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Broken Down

Bella's truck breaks down one day. She tries to find a Gas Station or at least somewhere with a phone. After looking for hours she comes across a mysterious house. Will she ever come back?

I hope you like this story, dont give me all the credit though. Me and Team_Jacob wrote this as a Drama essay thing. I just changed a couple of things and posted it on here. Please review, please!!!

1. Broken Down

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Bella was on her way home from work when her car broke down. Heavy grey clouds swirled violently above her head. The first drops of rain began to group into puddles.

“Damn, no Gas Station. Just my luck.”

The nearest Gas Station was 20 miles away of which isn’t worth the walk, the storm was only going to get worse. The thunder rolled out a vicious growl. In the distance Bella saw a small misted shape which she made out to be a house. She dug deep in her pocket for her Nokia, she had had it since she was seven and it hadn’t failed on her yet.

“Shoot, no signal.”

Not knowing where she was and scared, she wrapped her arms tightly across her chest and slowly walked towards the house. She was so sure that someone would be in there to offer their phone to her. As she walked down the hard shoulder of the road, the leaves in the tree’s rustled wildly as the house came into clearer view. The house leaned slightly to one side, some of the wooden panels had fallen off leaving nothing but darkness. As she arrived at the houses front gate it toward over her, looking as if it had once been black but had now rusted to a muddy brown. There were black crows perched on the top of the gate, she felt as if they were glaring at her, watching her every move. As she pushed the gate it gave a load ear piercing creek, but the crows did not seem to move, only turning their heads to watch her as she walked towards the house. Comforting herself, Bella chanted:

“Come on Bells, pull yourself together.”

But suddenly it dawned on her that the house was standing by itself. Not on a street, not even on the outskirts of a town, but on an old deserted road. As Bella reached out for the door bell she hesitated, he door bell was old styled. The twisted rope hung loosely from above the door, like it could fall at any moment. She tugged on the door bell softly hoping no-one be there, so she could go back to the broken down truck, without fear. No-one answered. She turned around and took a sigh of relief.

She made her way back to the front gate. But on the way, she glanced over her shoulder, just to have one more look at the house. But as she looked a bright light caught her eye, it was coming from the top window. Bella knew she should really go in, anyway what would she do in a broken down truck, the darkness outside would never grow young. As she turned around to face the house, adrenalin caused a lump in her thought which she couldn’t swallow.

As she lay her hand on the door knob, she quickly pulled her hand away, realising how terribly cold it was. As she entered the house the antique furnishings stood out from the cobwebbed walls. The room smelt so sweet, like no perfume you’ve ever smelt before. It was beautiful, indescribable not at all matching the cobweb pasted walls. She felt safer inhere than she did outside. As she looked down the left hand corridor she saw a semi open door. She was almost convinced that this would be the kitchen, seem as the door was partly open someone must be in there. She walked down the corridor a singular floor board creaked, this startled her but she carried on her journey towards the door. When she reached the door she noticed it had no door knob. She curved her hand round the other side of the door and swiftly pushed it open. Walking into the room, she heard the door slam loudly behind her. A key twisted in the lock, this was highly unusual since there had been no door knob. All knowledge of safety had seemed to be removed from her. Without knowing what to do she banged on the door with wild aggression.


A faint glow, starting in the centre of the room, slowly rolled its way to the corners; filling the room with a dim light. Frightened, Bella ran to the light source, but something tripped her; she looked around for what it could be, but nothing was there. While on the floor she realized instead of walls, mirrors stood in there place. Bella struggled violently to get up, but she felt as if something strong was holding her down, a force. Straining her neck, she turned to the tall, brass framed mirror. Surprised and confused, Bella saw that nothing was holding her down. Lightning threw out a powerful bolt, shaking the ancient house more than she expected. The light came from a hole in the ceiling, it bounced of the mirrors causing Bella to blink harshly. She felt the pressure getting stronger on her shoulder blades.

When she opened her eyes she felt sick with fear. An elegant red haired woman was standing over her. Her white silk dress trailed flowingly along the floor. But something made Bella feel worse, the gleaming white dress was covered with rich red blood stains. The woman’s unusually white face made her red hair even more bright.

“I’m s…sorry, my car broke down just outside your house. I came to look for a phone. Please I’m no intruder.”

“No need to worry for much longer, you came just in time.”

The woman picked Bella up unusually easily from the ground. The grasp around Bella’s shoulders was too tight for comfort. Bella was shaking uncontrollably and the woman sensed it. Suddenly the woman loosened her grip as Bella went flying into the tall, glistening, mirror. Bella felt the blood sticky on her hands, as the venomous, burning pain increased on her neck. Shards of glass lay daggered on the dusty floor…

Bella was found the next day, in her broken down truck. Her body was ice cold and all the blood circulation was drained away. There was a mysterious uncompleted semi-circle on her neck. People say she did this to herself, other’s say there was a sick murder who liked to torture his victims. But, I knew what it really was, I will always know who it truly was. I wish I didn’t know because it still haunts me in the night. She still haunt me in the night.