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Ghost Hunters! : And the case of 1909-2009.

When there’s something strange, going down in Forks, who you gunna call? Ghost Hunters!

Okay so as I type I can’t stop laughing because I can’t get the image of the Cullen’s in the Ghost Busters gear outta my head, lawlss.

1. Knock, Knock

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The night’s sunlight streamed in through our bedroom’s floor to ceiling window. The silver-orb light’s faltering and illuminating different objects in our room. I watched the light dance across our mirror, sending rays straight to my eyes, the light reflected off them, sending broken shards of light on the opposite wall. Outside, trees swayed too and fro in a light breeze rolling off the mountains. I turned my head towards our bedside table, lights of an alarm clock, its neon green numerals straining my already stunned-from-the-moonlight eyes. I studied its pattern of letters for a while, finally focusing on the numbers, it read: 2:15am.

I was lying on my back in the middle of the night, eyes closed and trying to get some peace and quiet in this hell hole of emotions I call my home. But it was a little hard due to Emmet and Rose doing some unprintable things down the hall, and Esme and Carlisle sharing a rare moment of...shall we say pleasantries, in their room upstairs. It was one of the odd moments when Alice wasn’t here, and although I could not sleep, I could at least try and get some rest- figuratively speaking that is. So here there I was, lying on my back, on our bed, in our room, in this God forsaken hell hole of emotions I call my damned house in my country in my conti-



My eyes flew open at the sound, it sounded like it was coming from the wall just above my head. I strained my ears, but all I could hear were the less pleasant sounds from Rose and Emmett, and some sweet yet sickening cooing coming from Carlisle and Esme’s room. I counted to ten, nothing happened. I counted to fifteen. Still nothing. I sighed, closing my eyes; maybe the absence of my eccentric wife was turning me into a mad man. I hoped not. People already thought I was a head case, they didn’t need me hearing strange noises to reassure their claims, I mean-



My body shot up from my lying position, while my eyes swung open in shock. Quick as a flash I was facing my bed’s headboard, pushing my head up against the wall, trying to see if I could hear anything. I knocked back, twice, just like before and waited, but there was nothing but silence awaiting me on the other side. This wall was the wall attached to hallway, I jumped off the bed, walking with determines strides towards the door, I flung it open staring incredulously at the nothingness outside my door. This was getting annoying; someone obviously thought it was funny to play ‘knock down Jasper’ in the middle of the night.

“EMMETT?” I yelled, even though he was only a few doors down. I heard Rose sigh and a murmured ‘go to him’. Their door slammed open, I was surprised it was still attached by its hinges, Emmett came out, an annoyed expression on his face. I looked him up and down: his trousers were on backwards, he had one sock and no shirt. Needless to say his hair was all over the place.

“What, Jazz?” He asked exasperatedly, leaning up against the wall, “You know, just because your wife isn’t here, doesn’t mean you can disturb me and my own.”

“It’s not that.” I said defiantly, did he think I disrupted their antics on purpose? I checked his emotions: of course he did. “Listen, do you think it’s funny?” I asked my eyes glowing in anger, I mean really, was it too much to ask for a little peace and quiet? While I had been checking for the knock, I wasn’t listening to them properly, for all I knew, Emmett could have knocked on the door, and then run back to Rose, making it look like he had never left.

“Dude, I think everything is funny, do you mind elaborating?” Emmett rolled his eyes a grin threatening t break through. I narrowed me eyes at his grinning form, how dare he!

“You know what you did, just now.” I said through clenched teeth, my breathing was becoming heavier and it took all I had not to slap him then and there.

“What I did? You mean Rose?” He was talking to me as though I were a particularly slow child, “Yeah man, I just did my wife,” He paused letting it sink it, and amplifying what he was feeling. “But I don’t get what it has to do with you, unless you wanted to join in…?” He smirked, “There’s plenty of room if you’d-“

EMMETT I DO NOT WANT TO JOIN YOU! I WANT TO KNOW WHY YOU KEEP KNOCKING ON MY WALL!” I screamed at him, I could hear Esme and Carlisle quieten upstairs from where I stood; obviously listening in for any signs that I’d attack Emmett and break another wall.

His grin was washed off his face, replaced by a look of complete confusion, “What do you mean knocking on your wall? I’ve been with Rose the whole time…” He said raising an eyebrow a questioning look in his eyes.

“You. Just now. You kept knocking on my wall.” I said pointing to my bedroom wall like a five year old that wanted to point out that a monster was under his bed but no one could see it but him.

“Jasper, you are not getting it. I was with my wife. The. Whole. Time. The only knocking I heard was you when you got up.” He said, looking at me like I’d gone insane. Rose’s voice drifted out into the hallway, “Jasper, he was with me the whole time, now clearly you interrupted something, so please go back to whatever you were doing in your room. And no, I don’t want to know what it was.”

Emmett laughed, “She knows what she wants.” Was all he said, throwing another questioning look at me. But if it wasn’t them, and it wasn’t Carlisle and Esme, and it wasn’t Edward and Bella, and it sure as hell wasn’t the mutt and it wasn’t Nessie… Then who the hell was it? Alice? No, she was shopping in Seattle with Edward and Bella…So that left…No one, Nada and Zilch; apart from me and my obviously unhinged mind.

I opened my bedroom door again, which had closed shut when I banged it open. Stepping inside, nothing seemed amiss amongst the piled of books and shopping bags. I looked towards the bed, expecting something to be there. But no, there wasn’t even a real dent where I had been lying down. I walked over to the body length mirror, peering into the reflective glass, my eyes were dark gold, and I didn’t really need to hunt. But maybe if I did it would help a little with the…hallucinations I seemed to be having.


I walked back into the bedroom having gone hunting for the best part of four hours. Light was creeping up the vast valley which owned our view from our bedroom window. It sent rays of light dancing from surface to surface and I stood there a while, watching the light move form one finger to the next, watching as I my skin seemed to sparkle and reflect the light. I looked at the mirror, my eyes were a warm honey gold and if I was human, I would have probably burped from all that I had eaten. I glanced towards the alarm clock, it’s neon numbers less harsh on my sensitive eyes. I frowned as I looked at the numbers, displayed on the clock’s surface; it still read 2:15am. Maybe it needed more battery’s? But if so, wouldn’t the lights have gone out all together?

I threw myself down on the bed, faced down, wishing once again that I could sleep for real, and not just have to close my eyes and wish that that was my sleep. I could hear Esme and Carlisle talking upstairs, something about foot marks leading away from their bedroom, Carlisle dismissed it as one of them and so did Esme, but it had gotten me thinking of the knocking I had heard last night. I sighed, as I waited for more knocking. It never came.

Just as I was finally settling myself into a nice daydream of my actually sleeping for once, I heard a small cough. Opening my eyes wearily I focused my irises on a girl. She looked about 17 with light chocolate skin and straight light brown hair, but I could hear no heartbeat and could see no possible tell-tale signs that she was a vampire. But that still didn’t stop me screaming when she said, “Hey Jasper, how’re you today?”

I leapt up from the bed, and acting on instinct alone, I punched her square in the jaw. I heard to bone crunch and though, shit, she’s human, but what the hell is she doing in my house? She was lying in a heap on the floor, clutching her jaw and glaring at me through narrowed eyes. She had only a night dress on, plus a almost see-through nightgown, or maybe it was s shall, I couldn’t be certain for the way she was lying.

My door crashed open and Emmett stood in the doorway, carrying his aluminium bat, what the hell?

“You know, if I wasn’t already dead, that would have been a major problem.” The girl said, resting up into a sitting position. I could hear the pop! as her jaw bones clicked back together and pop back into place. “Now, aren’t you going to say sorry?” She asked, politely.

“I turned away from her my eyes too confused for me to see straight, “Emmett, why the hell have you got the baseball bat?”

“Because you screamed and Rose told me to come in and make sure it wasn’t a vampire apposed to the usual spider you scream about.” He said, lowering the bat obviously seeing nothing. I turned back around, no the girl was still there. Couldn’t he see her? Or did he already know her?

“Well it wasn’t a spider.” I said defiantly, it had been one time! I was in the shower for Pete’s sake; can you really blame a guy for screaming when a fist sized spider was staring at you with all 24 eyes? “It was this girl.” I said, turning back to him and pointing at the girl on the floor, she was grinning an evil little grin and was staring straight at Emmett.

Emmett seemed to be looking back at her, but it was like he wasn’t staring at her, rather at the space where she was but not really seeing her.

“Jazz, what girl? I see nothing but sun and carpet…” Emmett trailed off a look of pure confusion and concern for me, marring his half grin.

“No…there’s a girl…right there.” I said, pointing again, but this time with more urgency.

“Jazz, Jazz…There is nothing there.” He was shaking his head now, a smile playing at the corners of his lips. “You know, you’re getting better at the whole ‘prank’ thing, next time, just pants me in public, man. The whole ‘there’s a girl there but only I can see her’ joke went out years ago. Just a tip.” He added, walking out the door the bat slung over his muscled shoulder.

“Wha-I-you…what?” I asked stupidly staring dumbstruck at this retreating figure. When he finally closed my door behind him with extra care, possibly trying to take the piss out of my obvious retarded-ness. I took a deep breath, I refused to turn around, obviously, my hardwiring had gone haywire and she was only a figment of my imagination. Nothing to be thought of. Of course, if I didn’t think about here’s she’s go away!

I filled my head with cotton candy, Alice and of sun soaked beaches and after a while, I did forget that was until an impossibly familiar voice called out:

“You know, I am still here, and I’m still waiting for that apology.” I heard her get up, but she made no move to come closer to me. I skipped all the questions in my head and blurted out the first thing I could think of, opening my eyes to stare at her slight form.

“Why couldn’t Emmett see you?” I asked quietly, making sure only she could hear and none of the other occupants could. If they heard me now I’d be on so many pills I’d become a drugie in two seconds flat. Could vampires even take pills? Well, I’d be screwed if I couldn’t.

“Because, you mad man!” She said with a laugh, I hadn’t noticed before, but even though her skin was of a light chocolate colour, mocha with added milk, I supposed- she had a silvery glow to her skin, or was that just the way the light bounced off her?

“Because, what?” I asked louder this time, widening my eyes when I heard Emmett stop what he was doing, but thankfully, he made no move to get up and come see what I was doing, probably too engrossed in Mario Kart to care enough. I let out a breath I hadn’t released I had been holding as I heard the click, click, click of his controller.

“Well because I didn’t want him to see me.” She said as though it were the most obvious thing on this earth.

“Well, then, how can I can see you?” I asked steadily, lowering my voice down to an almost inaudible leave, I was surprised to see she could actually hear me, let alone understand what I was saying.

“Because you answered my knock.” She said, walking towards the window and then shook her head as though she were being stupid. She walked up to me then, and I half expected her to punch me. But all I felt was a light tap, tap, on my arm. Like last night except then it had been a hard knock, knock.

“But…”I faltered then asked another totally random question instead, “But how can you heal so quickly?” I asked my faced screwed up in concentration. I was in min and Alice’s bedroom and here I was talking to this girl as if we were old friends, I should have had half the mind to turn her in to Carlisle. But I didn’t. Don’t ask em why, but I didn’t. Maybe it was because I had broken her jaw but then again, it had popped back into place, hadn’t it? Maybe she was a werewolf? No…She would have had a heartbeat if she had been one. Maybe I was missing something…

I strained my ears, turning my head slightly to the side; I could hear nothing except for her shallow breathing. And what was more, I couldn’t feel any heat coming from her, it was as if she was a vampire…Just a bit more breakable. Maybe a half vampire? Like Nessie? No…How could she be one if she had no heart beat?

“Well…Because I’m a ghost silly! What’d you expect me to do? Run around with a broken jaw?” She laughed, it was a sweet sound, almost childish in its wake, “Now I couldn’t do that could I? Haunting with a broken jaw wouldn’t be very fun, now, would it?”