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A day in Edward's perspective

A day in Edward's POV. Includes FLUFF!!! FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFF!!! FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF!!!!!. T rating is just in case. Thank you everyone who reviewed!! You made my dayz!! Oh did I mention that there is FUNNY as well as fluff?


3. Chapter 3

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After a long drive we were at my house where Bella was having a “sleepover” with Alice. At least, that’s what Charlie thinks. We all knew that Alice and Bella never had sleepovers. If Bella was sleeping over that meant I was diverting her time away from more deserving people. However Alice and Bella did do things together when Bella slept over. Tonight I said I was going to fix dinner and Alice said she would dress Bella up. I had no clue what it was that she would dress up Bella as but she had said I would love it. She was hiding her thoughts from me by reciting the book Wuthering Heights from memory because she knew that I detested it. I didn’t bother trying to peek at my angel while Alice played makeover Barbie with her. Tonight I would have to focus all of my concentration on the hardest and most disgusting thing I had ever done. Tonight, I had to make Bella’s dinner. I still thought that human food smelled disgusting, but I wanted to make Bella happy so I would have to get used to it. For tonight I was going to use a cookbook to make a dish that I hoped that Bella liked. It had seemed easy but I soon learned that it wasn’t. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ After I put out the flames on the stove and cleaned up after myself I tried to peek and see how my angel was doing. Alice wasn’t having any of that though. She was reciting Katy Perry songs in her head and was thinking about her latest vision. This one made me smile. I was going to order take-out. When I came home from the Asian restaurant with the food for Bella, my beautiful angel was sitting at the dining room table with Alice. She was wearing a dress in a shade of blue that made her look simply divine. However, the thing that Alice had done that made me gasp audibly was that she had attached white wings to the back of her dress that looked almost real. I dropped the food (that smelled nauseating in comparison to the smell of my angel) on the table and wrapped my arms around her, holding her in a tight embrace. “Edward,” she sighed her amazingly soft sweet voice. Ugh, Alice thought then went back upstairs to meet her own soul mate, Jasper. Not that I paid any attention to her when I was embracing an angel. My very own perfect angel. Bella reminded me that she was rather hungry so I, sadly, released her to let her enjoy her meal. The food smelled unappealing but I was still able to be with her. As soon as she had finished I led her up to my room to sleep for the night. Alice had already gotten her toiletries and had bought her new pajamas to wear at our house. While Bella was having her human moments I put on a CD that I knew she liked and listened to it. Bella settled down into the massive bed that I had bought just for occasions like this and I lay down and held her against me. I hummed her lullaby and she soon fell asleep. I marveled at the sensation of having her against my chest and listened to her heartbeat. I smiled. I loved my angel. My lamb. My Bella.