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Werewolf Love

What if Jacob ran away after being rejected by Bella and being threatened to have his jaw broken? Jacob wasn't there for the fight. He didn't know about Bella and Edward's engagement, and he definitely didn't know about Renesmee. It is a year after he ran off, and he has finally come back. But what does he find?

This story is going to end up switching from Bella and Jacob's POV. When I say he ran away after he got rejected by Bella, I mean after the first time he kissed her, aka assaulted her. Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with twilight. I am not Stephenie Meyer, sadly. I just like wting twilight fanfic.=] Enjoy the story!

6. Connecting

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Jacob’s POV

I tried to go see Nessie that morning. But Edward wasn’t having it.

“Let her sleep. You’ll see her plenty once we get to New Hampshire,” he had said.

So here I stood, out in the cool morning air, not that I was cold, waiting for Nessie to wake up. I’ll admit that I was very impatient. It’d only been half an hour and I was having problems not bursting through those doors. Not that it would do any good. Edward, and especially Bella, were strong. Too strong. I wonder if any of that was passed onto their daughter. I guess I’ll have to find out.

I lowered myself to the ground, hearing the crunch of the leaves as I sat. I looked up through the trees and into the unknown as I thought about what had happened.

I had left Bella behind here with him and they had gotten married. That wasn’t much of a surprise. The real shock was the baby. Not only just the birth of her, but the imprint. Maybe Edward wasn’t such a bad guy after all. I had needed part of him to mix with Bella to form my imprint. That really sounds weird when I say my enemy isn’t so bad, but without him I would’ve never left, and Nessie would’ve never been born. I actually had a lot to thank him for.

“You’re welcome,” he said from behind me.

Whoa! Don’t do that! He returned my shock with a small smirk.

“She’s awake,” he informed my waiting ears. I hopped up and ran in with my eventually-father-in-law right on my heels. I swooped into her bedroom where she had just sat up and was staring straight at the doorway. I scooped her up and rocked her in my arms. Her tiny mouth formed into an O as she yawned. The edges of my lips turned up in absolute awe of the gorgeous creature in my arms.

She put her small, white hand to my cheek. A picture came up in my mind. Like I was remembering holding her yesterday, but I was looking up at my own face. How was she doing that?

“She has a gift,” Edward answered.

She continued to show me more. Her giggle as Edward and Bella played with her, her smile of exultation after going hunting, the curiosity going through her head when I first walked through the door, confusion when everybody else ran out of the house, and then…a cup? Ew….there’s blood in it.

“Breakfast time,” Edward interjected. Jeez, that was getting annoying.

He took her out of my arms and handed her to Bella. She walked out towards the kitchen with us behind. She filled up a cup with blood from the fridge, but also took out a box of eggs which she then continued to fry. Nessie had already slurped up the whole cup when her eggs were put down in front of her. She gobbled those up and looked up to smile at me. I went to sit down next to her.

I was a little surprised when I saw an even bigger plate of eggs put down in front of me. I looked up at Bella.

“What?” she asked. “Do you expect me to starve you?”

“Oh. No. Sorry Bells.”

I finished up and Bella picked up Nessie again. We ran back to the main house and gathered with the others in the front room. Surprisingly, the rest of my new pack was already there. They stared at me, conveying with their eyes either disgust for their situation or annoyance for my taking so long.

We went out to the cars and started them all up. Apparently we would be driving to New Hampshire. Well, more fun for me.

I was excited when I got into a bright red Ferrari F430. I’d never driven one before, but I’d always wanted to. I wonder if I could also get my hands on that Vanquish Edward, Bella, and Nessie are getting into on this road trip.

We backed out one at a time and sped down the highway, ready for a long, boring, cross-country road trip.