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Mr. Cullen

Isabella Swan has a good life, ‘good’ being the key word. Her life is just fine and ordinary. But will her world be turned upside down when she gets a job working as a PA for Hollywood’s latest darling? And is he as cold as he seems? First impressions can be very deceiving indeed. Photobucket(Please note its rated adult for a reason. The story contains adult humour, some strong language, and it will have sexual scenes in later chapters.) Chapter 16 is up!

Disclaimer: All the wonderful characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

8. Under The Covers

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Twelve fucking hours and twenty-two fucking minutes: that's exactly how long I’ve been puking my guts out for.

I had gotten home after an exhausting day, ready to relax and enjoy my precious free time, when I suddenly got that feeling you get when something’s not right, and yet, you can’t say what’s wrong. It took me about five minutes to figure out what was wrong, and since then I hadn’t left the cold floor of the upstairs bathroom.

I watched the clock tick away the seconds, staying curled up on the floor for a bit longer until I was sure my stomach was done torturing me, or at least had taken a time out. Sometime after 6:00 I stumbled across the bathroom to the sink and rinsed my mouth before fumbling with my clothes and getting some pyjama bottoms on. By the end I was beat; I didn’t even have the energy to put on a t-shirt or walk to the bed, so crawling became the next best thing.

My eyes were droopy and I was so fucking tired I couldn’t even raise my arms to get under the covers, but I couldn’t sleep. My eyes lids were shut but I was fully awake, maybe it was because it still felt like someone was punching me— in the gut, chest, head, arms, and legs— repeatedly. The pain was lessening but it was still there, and it was the only thing my brain could focus on, which obviously made it all the fucking worse. So, I decided to think of something far more pleasant and completely unrelated to disgusting body reactions as I lay on the bed face down. I thought of Bella.

Without a doubt I had experienced my first moment of madness yesterday—in a good way, that is.

It all started with the beautiful hair comment. It was then I realized how Bella saw me as every other woman had done in my adult life; she saw me as sexy. Pfft. Then her actions throughout the day just confirmed my suspicions. Every time I came out of the dressing room she had a dreamy smile on her face, it was the same smile she had as she watched me in shot after shot. But what made me abso-fucking-lutely sure was how her eyes caressed my bare chest, only leaving it to glance at my lips or arms. So, I decided to go all out and dive into the pool. It hadn’t been asked of me but I just couldn’t help myself, I really wanted to see her reaction. As I came up for air, I did my best Honey Ryder impression and sure enough Bella’s eyes nearly popped out, she looked like she was going to pass out, and of course, her nipples became the best indicators to what was going on in her mind. I liked what they taught me.

Knowledge is power, at least according to Francis Bacon, and I completely agree. What happened in the dressing room at the end of the day was a demonstration of how I planned to use my newly acquired knowledge. It didn’t mean I didn’t feel slightly guilty because I teased her, but Bella was so adorable when she blushed, and she looked so doable when she squirmed, that I just had to do it. Plus, all the teasing and flirting was a lot of fun, and I knew she had enjoyed it too. It would make for some great times together; definitely brighten up my everyday routine, and anyway, I was sure I couldn’t keep my hands away. Bella was sexy, fun, stunning, could totally be a bad ass, smelt delicious, and was a great cook. It all made me come to the conclusion that I wanted her around. And what Edward Cullen wants, Edward Cullen gets... or so everyone keeps telling me. Oh yeah, and she made Edward Jr. happy as sunshine and puppies. Fuck the I-Never-Touch-Employees-Especially-If-I-Value-Them policy. Bella would be the exception, and a darn good one at that.

I took a deep breath and let it out, testing my body. The distraction had worked; I felt a little better than before, and decided I could now get under the covers. I tried to move slowly so not to disturb the sleeping monster in my stomach, but I didn’t have enough energy to get up and turn down the duvet. I had to just lay there with my face muffled in my pillow waiting for Bella to come and help me with the damn covers.

As soon as I finished the thought I heard the clicking of heels, followed by Michael Bublé singing about how he felt good. I wanted to strangle him, I didn’t feel fucking good right now and his voice was making my head feel like Satan’s shit pot.

I let out an involuntary grunt. Damn, the noise hurt.

“Edward, wake up.”

I tried to get away from the blaring music and Bella’s loud voice by ducking my head under my pillow, but I couldn’t move my neck up. I was exhausted.


When the Hell had Bella’s voice become so bloody loud? I made a noise between a sob— Yes, I was verging on tears; my head felt as if it was going to explode any second now— and a curse.

“Edward, are you ok?”

“No.” My voice wasn’t working properly; it came out all quiet and shaky. I would be surprised if Bella heard me.

But she must have done because Bublé suddenly shut his gob and all was quiet again; my head didn’t feel like a nuclear testing sight anymore.

“What’s wrong?” Her voice was really near and still too darn loud.

“Shhh.” I opened one eye to see where the voice was coming from. I was surprised to find Bella’s brown eyes very close to my face; she was probably kneeling down on the side of my bed. “Don’t feel well. Head hurts. Whisper?” I closed my open eye because it was starting to get bright in the room and it was making me suffer.

“Is it just your head?” Her voice was soft and hushed. Perfect.

“No,” I answered. “I can’t move. Too bright.” I didn’t sound like an idiot at all.

I felt her shift and heard the curtains being drawn. Thank God.

“Edward, I think you need to see a doctor.” I made a negative sound. “It could be serious.” I didn’t respond. “Please?” Bella’s voice was starting to sound really worried and even though I couldn’t see her face I knew she was probably biting her lip.

“Just... something I ate.”

Bella sighed beside my bed. “At least take some painkillers for the headache. Where do you keep them?”

“No medication.” There was no way in Hell I would take any painkillers or any form of medication. I was well aware the effect they had on me.

“You’re being difficult.” She sounded annoyed and her voice rose in volume, but it became immediately gentle when she noticed how I flinched at the sound. “Are you sure it’s just a bout of food poisoning?” Sure as I could be without a medical degree. I grunted in the positive.

“Ok then, I won’t insist on taking you to hospital, but if it continues or gets worse I will make you go, ok?”

“Uh-huh.” There was no way I was going to move from this spot.

“I’m going outside to reschedule your meetings this afternoon and let Jasper know what’s going on. I’ll be right outside and I’ll leave the door open, just yell ... you can’t really yell, can you? Umm, well, just grunt really loudly if you need anything.”

I could hear quiet, distant mumblings and after ten minutes Bella returned to my side.

“The meetings have been rescheduled for later on the week, six new scripts have arrived for you to read, and Jasper will be over after five. Oh, and I’ll order some soup when you feel like eating.”

How can someone be so nice and sweet? Sure she had to take care of my meeting and scripts but she didn’t have to order me soup. This wasn’t the PA doing her job; this was Bella being a good person.

“Thanks,” I mumbled.

It was quiet for a few minutes, making my brain focus on the pain again and in turn making me feel like shit. I must have made a whimpy noise because I felt Bella come even closer.

“How can I make you feel good?” My eye popped open. Holy cow, she did not just say that! But if she did, I could think of one hundred different ways she could make me feel good. “Jesus.” Her skin was delightfully tinged with pink. “What I mean is... oh God...Is there something I could do that would make you more comfortable?” Party pooper.

“Help me with the covers?”

I tried to move a bit to my side as Bella tugged on the duvet, but it didn’t really work; I was lying right in the middle of the bed so the covers wouldn’t budge with my heavy ass-self on top. Bella tried the other side, but nothing happened. She then lifted my arm and tried to physically push me to the right so she could get one of the corners free. That shit hurt, but still nothing happened.

I heard Bella let out a little sigh and with great effort opened both eyes to see what was going on. Bella was standing on my left with the cutest frown on her face, analysing the situation.

She then disappeared as she went around to the right again and before I knew it she pulled the covers from under me, so fucking hard that I fell on the damn floor.

“Ow. Ow, ow.” Oh, it hurt. It hurt. I was sure every bone in my body was now broken, and it felt like someone was playing the drums in my head... I just wanted to decapitate myself, it would have hurt less.

“Oh, shi- ” Bella ran across the room and knelt down beside me. “I’m so so sorry, I just tried to move the... and then you... and I...” She started laughing quietly. What the fucking Hell?

I frowned at her because I was still sprawled on the floor, feeling like a sack of shit, and she was laughing at me. “Not funny. I’m in pain.” I whimpered a little. Yep, there goes all of my manly ways.

She nodded but was still trying to hold back her chuckles. I narrowed my eyes at her. “Bella, you’re laughing at a sick man.” It was meant to be an accusation, but the damn woman just nodded again. Did I say she was nice? I think I meant horrible!

“I can’t help it, it was great slapstick comedy.” She patted my hand. “I’m sorry, really. Now let’s get you up on the bed and see if we can avoid a repeat performance.” Ha, ha. She’s hilarious.

Somehow Bella contorted my body so she was taking on all of my weight and dumped me on the bed; she had already arranged the bedding so I could slip under easily. Everything was going fine until she had to lift my legs on to the bed, I did try to help but I just didn’t have the strength to fully cooperate. Bella lifted both my legs with great difficulty before tripping over her own feet and ending up a pile of giggles and snorts by my feet. I didn’t even care if her blush was cute or any of that crap, she was making my head feel worse.

“Giggling? Really? You do know my head can’t take it?” I don’t care if I sounded grumpy. I’m allowed to be grumpy; I’m a man who never gets ill, and damn it, when I do get ill I’m gonna milk it. I will be whiny and whimpy and act like a two-year-old again. There’s no shame in that.

I was now lying on my back, nice and cosy under the duvet. That didn’t take long at all. I contemplated rolling my eyes but decided against: I didn’t know how much pain it could inflict.

“Sorry, sorry. Is your head still bothering you?”

“Yes, it hurts like fu...fudge.” I know I have a filthy mind but I do try to keep my language clean around women. At least until we got to the bedroom and got freaky; then it turned grubby, soiled, stained, mucky and all other kinds of dirty. It's great.

Bella shifted slightly from where she was sitting. “Please take some painkillers; it would really alleviate the pain.”

“Painkillers are addictive and I have an addictive personality. Not a good match.”

I don’t think ‘addictive personality’ actually covers it; anything able to give me a high and I’m instantly hooked. Pot, heroine, stealing, smoking, drinking, driving fast, sex, and performing: At one point or another I was addicted to them all. Some were easy to deal with, like sex; a few whacks in the shower and I’m good. Some were great addictions to have; like the love of being in front of a camera. Others nearly destroyed me and took years to combat. And after freeing myself from co-dependency I really didn’t want to dive in and start any new shit with painkillers. I would just deal with the pain. No biggie.

I guess my answer startled Bella because her eyes— which were watching my chest— snapped to my face. “Oh, I see.” She began biting her lip in her usual way. “Do- do you mind if I try something then?”

“Sure.” Anything that was going to make the pain go away was fine with me.

Bella got up from the bottom of the bed and arranged herself into a half sitting position next to me, she put a couple of pillows behind her back and stretched out her legs in front of her, before she tugged on my pillow so my head was near her thigh.

I had no idea what she was going to do, maybe start chanting? But Bella didn’t make a sound. Instead she looked as if she was torn, unsure of what to do. I didn’t know why she had moved my pillow closer but I was eager to find out.

She stared into my eyes and slowly I felt her soft hands on my head. Her fingers were gentle as they caressed my scalp, and messaged my temples. My eye lids fluttered shut at the sensation. It felt so damn good, every touch making my skin burst into goosebumps.

“Is... this ok?”

Her voice was just like her fingers; smooth and warm, underlined with a tenderness I had never felt or heard before. Aunt Esme always fussed over me, she was caring and wonderful but all the affection she showed was what a mother gives a child, not what a lover gives another. The women I banged were just a quick fuck; there was no closeness, not even friendship. Nothing of what a real lover gives another. This affection Bella was now bestowing me with was so intensely intimate, interlaced with friendship, that it had me reeling. It was what I imagined lovers felt for each other. Never in my life had I been touched as I was being touched now, and it felt good.

“It’s great.” Understatement of the friggin millennium.

As she tunnelled her fingers through my hair once again I lost my grip on reality and fell asleep.

I was awakened by a buzzing noise near my ear, and a series of heated mumblings.

I was not a morning person. To me sleep should never be interrupted, and I usually hated Bella for a brief moment every time she took me away from my sleep induced sanctuary. But I didn’t get annoyed now; I was too comfortable for that.

“Oh, dang. I’m sorry, I’ll stay still.”

“Mmm.” I couldn’t be coherent even if I tried. I rubbed my right cheek on my pillow and groggily opened my eyes.

The colour was all wrong: my pillows were usually beige and I was sure my comforter was brown the last time I checked. The material beneath my cheek was lavender, certainly not something the interior decorator would have chosen for a bachelor pad.

I frowned and picked up the material, rubbing it between my thumb and forefinger. Soft.

“Um, it’s Cashmere.”

Had I said ‘soft’ out loud? Damn it, mornings always broke down my filter. Not good.

I looked up to see Bella’s eyes on my face; they shifted slightly to the left before returning to me with a smile.

I followed the path her eyes had made. My arm was thrown across Bella’s thighs, my head was no longer on my pillow but rather in her lap, and my left leg was in between both of hers.

My gaze lingered for a few more seconds before connecting everything up. Holy shit. I was going to quickly remove my leg to a more appropriate place— a place that wouldn’t get me slapped— until I also realized that Bella would have pushed me off her before now if I had intruded on her personal space. Plus, she was still petting my hair. It was all good.

I returned my gaze to her beautiful brown eyes. “What time is it?”

“Just a little bit before eleven,” she answered with a timid smile. “Are you hungry? Are you feeling better? Do you want to do something? Read the scripts?”

I returned my leg and arm to their rightful places— they had fallen asleep – and chuckled. “No. Yes. No. Maybe.”

Bella scratched me behind my ear, making me sigh. “Maybe?”

“Yeah. Were any of the scripts good?”

I had been waiting for nearly a year for this one script. It was the Holy Grail of scripts; it was gritty, honest, so fucking depressing and unbelievably accurate. They had already cast Daniel Day-Lewis, Sean Penn, Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Gosling, Hillary Swank, Meryl Streep and Penelope Cruz. And that was just the supporting cast. Not only that, but the film was being directed by the Coen Brothers. Yeah, this project was that amazing. The lead role was for a young male, between the ages of twenty and twenty-five, tall, who could portray a recovering drug addict convincingly. I’m male, twenty-four, I’m over six-feet, and I can definitely portray a recovering druggie. Not only did I fit the criteria but I also had twelve past projects to show for. They had all done incredibly well at the box office and were hits with the critics, not to mention the numerous accolades they had won. It should be easy with my credential and status in Hollywood to get this role, right? Fucking wrong.

The asshole producers decided they wanted to search high and low for the actor to fulfil the role. I even had to audition. I have never auditioned for a single one of the films I had made. Never. And yet, I had stood in front of a camera sixteen times and read numerous lines just for this one project. Jasper and Gray had been doing absolutely everything to get my name on this. Jazz had even left me alone in an interview with Vanderbitch to secure my spot on the next round of auditions. Ass-wipe didn’t feel like sharing that information at the time, just let me have my go and calm down before quietly telling me all about it. Dickhead.

“I wouldn’t know. They are still in the sealed envelopes.”

I nodded and stretched the tiniest bit, making sure my small movements didn’t disrupt Bella’s scratching. “Anything new happen in the world while I was asleep?”

Bella continued stoking my hair. “I don’t know, I’ve just been sitting here and -” A phone buzzed again and I swear I head Bella mutter something along the lines of ‘Dimwit can’t take a hint’.

She moved to grab her phone. I could see she was flustered as she looked at the name on the screen. “I’m sorry. I’ll just turn it off.”

This was very interesting; what or who could possibly make her so jumpy? I wanted to find out. “Go right ahead. Take it.” Yep, I was a nosy fucker.

“Ok.” Bella took her plump lower lip between her teeth and flipped open her phone.

She surprised me by answering the phone call right there. I had thought she might go outside, but I was glad she stayed. I wanted to listen to the conversation. I know, you shouldn’t eavesdrop but I never got the memo, so whatever.

“Hey, Jake.”

Oh, it was the boyfriend.

“Er, I don’t know... Maybe. Can’t we talk about this later?” I had noticed how Bella liked to keep her hands busy when she was nervous or uncomfortable. Usually it was her sleeve or the hem of a t-shit that she fidgeted with, now it was my hair, and it was glorious. “Umm, that’s fine. I can do Friday... Bye.”

The conversation was short but it wasn’t sweet. At first she had sounded annoyed, irritated by the man at the other end of the line. But then the way she said goodbye had sounded low, like she didn’t have any more fight in her. I didn’t like it.

“Is everything alright?”

“Huh?” Her sad gaze turned to me. “Um, yeah. Everything is fine.”

Fine never meant fine. I could see whatever that was about had upset her, and I decided I didn’t like Bella upset or annoyed or whatever the dimwit had made her. It was already enough to have a life full of pain and disappointment, the thought of those closest to me feeling hurt wasn’t something I wanted.

What Bella needed was a distraction. Distractions were essential to blocking unwanted memories or emotions, like the one she was having now. If you had enough of them things were easier, events appeared less hurtful, and you could forget that somewhere out there people who were meant to love you didn’t. Distractions were literally life savers.

“Want to watch TV?” It was the best I could come up with.

“Sure. What channel?” Her voice was all wrong; the warmth was being covered by sadness. Why did the shithead have to make her feel like this?

I took a deep breath, “E!” This was not going to turn out well; they always got things wrong and that pissed me off to the nth degree, but they also got things right and I saw red then. How fucking dare they talk about my personal life! But it was what Bella needed; she needed to laugh at her boss being made a full of on TV. Plus, any other channel would have gushy things on, like Oprah... Bella didn’t need to think about a woman who had lost all her children to a horrible disease, and I was sure she would be uncomfortable if Oprah started discussing the ins and outs of the female orgasm, especially with my head still in her lap.


“Yes, I want to know what’s being said about me.” That was such a big asstard lie, but whatever.

She turned on the plasma on the other side of the room and flicked through the channels until she found E!

The fake blond woman on screen yapped on about some star and then about some other crap I didn’t care about, this went on for half an hour. Meanwhile, Bella continued stroking my hair in silence, sometimes laughing quietly at the ‘news’. I was sure Heaven resembled something like this.

And them Miss I-have-bigger-tits-than-brains had to go and ruin it.

...Edward Cullen has also been naughty lately. The ‘Trust Me’ star was spotted flirting with two women during his photo shoot for the next issue of Vanity Fair. Insiders report that Cullen approached the two assistants and asked for their phone numbers. Of course, the lucky ladies were quick to exchange digits. Earlier on this month it was reported that Edward Cullen and ‘Yes, I’m Hot’ star Alyssa Maymore were engaged in a steamy love affair, but apparently it seems no one can tame the gorgeous actor and his wild womanizing ways, not even the beautiful Alyssa Maymore...

What a load of bullshit. Those skanks were flirting with me, I flirted with Bella. End of story.

I lifted my head up and with great effort pushed myself into a half sitting position. My full attention was on the TV as it began showing pictures of Maywhore and me during a party I don’t remember.

... On other Cullen news; it appears the difficult star has lived up to his reputation. During an interview with Celeb Know it All Victoria Vanderlinden, Cullen lost his temper. One of those present discussed exclusively with us how Cullen nearly threw water on the Gossip Queen before being calmed down by a member of his entourage. The crew member—who prefers to remain nameless—stated things got tense and the only reason Cullen didn’t do anything rash was because he was escorted out of the premises. Since his brilliant debut five years ago Cullen has always had a reputation for being a Diva on set, but we here at E! couldn’t care less. What we care about are those rumoured shirtless pictures...

Breathe in an out... in an out. Deep breaths. Don’t let loose your shit; Bella is sitting right next to you. Be your usual cool, calm, and collected Cullen

“I can’t believe they said that! Where did they get this information from? Are they stupid? You threw water on Vanderlinden? Please, she deserved to have more than water thrown at her. I want to know which crew member gave them that information. Do you think we can track him down? I will give him a few choice words. What a bunch of idiots.” Bella huffed and crossed her arms. I might have been able to keep my cool but she certainly hadn’t. That was shitty. My plan to make her feel better wasn’t working; she went from sad to angry, and even though it was an improvement, I just wanted to see her smile again.

“That's a load of kitty litter if you ask me; as if I would ever approach any of those stalkers.”

I saw Bella’s lips quirk into a smile. Better. “Kitty litter?”

I chuckled, “I didn’t want to say all the profanities going through my mind. There is a lady present, after all.”

Bella laughed. Much, much better. “I just can’t believe they would report lies.”

I nodded and picked up the remote and changed the channel, I turned down the volume and slid down the pillows a bit and noticed for the first time that Bella had stopped caressing my hair. Damn it! It was all the Fake Tities fault; I had moved because the cow started lying.


“Mmm?” My attention was now on the sluts on TV shaking their ass to some misogynistic shit.

“Can I ask you a question? I mean, you don’t have to answer it. But I’m curious.”

I turned my head to face her. I don’t deal well with questions, but this was Bella, so I was sure I would be able to answer. “Yeah, go ahead.”

“Um, did you and Alyssa Maymore ever ... umm... date?”

This is what she wants to know? I don’t date, but I especially don’t date Maywhore. She is crude and revolting, and it boggles the mind how anyone can find her sexy. Of course, she fits the plastic ideal, but how can anyone seriously see her fake boobs as appealing? I hope she got a refund because they sure are ugly.

“I never dated her. She is the definition of fake and she smells a bit like carpet cleaner.” It’s true, she does. “I prefer women who are the way they were born, not the way their doctors made them.” Again, very true. I fuck bimbos, usually models, but they come with natural pieces.

“Ah, I see.” It seemed Bella was seeing a lot today.

“Can I ask you a question? You also don’t have to answer.” I was hoping my honest and detailed answer would elicit one from her also.


“You and your boyfriend, what’s the deal?” I knew I shouldn’t bring it up, but if she talked to me about it maybe I could help. Even though I didn’t have a clue when it came to relationships.

Bella looked down and started rubbing the duvet with her thumb. “We want different things, and he doesn’t understand how important this job is to me. But the main thing is... well, there’s something missing. But we’re working on it.”

She peeked through her lashes and I offered her a tight smile. She looked sad again and I wish I were capable of kicking myself. Another distraction was in order.

I nudged her shoulder with my head and groaned. “My headache is coming back.” I was actually feeling a lot better; no headache, and only minor muscle pains.

Bella instantly started arranging the duvet and my pillows, making sure I was comfortable.

“Really?” Her voice was barely a whisper.

“No, not really. But it felt so good before when you scratched my head and I wanted you to do it again.” I nudged her again and grinned.

Bella laughed and dug right in. I wanted to keep her in my bed for eternity just so I could feel her little hands.

I wanted to keep her mind away from the boyfriend so I did something I never do; I started small talk. The house was the first thing that popped into my mind and I wanted Bella’s opinion on how I should decorate it. She said she liked the house from the photo shoot and I agreed; I really did love the decor, and maybe Alice would be able to help with redecorating. We also talked about the script I had been waiting for and how much I wanted the part. When I explained what it was about she listened intently nodding after every detail, she was taking in everything I was saying and I felt privileged to be having her undivided attention. But we didn’t focus just on my life; I wanted to know more about Bella so I asked question about her family and friends. I was surprised to find out that the only friends she had in L.A. were the people she worked with. I felt like an asshole, she didn’t have friends because she didn’t have time, because I was a demanding twat who had to have everything my way and needed an assistant 24/7. And even though I felt like a shithead for monopolizing her time we also laughed a lot. Bella started reading to me some of the emails I had received today, and I have to say my fans are very creative in their ways of showing adoration. Not surprisingly it turned into a great conversation and not small talk, but it was rudely interrupted by Jasper’s lanky-ass self.

“Edward, you missed your meetings today. The studio won’t be happy.”

I glared at him. Not only was he interrupting the best conversation I had had in a while, but his presence also made Bella stop petting my hair and blush bright red.

“Hello to you too, Jazz.”

Jazz laughed and took a seat on the chaise. “What’s wrong with you, then?”

“Food poisoning.”

“Nice. Speaking of food; have you fed Ham today? The poor dude is nearly eating his paw downstairs.” Shit the little man had completely slipped my mind.

“He’s on a diet.”

“Diet by starvation? It doesn’t sound good,” Jazz smirked. He knew damn well I was joking and I had just forgotten.

“That way he’ll get his six pack back.”

“Are you saying I starve you?” That's exactly what I was saying. Jazz just loved to nag me about my eating habits. So what? I’m a fat man trapped in a movie star’s body, sometimes I wanted to get out for a bit and stuff my face. Nothing wrong with that.

I didn’t respond. That question didn’t deserve an answer.

“Um, I’ll go feed him.” Bella stood up and smoothed out her skirt and cardigan.

“You don’t have to; Jasper will do it.” I narrowed my eyes at him before smiling at Bella. “You can take the rest of the day off, I’m sure you want some down time.”

“No, I can stay.”

“Bella, don’t be stubborn. Go unwind; it will probably be the last time you’ll have the opportunity to relax before the European press tour starts.” I didn’t want her to leave but now Jazz was here—in my bedroom – and it was downright uncomfortable.

Bella bit her lip and nodded. “Thanks. Um, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Her eyes lingered a moment on mine and she smiled. It was the same smile I had seen a few days before and it just about melted me.

I smiled back and watched her swaying hips until she closed the door behind her.

I sighed and burrowed under the covers.

“What was that all about?”

“What?” I wanted to go to sleep, and maybe eat something, not be interrogated.

“Don’t play the fool. I’ve told you once and I’ll tell you again; you’re a terrible actor.” I have the best of friends, really, I do. “Did anything happen between you and Bella? Are you going to tell me?”

“No. Now can you shut up and go get me some food, Bella suggested soup earlier on. And while you’re downstairs don’t forget to feed Ham.”

“You’re really not going to tell me?”

I shut my eyes and started to snore dramatically. Jazz just laughed and left.

No, I wasn’t going to tell him. And I wasn’t going to tell him because I didn’t have an answer; I didn’t know if anything did happen.