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The Community

Suppose there was a community. Not an ordinary sort of one, but one where all the worlds' hybrids and genetic mutations lived together, making an unnaturally broken family. That was all that Brooke and Izzy had ever wished for.

This is a companion fic to Chapter 23 of another one of my fics, My Angel, in which I introduced a hybrid named Brooke. This is her story of the Community.

1. Awakening

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The night air was heavy with dew and an ominous darkness. Even if he had been able to see, he may as well have been blind, for the darkness was so thick that the steady rays of light she emmitted were lost.

He snagged his foot on a gnarled root, sending her flying. Her eyes flew open as her wings caught her. She stared, eyes piercing through the scarred retinas of his blinded eyes.

"I'm sorry," he began.

She arced downward, landing a small distance ahead of him.

"I'm sorry that this is how you are. I'm sorry you're condemned to this life of demons."

She stepped forward, murmuring in French. He held up a blistered palm.

"You ...You must save us all. Find the Cullens. They are the only way to stop the revolution."

"Est-ce que But..how je saurai ce qui à faire ? Comment sauront-ils?" she whispered.

"You will know when it is time."

With that, he turned, flashed a sad, but stunning, smile, and ran, disappearing with a pale flash.

"Attente ! Revenu ! Qui suis-je ? Quel suis-je ? Où suis-je ? Aidez-moi," she called.

When no answer found her, she pressed her back against the rough bark of the tree behind her. The sharp edges of the bark dug into her paper-thin wings, tearing through them and the waxy greenish muscle that held them. She cried out in agony and leapt away, a rush of glistening silver blood splashing the jagged hem of her white dress.

She fell to the ground in a crumpled heap, sobbing, onyx tears trailing down her alabaster cheeks. They hit the sandy dirt where they were abosorbed. She clawed at her eyes ,begging them to stop leaking, and her hair, the clorophyll of the neighboring plants on her fingertips tingeing the ends green.

She pitched forward, slamming her head into her waiting palms, ignoring the cracking sound her tendons made. Her feet, tucked underneath her, stung and she whipped around to gaze upon them in horror. Where her black tears had fallen, small thorn bushes had grown. The little thorns impaled her bare feet and she pulled at them desperately , finally loosening them from her her skin.

She fluttered her wings, trying to take flight, but the gashes burned like hell, and she screamed.

Finally, sobs wracking her form, she curled up on the thorned ground, rocking back and forth, and whispered her mantra.

"Sauvez-moi des épines et de l'obscurité. Épargnez ma vie et apportez-moi de nouveau à la lumière. Sauvez-moi des épines et de l'obscurité. Épargnez ma vie et apportez-moi de nouveau à la lumière. Sauvez-moi des épines et de l'obscurité. Épargnez ma vie et apportez-moi de nouveau à la lumière. Sauvez-moi des épines et de l'obscurité. Épargnez ma vie et apportez-moi de nouveau à la lumière."

x x x

The Cullens. Find the Cullens.

She opened her eyes, flinching away from the bright sunlight that greeted them.

Find the Cullens. The voice repeated. Demanding. Intrusive.

Most definitely not mine. She decided.

She looked around. Surrounding her were hundreds of dark, dead trees. They were leafless and twisted deep down into the earth and upward into the bright sky. The ground was covered with small thorn bushes, grown from fallen tears. She cried out in pain as she ventured forward, spearing her foot on one.

Her wings ached and creaked as she tested them. She winced, but fluttered harder as she left the gorund. The waxy muscle keeping her wings on hr back ripped, pulling away from her skin. She screamed. Blood rushed from the new wounds as well as the old ones, hitting the ground and splattering across her feet.

Go. One isn't far from here. About a hundred yards East.

She gritted her teeth and headed East. The cool breeze stung her wounds and she moaned.

Down. There. The blonde one. Talk to him...I think he's the leader.

You think? She countered.

Just do as I say.

She arced down, feet grazing the soft brush that coated the ground. He looked up, startled. She stared. He spoke.

"What are you?" he asked, looking up at her bloody wings.

"I.. I'm not sure."

"Oh. Where are you going?" His voice had a strange sound to it. Accented maybe.

"To find a coven."

"Ah. Me too."

It's not the Cullens. It's a girl...small, black hair. Leave. I was wrong.

"Sorry to leave so soon, but I'm looking for the Cullens. Good luck."

And with that, she took off, shuddering at the pain of her hurried flight.

A short girl with spiky black hair emerged from the bushes. She rose to stand next to the tall boy.

"But, we are too," she whispered, staring after the creature.