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Mr. Cullen

Isabella Swan has a good life, ‘good’ being the key word. Her life is just fine and ordinary. But will her world be turned upside down when she gets a job working as a PA for Hollywood’s latest darling? And is he as cold as he seems? First impressions can be very deceiving indeed. Photobucket(Please note its rated adult for a reason. The story contains adult humour, some strong language, and it will have sexual scenes in later chapters.) Chapter 16 is up!

Disclaimer: All the wonderful characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

2. Hard To Believe

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Wow. I hadn’t expected Edward Cullen to walk through the door, any other person, maybe even the Queen of England, but definitely not him.

Edward Cullen was Hollywood’s darling and had been for the last five years or so. Every movie he made became an instant success. Not only were his films extremely profitable but they were also loved by the critics. He had been nominated for two Oscars, and had won three Golden Globes amongst many other awards. He was becoming a living legend: he was considered a genius, exceptional in every role and on top of all that he was absolutely beautiful. God had been in a very good mood when he created Edward Cullen.

“Fire me? Are you crazy? I would whoop your ass if you even tried.”

I was trying to concentrate on not drooling, but it was hard. He was just so stunning; the hair, the green eyes, oh my God- the lips, everything was too irresistible. Get a hold of yourself woman, he’s your boss! Try to act like you have a brain.

Next to me Jasper stood up and started laughing. I was instantly on my feet.

“What’s up, Em? Is he being a Diva again?”

“Oh, you know how it is; he misses a nap and goes all pissy.”

Edward Cullen just snorted and kept sorting through the CDs, still not paying attention to who was in the room.

I shook my head as I tried to focus on being professional. It was when I gained a little bit more control over my wandering mind that I noticed the man stading next to Jasper. The man was extremely tall, very muscular and had short black hair. He was dressed in plain jeans and t-shirt with ‘Kiss the Bodyguard’ written on the front.

Jasper nodded. “I sometimes wonder if his brain stopped maturing when he reached seventeen.” He then threw me a questioning glance, “Still interested in the job? You won’t really be an assistant more like a nanny.”

“Yes, I think I will take the job, but I refuse to spoon feed him.” I gave him a cheeky smile.

I was still trying to calm down from the shock of being in the same room as Edward Cullen, still trying not to hyperventilate. But it was getting easier to calm myself down, maybe it was because Mr Cullen still had his back to me.

“Oh, hello there. Aren’t you a cute little button? I’m guessing you are the new assistant.” The tall man stepped forward and offered me his hand. Maybe he wasn’t as intimidating as his stature led me to believe.

“I’m sorry, how rude of me not to introduce you. Bella this is Emmett McCarty, he is the head of security. Em, this is Isabella Swan, Ed’s new PA.” Jasper gestured with his hand as he introduced us.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr McCarty,” I shook his hand and smiled warmly.

Emmett grinned. “Mr McCarty? Nah... Call me Emmett or Em.”

A new voice joined the conversation.

“No, call him stupid or idiot.” Mr Cullen had moved closer to our group leaving the CDs behind.

Oh those eyes are so beautiful, so hypnotic. The man was stunning in everyway and he didn't even seem to make an effort- he was just in a blue shirt and jeans. How can someone look like sex on legs and not even try? Even though he was so good looking that it actually hurt to look at him there was something sad about him. I couldn't put my finger on it, but there was definetely something.

“Edward this is Bella, she will be your new assistant. Can you try to be nice to this one? I don’t think I can find a replacement, your reputation has scared all of the good ones away.” Jasper was using a serious tone, something I wouldn’t have expected from him.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr Cullen.” I smiled and offered him my hand, trying to keep it steady.

He shook it, “My scripts are over there,” he pointed to the pile of papers on the table “only use a yellow highlighter when underlining my lines.”

My eyes widened. His voice was velvet soft but undeniable harsh. I was taken back; I had thought all the rumours were false, or at least exaggerated. But no, the gorgeous Edward Cullen really was a rude ass.

After the introductions had been made Jasper and Emmett sat down on the sofa. I pulled a chair and started highlighting the scripts, with a yellow highlighter.

“What were you two arguing about earlier, anyway?” Jasper asked as he picked up a magazine from the floor.

Emmett began to chuckle and ignored a threatening look from Mr Cullen who had taken a seat on the opposite side of the room. “He was throwing a temper tantrum about something People magazine wrote. It said they got the information from an inside source, apparently it’s my fault people talk.”

“The thing about Alyssa Maymore?”

I’ve heard of her before, she was one of those celebrities who were famous for no apparent reason. Someone somewhere had decide partying was now considered a talent.

Emmett snorted. “Maymore? I think you mean Maywhore. Actually that's not right; she doesn’t reverse her slutiness for just May. She’s a slut all year around.”

“That's true, she is like a village bicycle- everyone has a ride.” Both Emmett and Jasper began to laugh. From the pictures I had seen of her I think they were right- the woman had no class. “But she gets a lot of publicity. Linking Golden boy over there with her was surely going to bring magazine covers, and I was right; People, OK, and In Touch all covered it.” Jasper just kept flicking through the pages.

“Wait a minute! Were you the one who told them I was dating her?” Mr Cullen had gotten up with a sudden movement; his expression was frightening. I would remind myself never ever to get on his bad side.

“Well, not technically. Gray is the one who deals with the PR, as you know, but I gave him the idea. I need to keep you in the public eye, after all. Why do you think you’re famous? It sure as hell isn’t your acting abilities.” Jasper shrugged and gave Emmett the magazine.

“Three Golden Globes tell me it is. I should fire you right here and now for what you did.” Mr Cullen was by now nearly shouting, this very clearly annoyed him.

Jasper and Emmett looked at each other and snickered. “Oh, Jazz. Mr Three-Golden-Globes keeps threatening people today... do you think your rumour hit a nerve? Is there actually something going on between Maywhore and young Cullen?”

Jasper scratched his cheek. “Umm, I do believe you’re right. They were getting rather cosy at the Vanity Fair party. Did you get some smooches Edward? Or is the problem that for once she didn’t want any hanky panky? “

“Cosy? Oh, shut up. Both of you just shut up.” Mr Cullen stormed out of the room, leaving the other two laughing.

“Ooo, someone is in a mood. Just try not to get lost or attacked by a group of tweens Edward. I really can’t be bothered to save you from hormonal girls right now.” Emmett called out before stretching his legs and closing his eyes.

I was amazed at how Emmett and Jasper behaved with Mr Cullen, they didn’t show him an iota of respect and they definitely weren’t afraid of him or his temper, actually it was just the opposite. They teased him relentlessly, especially when after a few minutes he came back into the room looking scared and muttering something about never being left in peace.

I hadn't expected this day to turn out like this. I had somehow ended up as a PA to a major A-lister with temper issues and who wasn't very nice to be around. Of couse, he was still amazing to look at, but I guess what people say about beauty being skin deep is right; he might be gorgeous but that was about it.

I turned my attention to highlighting all the scripts, keeping things nice and neat, and after I finished I was given various different tasks by Mr Cullen, all in a very sharp and serious tone. It wouldn’t kill him to be nice. But I didn’t let it upset me; I was here to do a job not to make friends. Even with that in mind it still got me down to think that I would now have to spend so much time with someone who clearly didn’t like me.

Mr Cullen left to start shooting and Emmett had accompanied him, just in case some more girls decided to throw themselves at him. I was getting my things together ready to leave when Jasper approached me.

“Bella, I know he can be difficult...” I hadn’t realized I was showing any emotion, my poker face was usually exceptional. “but please don’t quit. Both Emmett and I like you and he will come around eventually. Edward just has a problem trusting people; he's had some problems and...well, let's just say he isn’t the moron he wants you to believe he is, so please stick around.” He gave me a reassuring pat on the back, smiled, and walked out of the room.

What did he mean by problems? I knew a bit about Cullen's life and I couldn't think of anyting that could be classified as 'problems'.

Soon after Jasper left there was a knock on the door and I went to answer it. A blond girl in uniform was looking down at me nervously.

“Excuse me Ms. Swan; you are needed in the studio. Mr Cullen isn’t happy with the water provided and is demanding you do something about it.”

I sighed. Great, let the fun begin.

I really wanted to tell her to tell him to deal with it himself. I hadn't even been on the job for more than five hours and he was already getting on my nerves. But instead of being rude I just nodded and followed the girl to the studio.

Wasn’t a moron? I found that hard to believe.