BadDog- WHAT!!! StalkerVamp- Alice kidnapped Bella and is holding her hostage until I do something humiliating, so I’m going to rescue her instead. I need you and your pack’s help. ChocolateEyes- I didn’t know there was a ransom BadDog- I won’t help you unless you tell me what humiliating thing it is that you have to do. StalkerVamp- Ugh, I don’t want to say it. ChocolateEyes- If you say it I’ll wear my Victoria Secret silk pajamas that Renee bought me for my fifteenth birthday the night after you rescue me. BadDog- … are you gonna take her up on that, leech? I would. StalkerVamp- *groans* Fine, I’d have to dress up in a prom dress and talk to everyone in town like that. BadDog- I’m not going to help you, just so I can laugh at you while you do that. ChocolateEyes- If you help him I’ll give you a picture of me in the pajamas I was telling you about. BadDog- I’ll help. What do you want me to do? ChocolateEyes- Edward! It’s getting cloudy! Alice is coming! Gtg! BYE! ~ChocolateEyes has left the chat~ StalkerVamp- Wait a second, I’m going to do something StalkerVamp- *Chuckles evilly* I’m done BadDog- What did you do? StalkerVamp- Wait for it… ~Physic pixies are going to have their necks wrung if they try to access this chat~ ~Physic pixies are going to have their necks wrung if they try to access this chat~ ~Physic pixies are going to have their necks wrung if they try to access this chat~ ~Physic pixies are going to have their necks wrung if they try to access this chat~ ~Physic pixies are going to have their necks wrung if they try to access this chat~ StalkerVamp- Now we can talk in private without Alice knowing what we are going to do. BadDog- So what are we going to do about Bella? StalkerVamp- I think our best course of action is to simply grab her and go. I can get airplane tickets to New York. From what Bella has told me I can simply wait until they go shopping and take Bella back then. I need you and your pack to distract Jasper Alice and Emmett while I get Bella away from them. BadDog- I’ll bring five plus myself to help you. Two of us to a bloodsucker and we’ll outnumber them. I’ll bring Quil, Embry, Seth, Sam, and Leah, if they’ll help me. Leah and Sam might not want to, so if not then I’ll bring Colin and Brady. StalkerVamp- Sounds well thought out pup, I hope you know that all you’re going to get is one picture. My main reason for doing this with you is that Alice can’t see you so she can’t know what we’re doing. That and none of my family want to help me so that they can watch me make a fool out of myself. BadDog- So when do we attack? StalkerVamp- In two days, you’d better get your pack together.