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Poor kidnapped Bella

Alice Jasper and Emmett kidnap Bella. Edward chases them down. I think it is VERY FUNNY!!! PS it is my first fanfic! PSS There is Edward doing something humiliating in this story.

I dO nOt OwN tHeSe ChArAcTeRs!!!

5. Chapter 5

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EPOV This was torture. It was bad enough that I hadn’t seen my beautiful Bella in days. Now I was going to make an idiot out of myself. I reminded myself that doing this will bring back Bella. With that thought in mind I opened the closet door and pulled out the dress that Alice had made especially for this occasion. It was purple with ruffles down the sides. And a spaghetti strap top that crisscrossed down the back. It was worse then the last time I had looked at it when Alice had first laid it out on my bed while Emmett held me down and bound me to the chair. I normally would have broken the chains and the chair easily enough only that it was Esme’s favorite chair and she would throttle me if I destroyed it. I was able to get out by focusing solely on snapping the chains. But that was beside the point, the point was that Jacob was going to film me walking around Forks in this hideous dress. I was going to destroy that 911 Turbo I got her when she got back. Then burn it with this hideous dress inside it. But I knew if I did then I would have to move Bella out of state to make certain Alice couldn’t find her and take her away from me. I undressed and pulled the dress up around me. It fit perfectly of course once I zipped it up. Alice had, no doubt, ordered it custom made to fit me. I had to remind myself again that if I did this I could guarantee that Bella would be safely in my arms within the next 24 hours. I walked out the front door and was greeted by round of laughter and wolf whistles. Very fitting, considering they’re werewolves I thought. The werewolves had decided that seeing me walk around Forks in a prom dress was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so every single one of them were going to follow me around the town. Jacob was given the privilege of videotaping live for Alice to watch to make sure that I did what her sick little mind had thought of. She would probably lord this over me for years to come. And show it every time she could think of. Emmett and Jasper would never stop laughing. Rosalie would probably mention how pretty I was but I really didn’t care. I just wanted to see Bella again. “Let’s get this over with,” I grumbled, and walked out of the house and over to town. The first stop on the list that Alice had given me on places that I had to go into in order for me to get Bella back was Newton’s sporting goods store. Mike was nearly going into hysterics when he saw me and odd crowd of large Indian boys. However they weren’t nearly as odd as I was in today’s getup. My group of people who were following me and laughing at my horrendous outfit grew steadily larger as I walked into store after store, talking to as many people I could manage to. My group now included Mike, Tyler, Lauren, and Eric, all of whom were cracking up and making rude comments. Finally I entered the last place Alice had asked me to go to. I groaned as I knocked on the door of Bella’s house and prepared to say the lines that Alice had demanded that I say. Everyone who had been following me had disbanded with the exception of Jacob but he was filming me from the cover of the trees. Charlie came out and looked at me with a mixture of anger, confusion, and amusement. “What do you want? You should know that Bella isn’t here.” He said in a tone that mimicked the look on his face. “No, I didn’t know, that’s too bad, I had wanted her to see this dress. Rosalie said that it made me look good. I wanted Bella’s opinion. Do you think that it makes me look fat?” “Ummm, no?” Charlie was clearly thrown off by my recent appearance in one of the gayest costumes known to man and my even more homosexual answer. “Okay, I’ve got to go return this to Rosalie.” Then I walked back to my Volvo and pulled out my cell to call Alice. Before I had even flipped it open it started to ring. “Nice job Edward. I think you’ve earned Bella back. I hope that you’ll think twice before you kill a mountain lion with me so close.” Alice was annoyingly happy. I hoped Bella would get here very soon. “Okay, look behind you.” I obeyed and saw the most wonderful thing I had seen in the past few days. The rusty pickup that Bella drove was pulling into the driveway next to me. And inside it Bella was at the wheel. I was out of my Volvo in an instant and inside her truck cab next to her. She saw me and joy lit her face. “Edward! I missed you so much!” She said as I wrapped my arms around her bringing her in closer to my body. “Bella” I sighed. Then I remembered something. “I’ll be right back” I promised, then quickly ran back to my house and changed into a shirt and pants. Then I tracked down Jacob and wrenched the camera from his hands and crushed it into powder so that he couldn’t replay it once he got home. Then I went back to Bella’s truck where she had left a note saying to meet her in her bedroom. I grinned remembering her online promise to me, and climbed into her window. She was on the bed wearing pajamas that were slightly dirty but still looked amazing on her. I was on her bed in an instant with my arms around her. “Bella?” I quietly asked. “What is it Edward?” she murmured back. “I want you to know that you current outfit will not make me change my mind and make me go a little farther than usual. You know what to say to get me to go along with your plan.” “I figured, but it doesn’t hurt to try does it?” her angelic voice giggled. Then she snuggled closer into my chest and fell asleep while I hummed her lullaby.