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This Phenomenon

He leaned over. As he did, Bella’s body began to shake violently and her hearted pounded. The absolute strangest desire was gripping her. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t understand it. She wanted to give in to it so badly. She wanted to kill him. Banner

Inspired by this song- Down, Here comes the sound, Everyone pound your feet to this Phenomenon. Now, Lets make it loud, Let me show ‘em all how, You move to this Phenomenon. Roll, Open your soul, Maybe loose control, Inside of this Phenomenon. Just let yourself go. And let everyone know, You move to this Phenomenon. -Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch

1. Chapter 1 - Changes

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Chapter 1

Bella put her head in her hands and bit her lip. She could feel the concerned gazes of Alice, Edward, Angela, and Mike boring into her back. Nervously, she looked up and met their eyes, one at a time.

“You’re sure you feel fine?” Mike asked raising his eyebrow.

“Yeah, Yeah. I’m fine.” She insisted frowning. Bella knew she was a horrible liar.

Angela reached over the lunch table and placed her hand on Bella’s forehead. “Jeez Bella! You’re burning up!”

“Maybe you should go to the nurse?” Alice suggested.

Bella shook her head. “No Alice, I feel fine! Really!”

At least that wasn’t a total lie. It was true, Bella didn’t feel sick. However, she certainly didn’t feel ‘Ok’.

Edward frowned at her and looked frustrated. “Bella you have a fever. I’ll take you home myself if you’d like.”

“No! I’m not sick!” Bella complained, “If I throw up or pass out then you can take me home.”

Bella couldn’t understand what was happening. She had felt fine this morning. Everything had started off normally. She had woken up and Edward left while she got ready for school. She had breakfast, but had eaten it ravenously. She decided that her hunger was caused by her small dinner the previous night. After breakfast Edward came and picked her up and they drove school. It was then, when she was in the car with Alice and Edward, that it began.

There had been nothing unusual about the conversation they were having. Although she couldn’t understand what it was, Bella had censed some kind of change. Not a change in Edward and Alice, but a change in herself.

Something was horribly wrong.

It wasn’t until 3rd hour that Edward noticed the bizarre change in Bella’s temperature. The strangest thing was that Bella didn’t feel any hotter. Somehow she just was.

After 4th hour Bella began to stiffen whenever Alice or Edward came close to her.

It was at 5th hour when Alice had suddenly turned in her seat and shot a horrified glance at Bella. Edward had stiffened at Bella’s side. Bella knew that Alice and Edward were having some kind of mental conversation. Bella later learned that her future had suddenly vanished.

She had blown it off. Saying that “Jake was probably messing around or something.”

Now, however, as she sat in lunch with her friends around her, Bella felt an aching fear inside her. Something was horribly wrong with her.

Edward leaned in and Bella went rigid. Out of nowhere an aching pain shot through her stomach. She had to clench her teeth to keep from gasping.

“Bella what’s wrong?” Edward whispered softly. He blinked at her, his honey brown eyes sparkling.

“Nothing.” Bella muttered looking away from his beautiful face.

He frowned. “Did I do something wrong?”

“NO!” Bella said a little too loudly, “It’s nothing, Edward. I promise!”

He made a face and didn’t look very convinced. He was about to say something when the bell rang.

She sighed with relief. Saved by the bell!

“Come on Edward, we’re going to be late for Biology.” she said. She tried to stand up, but she tripped and he caught her.

She shot him an apologetic look. “Thanks. I‘m such a klutz.”

He rolled his eyes. “You should be more careful, love. You’re a danger to yourself.”

“Pft! I laugh in the face of danger!” She tried to joke, but there something hollow about it. It scared her.

Edward didn’t seem to notice. He kissed her on the forehead and took hold of her hand. He began pulling her along faster then she was able to go without tripping. She just went limp and let him drag her to class.

They arrived in biology long before the bell rang. The pair settled themselves into their lab table, located by the window. Bella took the seat closest to the isle and Edward sat near the window.

The teacher arrived and began the class. It wasn’t long before the strange pain in her stomach came back. Bella bit her lip so hard it began to bleed. Edward’s jaw tightened a little next to her, but he seemed to be fine. He shot her a concerned look and mouthed “Are you ok?”

Bella gave him a small nod but didn’t let up the pressure she was putting on her lip. The pain was racking her body. She didn’t know how much longer she could handle it. Her lips parted and she was about to let out a scream. Then without warning, it stopped.

Bella blinked in confusion. Edward stared at her eyes wide. He leaned over. As he did, Bella’s body began to shake violently and her hearted pounded. The absolute strangest desire was gripping her. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t understand it. She wanted to give in to it so badly. She wanted to kill him. She wanted to kill her Edward. Her love, her life. She wanted to kill him!

No, No, No, Noo! This can not be happening. This had to be some kind of awful nightmare! Bella begged her self to wake up.

She had to get out of there. Fast.

“Excuse me sir, sorry to interrupt, but I feel really sick. May I please go to the Nurse?” Bella asked trying to keep the desperation out of her voice.

“Of course! Edward, why don’t you take Bella down to the Nurse?”

NO! NO! NO! Bella was on the verge of panic. Without waiting for Edward she rushed out of the classroom as fast as she possibly could with go without falling. She was aware that Edward was a few paces behind her.

“Bella, love, slow down! You’re sick!” Edward called trying to sooth her.

Bella spun around to face him. Her eyes frantic. “Edward, please go back to classroom and tell the teacher I made it to the Nurse alright.”

“Sure, after I get you there.”

“No Edward, I’m not going to the Nurse. I’m going home.”

“Alright, I’ll drive you.” He said crossing his arms.

“Edward, you have to go back to class.”

“Why? Please, don’t tell me your concerned about my grades.”

“Edward. I want to go alone.” Bella insisted. Her body was still shaking uncontrollably.

“Bella! I’m not leaving until I’m sure your safe. I want to help you!” Edward protested.

“The best thing you can do for me right now is stay as far away from me as possible!” She practically screamed.

Edwards topaz eyes clouded for a moment. “Alright Bella. I’ll come over to your house later tonight.” He backed away slowly, their eyes locked, before turning and walking back towards the classroom.

Bella hurried to Edward’s car. She pulled out the spare keys Edward had given her from her bag. She climbed into the car and practically collapsed in the seat. She burst into tears and pressed her head against the steering wheel. Bella stayed like that for a long time. Finally her tears stopped.

“Must of ran out.” She muttered quietly to herself.

She didn’t know how long she had been crying. She put the key’s in the ignition and drove home a little faster then she was comfortable with.

The moment she walked through her door was the moment her life changed forever. The pain in her stomach was back. It was getting worse too. It was taking over her. She couldn’t control herself any longer. She shut her eyes and screamed at the top of her lungs.

After that, a lot of things happened at once. One, Bella felt as if she exploded. Two, She tripped and stumbled backward. Three, she fell into the living room mirror sending pieces of shattered glass flying everywhere.

Bella laid on the floor with the glass. She waited for a moment, anticipating and dreading the smell of her blood. After a few moments she realized that it wasn’t coming. She blinked one eye open and made a gasping sound.

The mirror was smashed around her in huge pieces. She glanced into one. She nearly died when she saw her reflection. This is not possible.

But then again, it was. It had to be. Everything made more since now.

Bella was sure of two things.

One. She couldn’t stay in Forks anymore. She had to go somewhere else. Somewhere where she wouldn’t be a danger to Charlie and even more so, the Cullens.

Two. She couldn’t say goodbye. The Cullens would surely try to convince her to stay. They would try to tell her it was safe. But it wasn’t. She had scene this first hand. It would not be safe for her to stay. She wasn’t a danger to only herself anymore.

Bella took one last glance at the reflection in the shattered mirror. It wasn’t her own. It was one of a massive, brown Siberian tiger.

Bella was a shape-shifter.