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I just want to DIE!

Should I die, I don't think anyone would actually care. My name is Bella Swan and I want to die. I live with my dad in a town called Forks and I want to die. I had a boyfriend who was a vampire but he left me and now I want to die. My best friend Jacob has abandoned me for a cult and now I want to die. Did I forget anything? Oh yes, I want to die because my life sucks. This story is incredibly depressing and i have no idea why i wrote it. Don't read, save your sanity

I was bored. No i am not getting depressed again, those days are over (many thanks to Moonspinner). But for some reason, i started to write this. Maybe i'm being possessed. OH! i just had a great story idea....Anyway, this is during the stage where Jake is ignoring Bella (stupid mongrel). She decides she wants to feel a new pain. Warning: This story may not end well. My sad stories don't tend to have happy endings...well actually, some of my less sad stories don't either. My random ones do but the rest don't often.

11. Seasons pass

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Eight years later

"Mum, why do I have to dress up?" brook asked me from behind her Chinese changing screen.

"Because, Aro told us we're having visitors and he wants all of us to dress nicely," I told her. My daughter had grown into a beautiful young lady in next to no time. She had developed an interesting gift. She could heal anything, including burnt vampires. She could also boost any vampire's powers for short amounts of time, so she could make Aro be able to read minds from a distance for a short period of time if she chose to. My powers had increased too; I could shield other vampires and push my shield away for short times.

"Can't I wear my skirt?"

"No, you're wearing this dress" I told her. There was a knock at the door.

"Come in" I said.

"Hey honey" said Felix "How are you doing getting Brook

"Very badly" Jane came in.

"She gets to wear a skirt!" Brook exclaimed, peeking out from behind the screen.

"Ahh! Anything for a quiet life! Fine! Wear these!" I handed her a black top that could pass as presentable and a denim skirt. I was wearing a black dress with a black sash around it.

"You look gorgeous," said Felix to me.

"Do I?" asked Brook, coming out.

"Of course" we laughed. My perfect family.

Edward's POV

"You are coming with us Edward! Carlisle wants to see Aro and you need to get out of the house," demanded Alice.

"I haven't packed Alice," I said, weakly. She held out a suitcase.

"Get in the damn car Edward" Alice said.

"Fine, but I don't see why I should have to go to Italy" I got in the car. I was thinking about Bella again. Ever since Alice, Jasper and I had gone to Forks and seen Charlie last year, she was more dominant in my thoughts then ever. Because Charlie had told us...that, she'd disappeared seven years before then. And a kitchen knife was also missing. It wasn't a long stay.

"I miss her too Edward. And I know you want to go and get yourself killed but you've torn our family enough already" she said. I would have gone straight to Italy at that point if Jasper hadn't made me go numb.

"This will be good for you Edward, a chance to stretch your legs a bit. You haven't left here except to hunt. Come on!" said Emmett. I picked up my Ipod. Music was my life distraction.

The plane ride didn't captivate my attention. We landed in Italy and drove to Volterra. We reached the Volturi base.

"Hello?" said the human assistant.

"Oh, hello. We have an appointment to meet Aro"

"He'll be up in a second" the lift doors slid open.

"Carlisle my old friend! And you brought the entire family!" he said.

"We've had a rough couple of years, we needed a trip"

"Oh well, we've had a good few years. We have achieved two new members to our group, and you remember Felix?" he said, leading us into the lift.


"He's got married"

"Wow. That's...good" the doors opened again.

"We have assembled quite a congregation in your honour" a girl, who looked about seventeen, skipped past.

"Bella" I said. She looked at me.

"Sorry. No" she looked like Bella. She had Bella's eyes and hair.

"Oh, Edward, I see you've met Brook. She is a very useful attribute to our family"

"What exactly is she?"

"She's half vampire, half human,"

"I didn't know that was possible," said Carlisle.

"Neither did we! Anyway, Brook dear, is your mother coming?"

"Yep! Mum and dad are just coming. I was just looking for Alec"

"Did I hear my name?" Alec appeared.

"Oh, there you are! Jane sent me to get you"

"Okay. I'll go see what she wants"

"I'll come too"

"No, Brook. Wait. Your family are here"

"Carlisle, this is Felix's wife Lykell. Lykell, Brook, this is Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Edward, jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie Cullen" I turned. Oh my god.