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All or Nothing

Amelia is the new girl at the prestigious Forks Academy. She is moving back to her birth-place. Forks is home to some of the richest families in America. Welcome to a world of deceit, gossip and corrupt dealings. A world where you choose to be the predator or the prey. This story is All-Human.


1. Chapter 1

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Green, green and guess what, more green. Welcome to Forks, elite filthy rich and my personal hell. Cruel Intentions meet Forks.

I have grown up in the social structure of rich, high class society. When I was two my mother and father decided to move us from Forks to England. Both of my parents are descendents of old rich families that made their wealth centuries ago in America. Unfortunately my darling mother thought it was time I returned to Forks her hometown, where our family name has the most stance. Of course, she will remain in London, God forbid her if she left her new toy-boy behind.

In this world, once you have a big bank balance you’re a close friend. Mrs. Whitlock went to school with my mother. After years of no contact, they met at some fashion show or another and BAM!! It’s like they were separated at birth. Of course Mrs. Whitlock thought it only proper to take the young Amelia Roycroft under her wing and bring her back to her roots in the glorious Forks. You may wonder how I feel about the move? Well, pissed is an understatement. New schools are not fun. My life was easy at my old school  I was the girl that didn’t give a shit. I was at the top of the social ladder. I grew up being educated in the rules of this society, and to those who weren’t in my direct vicinity all the time, I was the perfect debutante.

Scientists analyse all types of environments and animal habitats. However, I believe that an analysis of the society I live in would be far more interesting. The rules are simple, be as crooked as you want but don’t get caught. I was the queen in my old school. I know the rules of this society inside out and I know how to manipulate these brain-dead people.

I watched the mansions and cars fly by, completely ignored by the blond God who sat beside me. My first day of school had finally arrived. I twirled the end of my frizzy ponytail between my fingers, the bristly ends tickling my thin fingers. My appearance was totally planned, I looked utterly ugly. I had backcombed my hair to make it as frizzy as possible. When buying the school uniform, I bought a pair of the shapeless men’s grey pants that was optional for girls, as well as an oversized navy blue jumper two sizes too big which added the appearance of another two stone to my figure. Add a pair of men’s shoes and glasses and I was the embodiment of geeky and unattractive. I believe I had achieved my goal.

I was a bit shocked when I moved into Mrs. Whitlock’s mansion on the outskirts of Forks to find she had a son my age. I have to say, Jasper Whitlock was something to look at. Tall, muscular, with blond curly hair; he was gorgeous. His style was edgy and I knew he would be at the top of the social ladder at Forks Academy and no doubt a womaniser. He pretty much ignored me; to him I was a liability he didn’t want. His mother of course demanded that he drive me to and from school and show me around the wonderful, educational excellence that was the prestigious Forks Academy. The thing that would upset him the most was being seen with me. I know how fake these people can be; the only way to see who is to be trusted and who to be wary of is by being a nobody. It is amazing how a good ass, big boobs and a sexy face can change how people act, hence my terrible appearance. Now I would see how people treat me free from bias. My plan was to pick out who could be trusted and who the enemies and threats were. For now my role was that of a shy new girl.

Mrs. Whitlock “or Elizabeth as she prefers to be called” informed me that my arrival in Forks was a widely talked about subject. She was a bit dismayed when I arrived by my appearance. I believe her words were “well dear you look…..lovely”.

The social structures of private schools are essentially the same. The beautiful are at the top of the chain, followed by the desperate groupies that are no better than prostitutes. Daddy’s little angels are really little sluts. Rich kids are very predictable; designer clothes, lavish accessories, and the keen participants in sex and drug fuelled parties. I like to think I am different. I tend to break the mould in places  I have my fair share of designer clothes but I mix them with cheap brands too. My style is not bimbo Barbie like a lot of the fake girls. I have a rock element to my style. My brunette hair comes to my waist with choppy layers and red highlights. However you would not make much of the nest I had backcombed it into. I am not a whore who drops her panties to get what she wants. I have a class these girls don’t know. I realise there is more to the world than a new Channel bag. My idea of fun is ditching the champagne filled parties of the elite and heading to a normal club with normal people.

I had been in Forks for two days now. I stayed in my room most of the time. Jasper barely spoke to me. He is a boy of few words and the moment he took in my dishevelled frumpy appearance with his cool grey eyes, it was obvious he was disappointed. He was probably hoping the new girl would be a sex kitten that would fall for his charm. Thankfully Jasper took one look at me and decided he didn’t want me as a notch on his belt.

As we pulled into the parking lot of Forks Academy, I could see Jaspers jaw tighten at the prospect of me being there. I pursed my lips to stop my grin spreading across my face. As Shakespeare once wrote;

“look like the innocent flower,

but be the serpent under it”