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I just want to DIE!

Should I die, I don't think anyone would actually care. My name is Bella Swan and I want to die. I live with my dad in a town called Forks and I want to die. I had a boyfriend who was a vampire but he left me and now I want to die. My best friend Jacob has abandoned me for a cult and now I want to die. Did I forget anything? Oh yes, I want to die because my life sucks. This story is incredibly depressing and i have no idea why i wrote it. Don't read, save your sanity

I was bored. No i am not getting depressed again, those days are over (many thanks to Moonspinner). But for some reason, i started to write this. Maybe i'm being possessed. OH! i just had a great story idea....Anyway, this is during the stage where Jake is ignoring Bella (stupid mongrel). She decides she wants to feel a new pain. Warning: This story may not end well. My sad stories don't tend to have happy endings...well actually, some of my less sad stories don't either. My random ones do but the rest don't often.

6. What once lived

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A week later, we were in Italy, in a semi-empty chamber with a single, milky-eyed vampire sitting in the throne in front of us.

"And now, we present Father Lupine, the last surviving werewolf and his daughter Lykell" announced one of the guard.

"Lupine, my friend. It's been to long"

"The pleasure is all mine Aro. This is the newest addition to my family, Lykell. I think she would be perfect for your request"

"Well, Felix is to be the judge of that. He is the one who will be caring for her" a burly, muscular man stepped forward. He had a cocky grin on his face, as he looked me up and down. I felt like a horse being put up for sale.

"She's gorgeous. She's perfect for me Aro," he said, looking at the man in the throne.

"Thank you. I believe I should leave, Caius might not be please to see me around"

"Yes. Perhaps, one of your other children should stay here to help Lykell get settled?"

"Certainly, however will this child be returning to me once more?"

"It depends whether you can spare one or not"

"Well you know it hurts me to part with any of my children for too long but I believe I could...if Lykell insists" I looked at my friends. I couldn't condemn them here to this sunless palace.

"No. I'll be fine on my own"

"Well then, children, say goodbye to your sister and we shall leave" Faolan approached me first. He hugged me awkwardly.

"Bye Lykell"

"Bye Faolan" Shenria hugged me next and Jemima. Calder and Archer gave me identical grins and waves. Bo, Kik and Kuk just waved uncertainly from a distance.

"Bye" they left the chamber. I was left, standing uncertainly in a crowd of menacing looking vampires. I wondered if it was a tradition to just ‘buy' girls to be brides. The one called Aro touched my arm, in what he must have imagined as a reassuring gesture.

"It'll be okay" then his brow furrowed "Curious. I can't seem to...never mind. Felix, take Lykell to her room. We must prepare soon" Felix, put a hand on my shoulder and nudged me out of the room.

"I'm perfectly capable of walking without assistance," I said after about a minute of him practically pushing me along.

"I'm merely making sure you don't try and run off. Not that it would do you any good"

"Why me?" I muttered under my breath.

"You're attractive," he said.


"You asked why you, I answered"

"Oh...that was a rhetorical question actually"

"Right. Well, this is your room" he opened a door and I gasped. It was beautiful. Ornately decorated with a huge four-poster bed. Too big for just me, surely? Oh god. Please no.

"Not yet" he muttered.

"Well...thanks. Felix"

"That's okay Lykell" it was strange, the way he said my name. Like he was savouring something delicious. Frankly, it scared me. I sat on the four-poster. He left the room.

A while later there was a light rap on the door.

"Aro reminded us that while you're still human, you need to eat so I brought you this" the figure was tiny, smaller then...Alice had been. Her red eyes shone in the half-light and she was holding a plate of something.


"I'm Jane," she said.


"Well, I've got to look after you until the day so I suppose it's a good thing to be on first name terms"

"Why? Why do you have to look after me?"

"Felix is reckless. I think Aro is worried he'll do something to you before your turned. So he's not allowed to be around you on his own until then"

"Okay" this was my new life? Being stuck in a hole with a reckless vampire for a fiancée.