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Bella just moved in with her Dad. She has an attitude problem and a problem with authority. She is just trying to get by till graduation, when life as she knows it gets turned upside down. Things she never wanted to know are released. And she only has her mother to blame. Please Read! IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!!!!


2. Motorcycles

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The next morning, I woke up with a groan. It was too early to be up in my opinion. I crawled out of bed and grabbed my clothes and my bathroom bag. I was grumbling about not having my own bathroom like I did with my mother. I still couldn't believe that I was stuck in this little hick, rainy town. There was nothing fun here.

After I got out of the shower and got dressed I looked at the clock. I only had thirty minutes to get to school, get my schedule and find my class. I grabbed a pop tart and ran for the door. I knew where the school was from a couple trips there when I was a kid with my dad. Something about vandalism, I don't know I wasn't paying attention.

I parked and ran to the front office, noticing along the way all the looks I was getting. I frowned. I was hoping to just glide under the radar for the next year and a half. But it seemed it was impossible in this little school with only 350 now 351 total students in the whole high school.

After I got my schedule I made my way to my first class just a minute before the bell rang. I stepped through the door and every eye settled on my. The teacher looked at me and stuck out his hand. I handed him my little slip for him to sign.

"Class, we have a new student. Isabella, would you please introduce yourself to the class?"

"My name is Bella. I just moved here from Jacksonville, Florida. I like hiking and camping. That's all."

"Fine. Would you please take a seat next to Eric? Eric please raise your hand for Isabella."

I grinded my teeth together to keep from correcting the teacher on my name. I figured it wouldn't be a good way to start out by correcting the teacher.

The rest of the day up till lunch flew by quickly. I met a few nice people. Jessica wasn't one of them. I knew my kind from the girls I used to go to school with and knew it was only a matter of time before I and that girl got into it. But Angela, seemed nice. I was the quiet type and was invited to sit with them at lunch.

I followed Angela to the lunch table and sat down. I was starving, but really didn't want to touch the cafeteria food. Jessica glanced at my tray before I sneered. "Aren't you going to eat, Bella?"

"Not this crap. I'll wait till I get home."

I seen Jessica lean over to a blond girl and whisper. I wasn't supposed to hear what I said, but for some reason that I didn't care about I did. "That I girl is probably anorexic Nobody can have a body like that and eat at the same time." I clenched my fists down on my legs to keep from punching my. I was anything but anorexic I ate just as much as my father if not more. I just kept in shape by hiking and running. I tried to take my attention away from the evil girl next to me by looking at the different faces in the cafeteria

I came to one particular table and stopped. There were five beautiful people. All of them looked like they had been airbrushed there from some kind of magazine. As I stared at them I got a little tingle in the base of my spine. It made all the hair on the back of my neck stand up on end. Who and what were those people. The way they sat there wasn't normal. I leaned over to Angela.

"Who are they?" Jessica looked at me and followed my gaze and gave an evil smile.

"Those are the Cullen's. They're all together." She said it like it was something gross on the bottom of her shoe. I frowned.

"Are they related?"

"No. They are all adopted by Dr. Cullen. He and his wife can't have children or something."

"Well, then there is nothing wrong with that now is there."

"Well, I don't know about that. I mean it's kinda weird that they all live in the same house and the parents let them all be together."

I had enough. I wasn't into judging people even though there was something about them I didn't like. I looked at Jessica.

"Look, I don't know who you are, but you really need to get that stick out of your ass. You are no better than the rest of us here. If that family wants to do whatever it is that they do, it is none of our business I'm guessing that the reason they are sitting over there by themselves is because people like you don't know how to keep your mouth shut and mind your own god damn business" I stood up and the whole cafeteria looked at my including the Cullen's who stared at my with their mouths hanging open. I looked back at Jessica whose face was rapidly turning red. "And before you go making assumptions about me again. I did here you. You wouldn't know how to whisper if you life depended on it. I am not anorexic Maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror."

With that I dumped my tray and left the cafeteria and went to my next class. As I passed the Cullen table the bronze haired male stiffened up and I swore I seen his previously gold eye's turn black. On the way to my class there was something tugging at the back of my mind. Something from when I was a kid. I decided I didn't' want to go to my last classes. If my father was going to make my go to La Push on Saturday, then I wanted to go for a hike now.

I bypassed the classes and headed for the woods. As I was walking I kept thinking about the Cullen's. There was something about them that set my on edge. Not that they scared me or anything, I really found them fascinating but, something in my gut made my want to for some reason attack them. It was stupid really. Why would I want to go around fighting the most beautiful people I had ever seen?

I stepped into the woods and broke out into a run. This is what I lived for. The feel of the wind on my face. The leaves brushing through my hair. The crunch of the forest floor under my feet. I loved the smell of the trees. The woodsy, piney, rainy smell. It all brought a smile to my face. I stopped and sat down on a fallen tree. I really wasn't out of breath. I used to run miles when I could. I leaned over to pick up a stick when I heard something in the air. I couldn't explain it, I didn't know if I heard it or felt it. It was like a shimmering or something. I froze and looked around. I didn't see anything. I closed my eyes and listened. Something an old Indian showed my once. I took a deep breath and filtered through the sounds of the forest. I heard the birds, the wind through the leaves, the rain falling off the leaves, little animals scurrying about, someone's heartbeat, and the bugs...My eyes flew opened and I whipped my head to the right. I couldn't see anyone, but there was something over there. And I would be damned if they caught my off guard.

I stood up slowly and walked slowly back the way I came. If I ran, the wind in my ears would drown out anyone's footsteps so I couldn't hear. So I walked. It would take my twice as long, but at least I would know if someone was sneaking up on me. I had walked about a half mile, when I felt, rather than seen someone behind my in the woods. I turned around quickly just in time to see a flash of black. I narrowed my eyes.

"I know you are out there. Come out and show yourself." Nothing moved. I scanned the forest for anything out of place. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. But that didn't mean there wasn't anything.

"Whatever. Just leave me alone, before I have to kick your ass." I swore I heard a snort but I ignored it and kept on walking.

It was dark before I got back to my truck. The parking lot was empty except for my truck. I got in it and drove home.

I made it back home and seen my father's car plus a VW Rabbit from the looks of it in my driveway. I pulled in behind it.

I walked in the door right as my father stepped in front of my. I glanced at him and held in a smile, when I seen his face was turning red.

"Where the hell have you been? School was out 3 hours ago. The school called and said you missed your last two classes."

"I went for a hike." That was all I said, before I tried to step around him. He cut my off. I narrowed my eyes at him and clenched my fists shut to stop myself from knocking him out. I didn't like to be boxed in. It made me feel like a caged animal.

"I told you to stay out of the woods by yourself. You don't know what's out there."

"Whatever. And I told you to make me." I pushed passed him and let out a breath I had been holding. I then noticed a really tall boy and a man in a wheelchair.

"Jacob. Billy." I said. Then I stopped and looked at Jacob again.

"Did you grow? Damn kid, what are they feeding you down there, Wheaties?" I saw Billy grin. I looked back at Jacob and remembered something I had seen on my way home.

"Hey Jake, can I talk to you for a minute. I have to ask you something about ... the truck. See it's making this funny sound..."

"Say no more. Lead the way."

I grinned and lead him outside to my truck. He popped the hood and motioned for me to start it up. I got out and came up beside him while he was halfway under the hood.

"Well, I don't hear anything..."

"I wanted to ask you if you anything about motorcycles?"

"Well, yeah, my friends and I used to ride all the time. But that was before Embry..." I looked at his face. I felt for this boy. It was more of a brotherly thing, but I still felt for him.

"What Jacob. What about Embry? I remember him. He and Quil were like your best friends."

"Well, yeah but this past week, Embry has been hanging with that Sam guy and his gang. He hated those people."

"La Push has a gang? Come on Jake, that's stupid."

"No, I mean it. He was scared, Bells. They were following him around and then he missed school and the next week he's hanging with him. They're following me now."

"Did you talk to your dad about them?"

Jacob snorted. "Yeah, right. He worships the ground he walks on. He told me I would find out eventually. Then I would understand."

I put my hand on his shoulder, "I'm sorry, Jacob. But I'm here if you need anything. Now, how ‘bout them bikes. I seen a couple of them up the street. You want to go get them?"

"Yeah let me go tell out dad's something."

I smiled and jumped in the truck to wait for him. When he came back out he jumped in the passenger side. He took up almost half the cab. They took off to go get the bikes.