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Bring The Rain

Leah Clearwater: heartbroken, angry, and alone. Will she get her happy ending?

Well hello, everyone. The werewolves are my favorite and even though SM is a genius, the way she ended the series just didn't fly with me. So this, my friends, is what I think should have happened =)

4. That Doesn't Make It Okay

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Sam patted the spot next to him against the tree. I took a seat a little further away. He looked at me and then put his head in his hands. “God Leah, this is so messed up!” He cried.

“Yeah, no shit Sherlock,” I snapped. His head whipped up and he looked at me with a pained expression on his face. I was never mean or sarcastic when I with him. The bitch he sees in front of him was of his own creation.

“Leah, has anyone ever told you about imprinting?” He asked.

“No,” I said. He took my hands in his with a smile. What. The. Hell.

“You’re going to understand this now,” I think this is more for himself than for me, “I can finally explain it to you. Okay, there is a legend that tells us that everyone has ONE soul mate. One person put on this Earth for us. You’re only duty in life is to protect her and love her and be everything she needs you to be. You’re like a magnet Lee, drawn to her from wherever she is. You can’t NOT be away from her. It’s like a physical pain whenever she’s not at your side. You were designed for her and you will be there for her no matter what. It’s the greatest love and strongest pull one can ever feel.”

He was staring wistfully at the stars seemingly forgetting he held more than my hands in his. Whatever was left of my heart was just ripped to shreds and spit on.

I ripped my hands from his and slapped him across the face.

“Leah? What?” He asked and I glared at him.

“This changes nothing Sam.” I was officially a loveless, lifeless shell.

“How can this not change anything? Leah, I didn’t have a choice!”

“Yes you did Sam! If you loved me, you would have fought for me, done everything in your power to keep me with you!” I was pissed now. “What did you think I was going to do!? Forgive you? Tell you everything was alright? You fucking BROKE me Sam. No matter what you say nothing is going to change that fact you selfish bastard. How could you even think that something good was going to come from telling me this?! Are you stupid?! You should know me better than that Sam. From what I can see right now, you never loved me.”

“Leah, I do love you, I still love you, but I can’t…”

“Don’t say that to me,” I said backing away from his outstretched arms, “Don’t ever say that to me Sam. You don’t love me. I trusted you and now you stand here lying to my face. You were everything to me Sam!” I was furious to feel tears forming behind my eyes.

“Lee-lee, I…”

“Stop it Sam.” I backed against the tree and he stood in front of me. I realized he now towered over me and looked into my eyes. What I didn’t expect was for him to tilt up my chin and kiss me.

I was so shocked that I couldn’t move. Sam Uley was kissing me? What universe had I wandered into?!

There was a moment though, a moment when I saw shooting stars. It was like nothing bad ever happened. He was still mine and I was still his and it was ME he was going to marry not my cousin.

A shooting star isn’t always what it seems. It’s beautiful yes, but it’s fleeting and leaves a trail of destruction of behind it.

This particular shooting star’s trail was tearing me apart and leaving wet streaks down my cheeks.

I grabbed his shoulders and flung him off of me. The whole thing lasted about two seconds.

He was crying to but instead of trying to comfort him, I was glaring at him.

“How dare you,” I said.

“I’m… Leah… I-“

“Fuck you Sam. The only reason I’m not going to end you, is because, believe it or not, I love my cousin and that would hurt her. She deserves better than you asshole, I hope you know that.”

“I know,” he said with his head down.

“And just so you know, just because you imprinted, that doesn’t make what you did to me okay.”

“I know,” he said again.

“Grow up, Sam. I have and I’m done with you.”

I ripped off Emily’s dress and phased before he could say anything to me. Throwing the dress at him for dramatic effect was something that crossed my mind, but I’d rather not walk into my house naked.

Being in Sam’s head right now would probably have enough raw emotion in it to kill me, so when I was within an acceptable walking distance from my house I phased and put the dress on.


That did NOT just happen. My mind was going a million miles a minute. What the fuck was his problem. Jesus Christ I need to not let anyone EVER see that in my head. Oh God.

The disgusting part of all this is, part of me still loved him. I still love him. I wish it WAS me getting married to him.

This was going to end. He wasn’t going to have control over me any longer.

My feet carried me, not to my house, where I thought I was going to go, but to the beach. There was a ledge halfway up the cliff where I used to come with my Dad. He used to tell me that where the sea and the sky meet was the most magical place on the Earth. He said it was closet we got to Heaven on Earth, it was the window to someplace better. I hoped he was there now.

After he died I came out here but after the funeral I just couldn’t face it. Tonight though, I needed my Dad.

“Hey Dad, um, I don’t really know how to deal with what’s going on right now.” The sun was starting to rise and I wanted to reach out and touch it. “Well, I’m kind of a werewolf but I’m sure you know about that. Sam, well Sam ruined me Dad, I gave him my heart and even though he broke it into a million pieces, he won’t give it back. I want to be free, I want to me able to love someone Dad!”

I was crying in earnest now, the only person I could talk to about these things was dead. I had nothing, nobody. The world was a really, really lonely place without someone to talk to.

The sunrise was beautiful but like everything else, it had to be shattered. I felt a drop of rain on my face and I stood up. I raised my head toward the sky and dared: “Bring the Rain.”


I walked into my house at about six in the morning, tired as hell and soaking wet. The shower was calling to me again so I made it scalding hot and ripped off the dress. My body was aching in places I didn’t even know I had and the water helped get some of the knots out. My legs and arms were scratched and filthy from the climb up the cliff and it felt good to get all the icky stuff out of it.

Fucking boys suck.

I wrapped a towel around me and went into my room. Nobody was there, thank God. I was expecting the whole pack to be going through all my stuff wondering where it was I ran off to.

My pajamas were comfy and my bed was warm so I jumped in and cuddled up to my blankets. My bed was safe, I could be vulnerable here.

What a day. First I wake up sick as a dog and then I turn into one. Sam tells me some wolfy legend took him away from me and then he kissed me. I snuck onto the cliff at 5 in the morning and scratched the hell out of my arms and legs.

This was getting absolutely out of control. I was getting absolutely out of control.

Sleep wasn’t going to come easy, that was a given. God damnit, according to Sam, I have to patrol tomorrow with Embry for awhile. I’m meeting him at his house at 7pm. God please kill me now.