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Werewolf Love

What if Jacob ran away after being rejected by Bella and being threatened to have his jaw broken? Jacob wasn't there for the fight. He didn't know about Bella and Edward's engagement, and he definitely didn't know about Renesmee. It is a year after he ran off, and he has finally come back. But what does he find?

This story is going to end up switching from Bella and Jacob's POV. When I say he ran away after he got rejected by Bella, I mean after the first time he kissed her, aka assaulted her. Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with twilight. I am not Stephenie Meyer, sadly. I just like wting twilight fanfic.=] Enjoy the story!

9. Fallen

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Jacob POV

My eyes widened as Sam’s large form stepped out from behind the large bookcase, still trembling in anger. He glared momentarily at Renesmee before turning his gaze to me. His fury was evident inside those dark eyes and how they were looking straight at what at one time their owner would have thought to be his brother in a way. I could see that this was no longer the case.

“Sam, why are you here?” I calmly asked, refusing to give into his anger. He seemed t have a difficult time emulating my calm demeanor as he replied.

“Because of her, and what you have done to my pack. Did you really think I would just sit back and watch as you take my entire pack over 2000 miles away from their home?”

“No,” I responded simply. “But, I did expect you to understand why they chose to come with me all the way here. If you really want to know why they’re here, then why don’t you go ask them instead of trying to confront me when I have done nothing.”

If smoke could have erupted from his ears at this time, it would’ve. His anger boiled in his eyes that filled with a deep and even more intense glare toward mine. I did not flinch, nor lean away from the look, I merely stood my ground, holding Renesmee in my arm the entire time.

“Jacob Black, this is a mistake. Wolves are not meant to mix with vampires. Even with her being your imprint, it is not practical in any sense to pursue any kind of contact, or further a relationship. It is a lost cause. Could you imagine the terror of what a vampire and wolf hybrid could turn out as? The child would be a complete mess, a total outcast with their own tribe. And then that child would be Alpha. Do you seriously think any descendants of this pack will willingly follow a leader who is part vampire in order to defeat vampires? Or that the woman that would be your wife in that situation would even tolerate it? You need to set some priorities, Jacob, before you end up like that.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath upon this onslaught on information. It was too much, too much to even begin to think about. But none of what he said mattered if I was with Nessie. I wasn’t even sure if she could bear children. And Sam did happen to be right about one thing: no Quileute wolf would willing follow a leader who is part vampire. That went against everything we were for.

I attempted, without too much success, to push these thoughts out of my mind, and to focus on my life in the present. I was here, at Dartmouth, quite luckily with Renesmee, my best friend, a brand new house, and the entire pack minus Sam. Was there anything more I really needed? It wasn’t like I was going to be lonely and poor anytime soon. With all the money these bloodsuckers have, I would never even have to work. That is, of course, assuming that they would let me use it.

“Sam, they are not your concern any more, they decided to separate themselves on their own, I had nothing to do with it.” He narrowed his eyes and I could see that he was ready to hit me in that moment, to knock some sense that he knew wouldn’t really come into me. Of course, there was no way I would let him do such a thing; and I would hope that he wouldn’t try to do so in front of this child, even being who she is.

He shook his head at me, never lifting his gaze from mine. “I will not step down to you, I am the alpha of this pack, the position you turned down. You don’t get a second chance at that decision, it’s a done deal. I am the alpha, and all of the pack better be coming back to La Push with me, to their worried families that I’m sure they decided not to even think about when making such a rash decision.”

I lashed out at that point. Nessie or no Nessie, I wasn’t going to let him so openly insult the pack, acting like they don’t care for their families!

“Listen, Sam, just because they’re here doesn’t mean that they are cruel to their families, or that they are abandoning the tribe! If anything they’re getting a new start, a different chance. All of them have done this willingly and I will not let you insult their decisions. Go back to La Push, Sam, it’s plainly obvious that you are not welcome here.”

His jaw dropped open for a moment in shock before he snapped it shut. He shook his head at me and turned to leave what had been a quiet bookstore, but now appeared to have the owner staring with his jaw dropped right at us. I don’t think he really had a problem with Sam’s leaving.

“Don’t do this, Jacob. Turning your back on the tribe, becoming allies with our enemies, it is not right.”

“At this point I really don’t give a damn,” I snapped back.

The fallen alpha left then, his shoulders squared and his jaw set, gazing out into the open sky just out the door before kicking off running. Nessie stared off after him before placing her hand to my cheek.

She showed me the whole confrontation, a silent question about it.

“It’s nothing you need to worry about, Ness,” I told her. “That man won’t be coming back.” She seemed relieved as she turned her head to rest it on my shoulder.

We left then, heading straight back to the house, hopefully a place with less of a chance of surprise visitors.