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Poor kidnapped Bella

Alice Jasper and Emmett kidnap Bella. Edward chases them down. I think it is VERY FUNNY!!! PS it is my first fanfic! PSS There is Edward doing something humiliating in this story.

I dO nOt OwN tHeSe ChArAcTeRs!!!

4. Chapter 4

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Alice was furious with herself. Bella had somehow managed to get to a computer and it had been her turn to watch her. Bella had clogged the toilet in the hotel room by shoving a roll of toilet paper down it so that she would have to use the hotel public restroom. But on the way down she had escaped into the sun and walked over to the nearest library and gave away their location. Alice had really liked this location too. They were on their way to Washington and Bella was irritated because they were going to stay in a cabin in the woods. Alice knew that if Bella didn’t know where they were then she couldn’t tell Edward. And the cabin didn’t have a way to contact the outside world except for the cable phone and the computer, both of which were going to be watched over constantly to make sure that Bella wouldn’t get on them. Jasper glanced over at Bella and sent a wave of lethargy over her. Her eyes closed and she was soon asleep. Alice was safe and happy. That was the most important thing in his mind. Emmett was impatient to get back home to his own angel. Fortunately he had a picture of Rosalie to keep him company while he was alone. He knew what Edward must be feeling right now ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Edward was waiting outside the boundary line waiting for Jacob and his friends. Unfortunately only Seth and Embry were coming along with them to rescue Bella. Sam didn’t want to help the vampires and said that this was their own problem but allowed anyone who wanted to help them to do so. Leah didn’t want to help nor did the others with the exception of Quil, Embry and Seth. But then Claire got the chicken pox so Quil stayed with her to help her get better. So there were three werewolves and one vampire against three vampires. Edward didn’t think that those were good odds. However, since one of the werewolves had found a fresh scent of Jasper leading all the way back to a cabin which reeked of Cullen and Bella, Edward thought that it wouldn’t be to hard to rescue his beloved angel Edward, we’re here. Edward smiled again, the werewolves had arrived. He walked over to the three of them “Alright, we all have the plan down right?” Jacob said quickly. “Yes,” Seth said back “I’ll distract Alice while Embry distract Emmett and you distract Jasper. While we do that Edward will quickly get Bella out of there and take her back to her house. By the way, what does Charlie think is going on?” “He thinks that Alice, Jasper, and Bella are on a vacation.” Edward snarled, “He only let her go with them because I’m not going with them.” Seth nodded and then followed Jacob and Embry as they ran into the woods to phase. In a few seconds three wolves came out of the woods. Alright, the scent trail is here Jacob showed Edward a spot in the forest that he had been to before, when he had gone hunting. “I know where it is.” Edward told them. Alright then, don’t run ahead of us. You wouldn’t want to face the scary pixie girl on your own would you? Edward snarled at Jacob then started running toward the trail. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Alice was in a panic. Everything had just disappeared. She couldn’t see anything. “Damn Edward!” she growled at no one in particular. “What’s wrong Alice?” Jasper muttered to her after instantly appearing at her side. “Edward is affiliating himself with werewolves, they are coming here.” She murmured back. Then she smiled. Something had cleared up just now. She saw what it was she had wanted to see all this time. Edward was in the purple dress walking around Forks. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Jacob smiled. He couldn’t wait to rescue Bella. Her promise had him thrilled. He could stare at Bella all day long and that parasite couldn’t do anything about it. Edward growled at Jacob. It irritated him when Jacob thought about Bella this way. He remembered that he could just stop this and do what it was that Alice wanted. That purple dress had to be better than dealing with Jacob’s sick mind. He considered it for a second then remembered that if he did then Jacob would never let him live it down. Neither would his family. They would probably make fun of him for eternity and Bella would realize that she didn’t love him. But wouldn’t it be worth it to see her again without having to deal with this sick-minded wolf? And better yet he could deny Jacob the picture of Bella. But they were already so close though. Then a horrible thought occurred to him. Even if he succeeded in rescuing Bella today, Alice would probably just steal her away again and this time she would be more careful not to let Jasper get so far away. Edward sighed and ran in front of the wolves to stop them and explain that he realized there was no other way to keep Bella with him. When he was finished the silent laughter of the wolves was deafening. OH MY GOD!! You have to send us the video! A PURPLE DRESS!! I feel so sorry for you!! Edward groaned in anticipation of what he had to do and ran back home to prepare for the next day. It was probably going to be the worst day of his life.