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Entrapment-- From the Mind of Bella Swan

What an entry of Bella's journal might look like, if she had one.


1. <i>Entry 1</i>- Dear Diary, Is This A Dream?

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Caught. Ensnared by the thing that should frighten me the most. Yet I am so enrapt that the thought that I should be afraid rarely crosses my mind. Never- even in my wildest dreams- could I have begun to imagine this.

I still can hardly believe it's happening. Though I can physically reach out and touch him, feel his cool skin against my fingers, his hard chest beneath my cheek, it doesn't seem real.

He tells me he's been waiting for me, though. And I've got no choice but to believe him. Because it seems like I was waiting for something too- though you could say he's waited longer.

When I'm with him, the world around us drops away, fading nearly into nonexistence. The two of us are alone, nothing seperating us. Except, of course, the fact that he wants to eat me alive.

I'm scared to death. I know. I just said I wasn't. But I am. Absolutely terrified. Horrified at the thought that I could lose him.

I could never live apart from him. But he says we're not meant to be together forever. That he doesn't want me to be like him. That I should be happy with a long life with him. Well, I am happy. For now.

But I will not be content. Not until I know we will be with each other always. I can see no other way it should be.

For now, though, with my hand in his, my head pillowed by his chest, I am in blissful entrapment.