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A day in Edward's perspective

A day in Edward's POV. Includes FLUFF!!! FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFF!!! FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF!!!!!. T rating is just in case. Thank you everyone who reviewed!! You made my dayz!! Oh did I mention that there is FUNNY as well as fluff?


2. Chapter 2

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“Why don’t we go to the zoo?” I suggested. “That sounds fun.” Bella smiled, “I’ll go get ready.” I grinned crookedly in response to her smile, her perfect smile. After Bella left the room and I heard the water from the shower running I decided that it would be safe to go home and change clothes myself. Alice met me at the door and had a change of clothes ready for me. I took the clothes without a glance and ran upstairs to my room to change. Today my sister had picked out a plain white button up top and tan shorts. After I changed I jumped back out of my room window and ran back to Bella’s house. I walked through the front door and waited at the bottom of the stairs. I didn’t have to wait long. She bounded down the stairs in one of her usual jeans-and-a-t-shirt-ensembles that Alice always seemed to disapprove of. I didn’t really care just so long as was blue. It was. “Can I drive?” I asked her, hoping to dazzle her into letting me. Her heart stuttered a few beats and I chuckled. “You probably should, seeing as I don’t know where it is.” I grinned crookedly again, and then led her to my Volvo. Once we were on the road she smiled, as if remembering something funny. “What are you thinking?” I asked her. “I was remembering the last time I went to the zoo. I was attacked by a duck. It was scary then but when I think about it now it’s kinda funny.” “Why did it attack you?” I already had a good idea why though, Bella was a danger magnet. If there was anything out there that could harm her she would find it or it would find her. “I don’t really know. All I did was offer it a piece of bread and then it was suddenly flapping it‘s wings trying to bite me. Actually after that I decided I don’t like ducks.” Of course, the one aggressive duck in the pond and Bella picked it to try to feed bread to. It simply helped to provide confirming evidence to my theory. “Are there any other traumatizing stories about your childhood that you would like me to know about?” I asked sincerely, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how she somehow survived long enough to meet me, the vampire who her blood sings for. “None that I can share with you and not humiliate myself.” Bella said quietly. Did she try to make me so curious? Was it just a talent? Maybe I could dazzle her again. “Please?” I asked in a gentle voice, gently stroking her cheek, “Please tell me?” Her heart sped up her cheeks reddening. She bit her lower lip. “Well,” she began, “first of all it’s very unfair when you do that and secondly the only other childhood trauma that I can think of is when I went to a summer camp and the canoe flipped over. I almost drowned because my head hit the canoe and knocked me out cold.” I stared out at the road grimly. Even if I had succeeded in staying away in my attempt to prolong her life, something else probably would end up killing her before her time. I sighed. As much as I hated to admit it, it was probably best that I stayed with her. She’d live longer, much longer considering her and Carlisle’s deal. Although she seemed very into the idea of me changing her, despite the condition she would have to fulfill in order to have me do it. Finally we were at the zoo. The lines weren’t very long, so we were able to get in right away. Bella had said earlier that she had wanted to go see the mountain lions so we took the nearest route to “Big Feline Fantasy” stopping to look at the animal exhibits we passed along the way. Bella seemed particularly interested in the grizzly bears and mountain lions. I could imagine why. I watched her eyes follow the mountain lion’s movements then quickly flickered to me and then back to the big cat. I could almost see the terror in her eyes as she most likely imagined me in the same stance that the cat was in. “Bells, why don’t we go look at the elephants?” I said quickly, “I think that they would be more interesting.” “Alright, but after that, let’s go to the amusement park part of the zoo.” There was an amusement park? I hadn’t even realized that the zoo had one. I checked the map. Sure enough, there was. I had been too busy focusing on Bella to realize it. After we looked at the elephants for a while, (well, Bella looked I buried my nose in her hair to block out the smell. Amazingly, elephants smell worse than werewolves) we went to the amusement park. Bella pulled me to the merry go round (figuratively of course, she couldn’t make me move if I didn’t want too. But it was Bella so I wanted to) and made me sit on the lamb and she sat on the animal next to me, on the lion. I thought it was rather ironic. Before the ride started I made her put on the safety strap. Bella protested and said that she didn’t need it but I insisted, so she did. I kept my eye on her the entire time the ride was moving to make sure she didn’t fall but in the end the safety strap really wasn’t needed. But still I felt better with her wearing it. After we had stayed at the zoo for almost five hours she said that she wanted to go home but I insisted that we do one more thing before we left. I took her to the gift store and said that she could pick whatever she wanted. “I wouldn’t know what to get.” She said, knowing that she had thwarted my attempts to get her a present. However what she didn’t know was that I had already picked one out, and had expected her to say that very thing, or something like it. “Then I’ll give you this.” I handed her a framed photo of her on the merry-go-round. She was smiling and sitting on the lion. She looked at it, then at me and grinned. “Thank you, Edward” My angel looked at me and smiled. Then she put her hand into mine and we walked toward the car.