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Werewolf Love

What if Jacob ran away after being rejected by Bella and being threatened to have his jaw broken? Jacob wasn't there for the fight. He didn't know about Bella and Edward's engagement, and he definitely didn't know about Renesmee. It is a year after he ran off, and he has finally come back. But what does he find?

This story is going to end up switching from Bella and Jacob's POV. When I say he ran away after he got rejected by Bella, I mean after the first time he kissed her, aka assaulted her. Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with twilight. I am not Stephenie Meyer, sadly. I just like wting twilight fanfic.=] Enjoy the story!

3. Who is she?

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Jacob’s POV

I ran through the trees as fast as my legs could carry me. I had to get away from here. Of course, I had always known that she loved the leech; I wasn’t blind. I just didn’t think that she would marry so young. Not after how her parents had turned out. How could I have seen this coming?

There must be some way to get them apart. I hadn’t come all the way down here for nothing. I was still thinking of what I could possibly do, when I heard someone following behind me. We both stopped and I turned around. Only then did I see who it was.


How did she get here so fast? Was there another one around here to carry her? I looked around. I didn’t see anybody, but I definitely smelled one. That sickly sweet stench was impossible to mistake.

“Bella?” I asked, finally breaking the silence. “How did you get here so fast? Did one of them carry you down here? I can smell one of them close to here.”

“How do you think I got here? I ran,” she replied.

She ran? She couldn’t run that fast. Unless… No! It all came flooding back to me. I remembered it as if it was yesterday……


We had been sitting in my garage, inside of the rabbit, drinking warm sodas like we always used to.

"Will you never forgive me, Jacob?" She whispered.

"You won't be Bella anymore," I told her. "My friend won't exist. There'll be no one to forgive."

That sounds like a no," she whispered.

We faced each other for an endless moment.

"Is this goodbye then, Jake?"

I blinked rapidly, my fierce expression melting in surprise. "Why? We still have a few years. Can't we be friends until we're out of time?"

"Years? No, Jake, not years." She shook her head and laughed once without humor. "Weeks is more accurate."

What? Weeks?!! She’s going to be one of those filthy bloodsucking leeches in weeks?!

I was suddenly on my feet, and there was a loud pop as the soda can exploded in my hand. Soda flew everywhere soaking her, like it was spraying from a hose.

"Jake!" She started to complain, but fell silent when she realized that my whole body was quivering with anger. I glared at her wildly, a growling sound building in my chest.

She froze in her place.

The shaking rolled through me. I couldn’t phase here, I would surely hurt Bella

I gritted my teeth to present myself from phasing so close to her. I squeezed I eyes tight in concentration, the quivering slowed until only my hands were shaking.

"Weeks," I said in a flat monotone.

She didn’t speak.

I opened his eyes. I was beyond fury now.

"He's going to change you into a filthy bloodsucker in just a few weeks!" I hissed through my teeth.

She nodded mutely.

I couldn’t stand it. How could she want this for herself? To become one of those disgusting creatures? What was she thinking?!

"Of course, Jake," she whispered after. "He's seventeen, Jacob. And I get closer to nineteen every day. Besides, what's the point in waiting? He's all I want. What else can I do?"

What else could she do? She could not change. She could stay human and happy. She could be with me instead of that parasite she says she loves. I didn’t want to see her like that. I would rather she die before I saw beautiful Bella change into that.

"Anything. Anything else. You'd be better off dead. I'd rather you were."

"Maybe you'll get lucky," she said bleakly, lurching to her feet. "Maybe I'll get hit by a truck on my way back."

She grabbed her motorcycle and pushed it out into the rain. I didn't move as she passed me. She climbed on and kicked the bike to life. The rear tire spit a fountain of mud toward me.

I was so enraged that I ran out into the forest and phased. I didn’t want to think, I just wanted to run and punch something, preferably one of those leeches she loves.


Oh my god! She was one of them, just like she had said she would be. Finally all the little differences I had noticed in her made sense. She was pale and even more beautiful. She smelled bad even though at the time, I had thought it was from being around them too much. She was extra cold, even though everything felt cold to me. She had probably even been hard, but I was too happy to see her to notice.

“Jake, I thought you knew. I thought you had figured it out by now,” she said, pulling me from my endless thoughts.

“I am confused,” I said not knowing which thing to ask about first. “How could you? I didn’t think you were serious. You broke the treaty. Why hasn’t the pack come to destroy you and the rest of the family yet?”I questioned her, looking into her beautiful brown eyes. “And why do you have brown eyes?”

Bloodsuckers weren’t supposed to have brown eyes. They were supposed t change crimson or golden after they changed. What went wrong with her?

“Brown eyes?” she paused. ”Oh!” she reached up to her eyes and took out two brown contacts to reveal the light golden eyes I had been expecting. “I forgot to take them out after I went to Charlie’s house this morning.”

Oh. That made sense. She couldn’t tell Charlie, so she had to wear contacts in front of him to even look slightly human.

“Why haven’t they come after you yet?”

“I was dying,” she said, a look of pain crossing her face. “And I don’t think they could ever do that to you either, Jacob. You may not want to admit it, but I think they know that if they ever hurt me, you would go after them.”

Wow. She really did know me; and how much I loved her. She was right. Even if she was a bloodsucking leech, I could never hurt her.

“But why were you dying? Was it Victoria?” I asked, wondering if Victoria had actually gotten close enough to Bella to hurt her.

“No. Edward killed Victoria last June. The pack helped in fighting the other newborns that came with her,” she answered. “It might be easier to show you, though; why I was dying. Follow me back to the house. They should be home by now.”

Who should be home? Show me what? So many questions ran through my head, but I held my tongue because she took off running into the trees.

I chased after her, though it was no use. She was extremely fast. I found the house, finally, just as she was walking in. I walked in after her.

She went right to Edward, who quickly put his arms around her, and leaned down to kiss her. I stood there, not because I was disgusted and didn’t want to look, but because of the beautiful little girl sitting in-between the other female leeches.

There were no longer any ties that held me where I stood. There was nothing else that mattered in this world anymore; except her. It didn’t matter that Bella had married him. It didn’t matter that she was one of them too now. All that mattered in the world was this beautiful little girl.

Edward looked up from Bella, unlocking his arms from around her waist to come across the room to face me. “You filthy mutt! How dare you!”

“Edward? What’s wrong?” Bella said, coming up behind him.

“He imprinted on Renesmee.”

“WHAT?!” she yelled. The pixie, the blonde, Edward and Bella started to charge after me, shouting every bad name in every language they knew at me.

Carlisle and Esme held the little girl back, while the two big ones helped the others charge after me.

I phased and started running.

We’re coming Jake. I heard Sam think from about a mile away. They were about to catch me; so they better get here fast.

I don’t even know who she is! I screamed in my head knowing that the mind reader would hear me.

“Wow, you really are oblivious today aren’t you? Have you not noticed the resemblance yet?” Edward asked from behind me, gaining ground as the seconds ticked by. Resemblance? To who?

“She’s Bella and I’s daughter,” he explained just as the rest of the pack showed up behind me.