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Mr. Cullen

Isabella Swan has a good life, ‘good’ being the key word. Her life is just fine and ordinary. But will her world be turned upside down when she gets a job working as a PA for Hollywood’s latest darling? And is he as cold as he seems? First impressions can be very deceiving indeed. Photobucket(Please note its rated adult for a reason. The story contains adult humour, some strong language, and it will have sexual scenes in later chapters.) Chapter 16 is up!

Disclaimer: All the wonderful characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

15. Jigsaw Pieces

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I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I definitely looked happier, with less frowns and more smiles. But the frowns hadn’t disappeared, they were just hidden. I tried to keep them tucked away until I was alone, then I could frown and mope to my heart’s content. I could be the moody fucker I didn’t want Bella to see.

I wasn’t happy about how things were developing. I mean, I was ecstatic I got to make out and grope Bella whenever I wanted and that she actively encouraged me, but I wasn’t comfortable with our situation. I didn’t like how she brushed away our problems as if they were nothing. How could she not see dating me as a problem? Bella was one hundred percent convinced she was prepared to tackle the exposure that came with being with someone like me. She just didn’t fucking get it.

I tried to bring the problem up with her over the week but she would just kiss me and tell me to stop worrying so much. The kisses, especially when she slipped a little tongue, were fucktastic. But I was always looking over her shoulder to see if anyone had their phone or camera out. I swear I might as well have been high again; I was fucking paranoid all the time.

It only took her a few days to realise I was keeping my eyes open when she kissed me when we were outside the confines of the icebox, or my house, whatever you want to call it.

She told me it was slightly freaky I kissed with my eyes open, and instead of just laughing it off and tickling her to the floor like any normal motherfucker would, I sat down on the kitchen counter and told her why I kept my eyes open. Of course, instead of backing away slowly and running for the hills, she grabbed my hands, rubbed my knuckles, and told me to stop being a whiny bitch—Obviously not in those exact words.

I just wanted her to fully grasp the extent of how her life would change, but all she could see was me at the end of the damned tunnel.

In the end we decided—and by ‘we’ I mean, I suggested it and Bella reluctantly agreed— to keep the relationship between us for a little while, just so we could get more comfortable and do coupley shit without having the world follow our every move.

But that wasn’t the only thing that had me biting my nails and raking my hand nervously through my hair. The European tour was coming up, interview after interview awaited for me, and the question that never failed to pop up every minute was over whether I was single or not.

How in the fucking hell was I meant to answer that shit?

The situation was a goddamn catch-22; I couldn’t say I was seeing someone because that would lead to a million more questions, and reporters would start sniffing around; all trying to discover the fucking mystery. But if I answered no, Bella would get all upset and then I would get upset, and then I sure as hell would make everyone else upset. If I was going down then so were all the other fuckers.

I didn’t want to make Bella sad, or god forbid, cry. But she would understand my need to protect her from all the media madness... eventually.

With a sigh I put on a long-sleeved t-shirt and grabbed the nearest coat. The weather was a bit of a rollercoaster lately, cold then sunny and pleasantly warm. It just couldn’t make its mind up.

I put my sneakers on and jogged downstairs, deciding to check my personal email before meeting Bella.

There were only two unopened emails since most of my stuff went to the account Bella oversaw. One from Jasper about what we should get Emmett for Christmas; it was currently between a holiday in Thailand and a penthouse in New York. I would probably just get him both.

The other was from Alice.

Yeah, I totally shuddered opening it. But she had connections I needed to get this crap done, so I just sucked that shit up and replied as politely as I could to her questions, making more requests about colours and other girly stuff I had no idea about, like the ‘distressed antique armoire’ I had been searching online for. Oh, that was totally shudder-worthy.

During the week Bella hinted over my need to brighten the place up, she even bought flowers for the kitchen and living room, stating that she was inclined to spend more time in a ‘welcoming’ environment.

I instantly called a florist and ordered three dozen roses for my room.

When they arrived Bella tilted her head back and laughed. I think I nearly composed something like ten odes to her shiny hair and tinkling laugh.

Yeah...Our lips were glued to each other’s for the remainder of the evening.

Good times.

But apart from the ‘Ham Incident’—as I had come to think of it—there hadn’t been any more humping or proper foreplay, which was just as well considering she had just left a long term relationship and needed to sort out whatever it is women sort out.

That reminded me to tell Alice not to change my bedroom. Bella always said it was her favourite room. With a final check over my email I hit send and pocketed my phone.

I looked around for one of my car keys and after finding the ones for the Range Rover I was out of the garage and on my way to meet Bella at her old apartment. She needed to get clothes, boxes and all the things she wanted to take to Europe. Afterwards we were meeting Em and Rosalie at their house for a movie and Chinese. Honestly, I didn’t want to do any of that crap but for some reason Bella liked spending time with Em and his fake-ass Barbie. So... Chinese and far too gushy couple it was.

It didn’t take very long to get there and I was able to park fairly quickly. It seemed like the traffic gods were smiling upon me. Bella’s little Mini was parked a few spaces in front and I could see the back of her head as she leaned over the consol.

I pulled my hood up, put on my predictable Ray-Bans and got out of my car, going straight for hers.

Bella opened her car door as soon as I was beside her door, but she wasn’t really paying attention to what she was doing. If it had taken me one more second to jump out of the way, the door would have hit me square in the nuts. I guess the genital gods were looking out for me too.

“Oh, sugar! Sorry, sorry. The door didn’t get you, did it?” Bella asked as her hands ran up and down my chest and then cupped my face, looking for signs of injury.

“No, I’m fine,” I told her as I quickly placed a peck on her cheek and closed her car door.

“I just don’t know where my brain is today.” Bella sighed and rolled her eyes. “I think I need a lot of caffeine and then I’ll be fine.”

I nodded, but in reality I knew she needed to rest. Bella had been going a thousand miles an hour over the past week trying to get everything organised with Jasper and Gray and still trying to find time for us to be together. With my schedule and hers it was a difficult task. She would usually arrive at mine stupidly early; join me in bed for a few minutes before telling my ass to get out of bed. Then it would be non-stop: meetings, fittings, errands, trying to calm me down after the asshole producers put me through more unnecessary auditions, before going back to Emmett’s at a ridiculously late hour.

“Angel, you need a break,” I suggested as we walked up to her apartment. I looked down the street to make sure no one was around before holding her hand. “You don’t need to do all this running around. I’m sure Jazz can do most of it by himself.”

“No, no.” Bella answered as she opened the door. “It’s my job; I can do it. And besides, we wouldn’t want people to think I was getting an easy load just because I get to make out with the boss.”

She threw me a sassy smile before gesturing for me to go inside.

I removed my sunglasses and hood before looking around. Her flat was just what I expected. It was small and cute, just like she is. The walls were a soothing green; the furniture was practical and no nonsense. There were feminine touches everywhere, with colourful prints on the walls and photos on the window sill of her and... the ex.

“What the heck happened here?”

Bella’s high pitched question made me stop taking in my surroundings and look at her instead.

“What do you mean?”

I’ve never had the pleasure of being inside her apartment so if something was out of place I couldn’t see it. But I have to admit, I always thought Bella would be tidier, considering just how meticulous she is with all of my crap.

“This!” She waved her hands towards the floor which was littered with tissues and magazines.

Before I could ask her about it she stomped into the kitchen and made a little—and completely adorable—growling noise.

“Urgh. Does he not know how deposits work? We don’t get it back unless we return the apartment in its original condition. Idiot!”

The kitchen was covered in beer cans and bottles, take away leftovers took all the fucking counter space.

If I was earning a normal salary and couldn’t afford a cleaner this was exactly how my place would have looked. Actually, this was how my placed looked before Hollywood found me.

This, however, was not how Bella had left things, and it was clearly stressing her out. As if she didn’t have a load of bollocks to deal with right now.

Placing my hands on her dainty shoulders and pressing my fingers carefully to her tired muscles, I tried to calm her down a bit—just like she always did for me.

“You don’t have to worry about it, angel. I can get someone to clean this mess up in no time. Let me make a call and—”

I dropped my hands and searched my pocket for my phone but Bella’s arms were around my waist before I could find it.

“You don’t need to, sweetie.” She said as she rested her head against my chest. Part of me hated the emasculating endearment—it just wasn’t very manly—but part of me loved it...when we were alone, and only then. “It’s no big deal, really, it’s just annoying, you know?”

I wrapped my arms around her, placing a small kiss on her jaw as I listened to her tired voice. It killed me knowing I was the main reason why she sounded like she hadn’t slept in weeks. I really was a fucking fucktard.

“There’s so much to do and I’m trying to get everything done on schedule and perfectly... But that’s not even it.”

I tipped her chin up so I could see her gorgeous eyes.

“What is it, then?”

Bella sighed and closed her eyes before letting her head fall back to my chest.

“Coming here makes me feel guilty. I mean, look at all those beer bottles... Jacob was never much of a drinker. And the tissues all over the floor, it-it looks like he’s been crying.” Her voice wavered as she uttered the last word.

Damn, I hated the ex but I hated seeing her upset even more, always had, even before she was mine.

I dropped my head to her shoulder and kissed her ear. “Well, he could have a cold, or you know... he could have been cleaning his rifle.”

Bella stepped out of my arms and smacked my chest lightly. Her face was pinched in a disgusted expression but the corners of her mouth were twitching as she tried to fight a smile.

“That’s really wrong, and only you would think of something like that.” Bella kicked one of the tissues near her feet and furrowed her brow, clearly considering what I’d said. “No. If that was it he would have had the decency to put them in the bin...I’m sure...”

I raised an eyebrow, questioning her reasoning, which made her roll her eyes and laugh.

“While you think about Jacob cleaning out his rifle I’m going to change and start packing. Can you give me hand with some stuff?”

“Anything, ma’am,” I answered as she went into the bedroom. I had no desire to go in there whatsoever; I didn’t want to get images of Bella with another dude, that shit would probably make me want to hire one of my ex acquaintances to shoot the bastard.

Apparently I have possessiveness issues. Who knew?

“I need all those boxes by the window,” Bella called out from inside the bedroom. “Be careful with them; they’re collectables.”

There was something like fifty small boxes in the living room, all different colours and shapes. It appeared some were really delicate, probably made out of porcelain and glass, but the others looked like they were made out of wood and metal, so sturdier and less breakable. I would be taking those ones first; I didn’t want Bella to chop my balls off if I broke any of them.

It took me six trips to get all of those damn boxes in the car. I was super careful but one did fall on the ground, thankfully it was leather and not damaged. I was tempted to open them to see what was inside but I didn’t want to pry. By the fifth trip to the car I was tired of going up and down two fucking sets of stairs, but on my sixth trip a woman stared at me with a hint of recognition; I could almost see her inner debate of whether or not to ask me if I was Edward Cullen. I ran up those damned stairs in record time.

When I got to the apartment Bella was coming out of the bedroom in a changed outfit and suitcase in hand.

“Have you got everything?” I asked as I took her suitcase.

“Just need to get the two more bags and we can go.”

I nodded and waited for her in the living room; there was no way I was going to let her carry crap down. Bella tried to hide her klutz ways but when you spend every day with someone for over three months you catch on to things.

As I put the suitcase down by my feet the front door slammed and I was suddenly face to face with the fucker that had made Bella cry on numerous occasions.

He was enormous. Someone obviously did steroids in High School...

After taking in his size I noticed the circles under his eyes, the rumpled clothes and the bag he held containing more beer. Fucker wasn’t having an ease time. I couldn’t find it in me to care. Not one bit.

His fists clenched as he immediately recognised who I was.

“Edward, sweetie, have you left?”

Bella’s voice was quiet from inside the bedroom but I could see that the asshole in front heard what she called me. I tried to hold back a cocky smirk. Meh, no I didn’t.

“Nope, still here.”

I could hear Bella’s footsteps as she approached the living room. “Then why did the front-” She stopped as she saw Jacob standing by the door. “Why aren’t you at work?”

I never expected to be in the same room as Jacob so I didn’t have anything planned to say to him, but I would punch his teeth out if he dared to even raise his voice to Bella. Fuck the studio if they flipped out on my face having a few bruises.

“What is he doing here?” Jacob asked through clenched teeth.

Bella came to my side and dumped her other bags near where the suitcase was. Her shoulders were pulled back, her face serious; she was ready to tell him to go fuck himself, I could see it. But knowing Bella she would probably be civil and not lose her shit.

“Edward is helping me move a few things I need. I’ve also organised for the movers to come at the end of the week to get the bulk of my stuff. You don’t have to be here; I already gave them specific details about what to take and what to leave.”

Bella’s voice was steady and calm; her demeanour was completely different from how it had been when she came to me crying her pretty eyes out.

“Bella, let’s talk.” Jacob addressed his request to Bella but his eyes never wavered from mine.

“I’d rather not.”

“You know as well as I do that we still need to talk. So let’s talk.”

Bella sighed beside me and I knew what she was going to ask before she did. I kissed her temple without taking my eyes off Jacob. His nostrils flared and I could see he was dying to punch me in the face. If he was smart he would keep his cool.

“I’ll be outside.”

I picked up the suitcase and the bags and made my out of the apartment, but not before making sure Bella was ok and shooting Jacob a warning glare.

I stepped into the corridor but left the door slightly ajar. If anything happened I could be in there within seconds, and it also meant I could hear what was being said. If he raised his voice to her... God help me, I was going to beat the shit out of him with one of those magazines lying on the floor.

Putting my sunglasses on and my hood up I sank down to the floor and listened to what was going on. It didn’t take long for the conversation inside to start.

“Jacob,” Bella started with an exasperated voice. “Just say what you want to say so I can get a move on.”

There was some shuffling before his response came. Surprisingly, his voice seemed less infuriated.

“Why did you call him ‘sweetie’?”

“No, you don’t get to ask me more questions.”

“I think I deserve answers.”

“You don’t. Not after that little stunt you pulled.”

“Fine, Bella, I don’t. I’m sorry I tried to kiss my girlfriend.”

“Just because I was your girlfriend doesn’t mean you had the right to kiss me when I didn’t want to be kissed.”

“You didn’t want to be kissed?”

“For goodness’s sake, Jake! I was pushing you away; of course I didn’t want to be kissed.”

I swallowed hard, thinking about the fucker touching Bella. It made me understand why she had arrived at my house in the middle of the night distraught.

“I just don’t understand what is going on, Bella. One moment we are fine and the next we are having a fight, you leave and when you come back half of your things are gone. What in the world happened?”

“I finally realised what I really wanted.”

“What does that mean, for fuck’s sake?”

“It means that I realised that our relationship wasn’t what I wanted. There was no passion, no intensity. I didn’t love you the way I was meant to. Can’t you see what I mean?”

“No, I really can’t.”

I heard Bella’s heels clinking on the floor before she spoke again.

“Jacob, when we were together I never missed you when you went to work in the mornings; I never felt excited when you came home in the evenings. I’m not trying to be horrible, really, I’m not. But I need to make you see that what we had isn’t how a relationship is meant to be.”

There was more clicking.

“I never cheated; I need you to know that. Yes, I had feelings for Edward but nothing happened. It was only after we were over that Edward and I became more than friends. I’m happy, Jacob. I hope you will be too.”

I made her happy. Somehow a fuckup like me managed to make an angel like Bella happy. I would always try my hardest to make her smile, laugh.

“I was happy with you. I thought we were happy together, Bella. I missed you when you left; I was excited when you came back. What can I do to make you stay with me? I’ll do anything.”

As if I would let him take her away from me.

“There’s nothing you can do.” Her voice was quiet as she answered him.

There was a large slam and I got to my feet straight away.

“What does that asshole have that I don’t?”

I didn’t like how he raised his voice but I stopped myself from entering the apartment. I was just as curious as he was as to why Bella chose me and not him.

“I mean, apart from the fame and the mountains of money. What does he have that made you leave a five year relationship?”

“I- I can’t really explain it.”

“Well, fucking try.”

“God, Jake, sometimes you can be such a dickhead.”

I stifled a laugh, I never heard Bella swear before and it just didn’t seem right.

“If you really want to know then fine! He makes me feel wonderful, every time I see him I get butterflies and I can’t stand to be in a different room to him. When I leave at the end of the day and he kisses me goodbye I feel like a little piece of my heart just died. He has a gentleness only I get to see; he makes me feel like I’m the only person for him. Have you ever looked into my eyes and got the sense you could see all of me, even my soul? I don’t think you ever have. But when I look at him, I just get it, I get it all. When he looks at me I can see he gets it too. And that's only the tip of a very big iceberg.”

I stood there without blinking, mouth wide open. I could have sworn there was some moisture in my eyes but that was probably because I wasn’t blinking...

The way she spoke so passionately about me made me want to grab her and never let her go, kiss her and never let our lips be separated. Everything Bella said was exactly what I felt.

“Look, Jake. We weren’t meant to be; there’s nothing we can do. We’re two jigsaw pieces that never fit. But you have always been there for me and I will always be thankful for that. We did have great times together, but now it’s time for us to move forward. I hope you find happiness and I really wish you the best in life. Maybe someday we can be friends like we were at the beginning.”

Bella’s clicking heels came closer and when she opened the door she was clearly surprised to find me still standing there and not waiting for her in the car.

I offered her a small smile and extended my hand for her to take. When he little fingers were in my palm, I pulled her forward so that she was flush against me. This was where she was meant to be; she might not fit with him but she fits with me.

I kissed her slowly, letting my lips and tongue tell her how much I loved her, because even though I hadn’t said the words out loud they were still swimming in my mind and radiating from my body.

With a small peck to her rosy lips I pulled back and grabbed her stuff. Minutes later we were in the car.

“Can we skip going to Emmett’s? I’m a bit tired.” Bella’s voice was nothing more than a whisper.

“I’ll call him when we get home, I’m sure he’ll understand.” I put my hand on the nape of her neck and began rubbing it softly. “Do you want to stay at mine tonight?”

“Mmm hmm.”

Traffic was a bit heavier when we left the apartment meaning it took us forty fucking minutes to get to my house. When we arrived there were paparazzi waiting outside the front gate. Thankfully, the Range Rover was tinted and Bella had fallen asleep facing me, so they didn’t get pictures of her.

I parked in the garage rather than in the front; just for the sake of being extra cautious. The opening of the garage door woke Bella up and she was all groggy and cute. Her cheeks were tinged with a lovely faint pink and her eyes were droopy.

I wanted to carry her upstairs— fully functioning Bella was not good with balance; half asleep Bella was even worse—but she refused to be carried like a toddler. In the end we settled for a piggyback ride up to my room.

I pulled off her shoes as she removed her jacket before telling her where the towels were in the master bathroom.

As she took a shower I went to call Em and let him know about the change of plans. He was cool with it but I could hear Rosalie in the background calling me a douche bag.

When I came back Bella was already tucked in to bed waiting for me with a smile. I quickly showered before joining her. We watched some travel shows on the Discovery Channel to get us better acquainted to the places we would be visiting next week.

I could tell Bella was excited about visiting Europe. I didn’t share the excitement, having visited many of the countries already, but I was excited about having Bella see Europe. I was sure she would love it.

As the presenter recounted the history of The Big Ben Bella fell asleep. Her little body completely tucked next to mine. Our dimensions just fit. Everything about us fit.

She was the missing piece of my jigsaw puzzle.