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A day in Edward's perspective

A day in Edward's POV. Includes FLUFF!!! FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFF!!! FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF!!!!!. T rating is just in case. Thank you everyone who reviewed!! You made my dayz!! Oh did I mention that there is FUNNY as well as fluff?


1. Chapter 1

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Edward POV


            I watched, smiling from the rocking chair, as my beautiful Bella slept. Tonight she had said little more than usual, mostly pleas for me to stay and an “Edward, I love you.” The latter had put me in a good mood.

            I was still sure that even though she loved me it wasn’t fractionally as much as I loved her. I was still certain that I was unworthy of her, even though she seemed to think otherwise. How could I be worthy of her? She was an angel and I was a demon. She deserved better.

            I was so lost in thought that I almost didn’t notice when she started to speak again.

“Edward, I’ll always love you. I will.” She promised in her sleep.

“I’ll love you too.” I promised to my sleeping angel, “forever.”

I heard a change in her breathing patterns. Ah I thought she’s waking up.Maybe we can go out today. I really was too greedy to deserve her, wanting her all to myself, eagerly diverting her time and attention from more worthy people. Yet, she still seemed to enjoy it when we went out together.

“Mmm, Edward” she mumbled. She was awake but not very coherent. I went to the side of her bed.

“What is it Bells?” I asked her.

“Want to…” she started to say but fell back asleep. What did she want? Was it something I could help with? I wished for the thousandth time that I could understand what she was thinking. Should I wake her up? What did she want?

“Bella, love, wake up” I said softly, gently shaking her. She opened her eyes.

“Hmmm, Edward, what’s wrong?” She murmured. Even though she had just woken up, her beauty was breathtaking. Without thinking I moved my face closer to hers and kissed her.

“Is that all?” she smiled and hugged herself closer to me. I loved how she seemed to fit against my chest. Liked she belonged there. I put my arms around her and buried my face in her hair, inhaling deeply. I had almost forgotten why I had woken her in the first place. Then I remembered what it was I needed to know.

“You woke up and were about to say that you wanted something. What was it?”

She thought for a second and smiled. “I wanted you to kiss me.” she stated.

I smiled. While braiding my fingers into her deep brown hair, she did the same. Then I brought my mouth closer to hers and kissed her again. Then she attacked.

Bella was trying to break through my over estimated self control. She wrapped her legs around me and tried with what I assumed was all her might, to hold herself there.

 I groaned. I shouldn’t have asked what she had wanted. I wanted to kiss her like the way she wanted. I wanted to kiss her like that again and again. But if I did that then I would end up going too far. I would kill her.

Using all my self-control, I carefully unwound her legs with one hand and removed her arms with my other. Then I pushed her away. She sighed and got out of bed.

“Let’s go do something fun today.” I suggested, hoping to make up for what happened.