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I just want to DIE!

Should I die, I don't think anyone would actually care. My name is Bella Swan and I want to die. I live with my dad in a town called Forks and I want to die. I had a boyfriend who was a vampire but he left me and now I want to die. My best friend Jacob has abandoned me for a cult and now I want to die. Did I forget anything? Oh yes, I want to die because my life sucks. This story is incredibly depressing and i have no idea why i wrote it. Don't read, save your sanity

I was bored. No i am not getting depressed again, those days are over (many thanks to Moonspinner). But for some reason, i started to write this. Maybe i'm being possessed. OH! i just had a great story idea....Anyway, this is during the stage where Jake is ignoring Bella (stupid mongrel). She decides she wants to feel a new pain. Warning: This story may not end well. My sad stories don't tend to have happy endings...well actually, some of my less sad stories don't either. My random ones do but the rest don't often.

10. Balanced on a knife

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I was dying. I was dying. It hurt so much. Pain was ripping through my body.

"It's okay Lykell. I'm here" I clutched at Felix's hand. Since our conversation, we'd reached a new level of understanding. I appreciated him more, liked him. Maybe love even. And now, here I was, in the middle of having my baby.

"It hurts!" I gasped.

"I know. Don't worry. It'll be fine. I promise you'll be fine"

"Felix" I said, desperately.

"I'm here. I won't leave you. Just think about your child"

"It'll be over soon Lykell," said Jane "Oh, and I warn you, Aro may appear at any moment" I appreciated her warning.

"No! Keep him away!" snapped Felix "It's his fault she's in this mess!" Felix had accepted my decision but he still blamed Aro.

"Actually Felix, she didn't get pregnant on her own," said Alec, amused.

"Does he have to be here?" I managed to say.

"Alec, what do you want?" asked Jane.

"I came to see how my best friend was doing with his struggling wife," he said, innocently.

"Get out!" snarled Felix and me at the same time.

"Actually, it might be best if you do Alec, she's going to bleed. Out, now"

"How come you two can stay, you don't exactly have the best willpower in the world"

"I'm her husband. It's my right. And I wouldn't ever hurt her. And I need a lady around to help and she's closest to Jane"

"Fine, I'm going" I heard the door close.

"Felix" I whispered.

"I'm still here. Okay, I'd like to say when this is over, that'll be the worst of it. But, I'm afraid you're going to have to be turned to survive. So it's going to get worse"

"Thanks a lot Felix," I muttered. I heard him laugh. I turned my head to try to see him but everything had gone dark.

"Felix, I need you," said Jane "Here, now"

"What's happening?" he asked, worried.

"We need to get it out of her now. Or she won't survive any longer" I screamed as something ripped through me.

"Lykell! Stay with me" I heard Felix's voice, dimly. His voice got closer.

"Lykell...Lykell. Bella!" the sound of my real name snapped me back.

"Felix" I muttered, "what's happening?"

"Everything's fine. It'll be born in a minute and then we need to turn you"

"Felix" I heard a startled cry and I tried to sit up.

"Stay" ordered Jane, pushing me down gently.

"It's a girl Lykell. Your daughter, Brook" I heard Felix say.

"Can I hold her?"

"We need to focus," I cried out in pain.

"She's losing a lot of blood," said Jane "You need to do it now Felix, or we'll lose her" I felt something sharp and then pain coursed through me. I was burning, dying. I thought about all I had lost, all I'd survived. I loved Edward, I loved Jacob. Both had left me. Did I love Felix? I wasn't sure. But we had something together that was amazing. A daughter. Brook. I tried to speak but all that came out was a feral scream. I was burning, burning.

When I opened my eyes, I was in the bed still but everything was crystal clear.


"Felix!" I cried.

"You're awake at last," he said, "Are you thirsty?"

"No" I said. It was true. There was a bit of a dull burn in my throat but I hated the idea of human blood.

"Strange. Still, you should drink"

"I am not drinking human blood," I said, through gritted teeth.

"Fine. We have animal blood," he said. He gave me glass and I drank it quickly.

"I want to see her, Brook"

"Okay" I was aware of a scent in the room. He placed a bundle in my arms. A child that looked about two months old was sitting there. She had my brown hair and eyes. I searched for Felix in her features. There was something in her facial structure.

"Wow" I said.

"Yes. She's ours," he said.