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Werewolf Love

What if Jacob ran away after being rejected by Bella and being threatened to have his jaw broken? Jacob wasn't there for the fight. He didn't know about Bella and Edward's engagement, and he definitely didn't know about Renesmee. It is a year after he ran off, and he has finally come back. But what does he find?

This story is going to end up switching from Bella and Jacob's POV. When I say he ran away after he got rejected by Bella, I mean after the first time he kissed her, aka assaulted her. Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with twilight. I am not Stephenie Meyer, sadly. I just like wting twilight fanfic.=] Enjoy the story!

1. Where am I?

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Jacob’s POV

I was running, one of my favorite things about being a werewolf. I didn’t know where I was. All I knew was that I was somewhere far up north. I never wanted to stop running. I didn’t think like a human. I let my wolf instincts take over. I didn’t want to feel the kind of pain I felt when I was a human.

I had left everything behind, my father…the pack…Bella. But why did it matter if I had left Bella behind? I must just be some worthless little puppy dog to her. I helped her. I made her come alive again. Then he came back, and she took him and left me without another word.

Yet, I couldn’t help but love her. I had told her those three fateful words and I had kissed her. She never even stopped to think about the possibility of us. She punched me when I kissed her, and broke her fragile little hand doing it. Not only that, I then had to deal with Edward threatening me after he came to pick her up. I would have loved to fight with Edward, but I couldn’t stay behind with Bella knowing that she only thought of me as a friend. Sure, she loved me, like a brother. What did that matter in the end? I couldn’t take the rejection.

That was over a year ago. I had been running around- going who knows where- up north for a while. I hadn’t phased back for months now. I didn’t care that kill my own food and eat it raw, as long as it would stop me from phasing back. When I was human, all I could think about was Bella. I didn’t want that. I ran away to get away from Bella.

I was excruciatingly hungry. I was getting tired of eating raw food. I didn’t want to turn back, and I was coming toward a town. I would have to phase sometime.

There was a sign to the left of where I came out into the open. Welcome to Greenwood, British Columbia, Canada: Canada’s smallest city!

Wow. Of all the cities I could of ended up in, it just had to be the smallest city in Canada. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t know or care where you’re going.

There was a small diner off to my right. Maybe I could get some food in there. I started to walk over. I was so hungry; I could practically taste a hamburger on my mouth as I walked. I shouldn’t let myself starve that long again. It’s definitely not good when you start tasting food that isn’t there. Then I remembered. I don’t have any cash.

“Damn!” I murmured under my breath. I guess it was back to raw food for me. Oh how I wish I had thought to grab some cash when I left.

Then again, it probably wouldn’t matter anyway. It would be one extra thing to carry tied to my leg. Plus, even if I did bring money, it would definitely be gone by now.

When I was about to go back into the trees to phase, I saw a man and a woman, holding hands walking down the street. They looked so….happy.

That was it. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to try to see if I could win Bella over, no matter what it takes. I was not going to lose to that bloodsucking leech!

I quickly ran into the trees and I phased back into a wolf. Within three days I was back in Forks. After having run at top speed for three days, I was exhausted. But, I braved my way up to her house, ready to do whatever it takes to get Bella.