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Bring The Rain

Leah Clearwater: heartbroken, angry, and alone. Will she get her happy ending?

Well hello, everyone. The werewolves are my favorite and even though SM is a genius, the way she ended the series just didn't fly with me. So this, my friends, is what I think should have happened =)

1. How It Went Down

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“Lee-Lee, can I talk to you for a minute?” Sam asked when I answered the door. I smiled and gave him a quick kiss hello.

“Yeah babe, come on in,” I said, opening the door a little further.

“How about we go outside?” He asked.

“Mom, I’ll be right back,” I said but I didn’t listen for a response, I wanted to be with Sam too much. He was my boyfriend of about 4 years. He asked me to be his girlfriend the summer before starting high school. I remember that day like it was yesterday. He told me he wanted to wait until our first homecoming dance to ask me to be his girlfriend but that he couldn’t wait anymore. Now, it was hard to believe we just graduated. His life was something I valued more than my own.

He took my hand and walked me down to the beach. Lately, he’d been moody and distant so it was moments like these that I looked forward to. His eyes had bags under them alerting me to the fact that he hadn’t slept.

He hadn’t looked this tired since he came back from going missing. Nobody knew where he was for three whole days; they were the worst days of my life. He was supposed to meet me for dinner and when he didn’t show up I started flipping out, it was something he never, ever did. I called his house but they hadn’t seen him since graduation, where he wasn’t acting like himself. He came down really hard on some sophomore, Jacob Black, for bumping into him in the hallway. I remember feeling his forehead to make sure he wasn’t sick and I almost hit the floor when I did, he was so hot you could fry an egg on his head.

“Are you okay baby? You look kind of sick,” I asked. He nodded and visibly swallowed; his hands clenched into fists at his sides and I realized this was not good. These were things he did when he was nervous and/or upset, “Sam, what’s wrong?” I demanded, turning his face so he was looking at me, there were tears running down his face.

“Leah, I… I’m… I’m so sorry,” he stuttered. He put his face in his hands and he cried.

“Sam, what’s wrong?” I asked again, starting to freak out a little bit. He was fine earlier, he came over to hang out and I introduced my cousin Emily while he was leaving and she was coming in. I mean yeah, he tripped over himself a few times because he wasn’t looking where he was supposed to, but that wasn’t altogether abnormal for him.

He looked at me on his own this time, and he kissed me with everything he had, I pushed him away and looked in his eyes. “Sam, tell me.”

“Leah, I uh, I can’t… I can’t do this anymore…”

“Do what exactly?” I said narrowing my eyes at him. Make out?

“Us, baby, I can’t do us Lee-Lee.” Excuse me? He might just have to run that by me one more time.

“Uh, want to rephrase that because I’m a little bit confused here.”

“I can’t be with you anymore Leah.”

“What?! Why!? Sam!?” I sputtered out, what was wrong with him? We were fine, we were better than fine. Yesterday we were talking about getting married and what we were going to name our kids. What the hell is this madness!?

“I’m so sorry Leah,” he said through fresh tears, “I have to go…”

“Go where!?” I demanded.

“Home, Leah, I wish…” he wouldn’t, or couldn’t continue.

Now I was hurt and pissed. “You wish what Sam!? What do you wish because an explanation would be great right about now!” I was screaming a little bit and I didn't care.

“I can’t explain it Leah… I wish I could tell you,” he choked out.

“Yeah right, what’s her name asshole? What happened to the ‘what are we going to name our first daughter?’ attitude that you had only yesterday!?” I screeched, my voice getting louder with each sentence.

Then he uttered one word that would make me the bitter, cynical bitch that everyone knew today, “Emily…”


It had been two weeks since that day. Two weeks since he walked out on me and left me to deal with the heartache. He was already with Emily, they were tearing my apart.

I was crying in my room- again, when I heard Mom call from the living room, “Leah, sweetie, Emily’s here.”

That name alone made me want to break something, “FUCK YOU!” I screamed and I put my head into the pillow and screamed until I couldn’t breathe. A soft knock on my door told me that Emily wasn’t leaving that easily.

“Lee?” She asked, opening my door just slightly.

“Get out.” My tone was deadly and she knew it.

“I’m sorry,” she said and left without another word.

My face was back in my pillow when I heard mom storming up the stairs. The door was thrown open and I turned to look at her. I must look like hell, I had been crying for hours so I knew I was red and puffy, add in that I hadn’t been out of my bed for days, meant my hair was a mess and I was dehydrated/under-fed.

She was ready to throw a huge tantrum and scream and yell, but when she took in my appearance, she softened and started to cry. My bed creaked when she lay down next to me and for the first time ever, I put my head into her chest and cried like a five year old. Her hand was rubbing circles on my back and it wasn’t long before I fell asleep.


I woke up in a daze. What the hell happened last night!? I rolled over and landed on top of my mother. She woke with a start and looked at me through concerned eyes.

“Are you okay, honey?” she asked putting her hand on my cheek.

“Mom, this never happened,” I told her and I got up and walked out of the room without a backwards glance.

The shower was practically calling my name when I got in it. The water was scalding hot and it felt awesome on my skin. My hair was going to be a problem I decided, when I found I had to rip pieces to get the elastic out. The shampoo was definitely going on at least three or four times, fixing it.

Too bad they didn’t have something like that for a broken heart.