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This Phenomenon

He leaned over. As he did, Bella’s body began to shake violently and her hearted pounded. The absolute strangest desire was gripping her. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t understand it. She wanted to give in to it so badly. She wanted to kill him. Banner

Inspired by this song- Down, Here comes the sound, Everyone pound your feet to this Phenomenon. Now, Lets make it loud, Let me show ‘em all how, You move to this Phenomenon. Roll, Open your soul, Maybe loose control, Inside of this Phenomenon. Just let yourself go. And let everyone know, You move to this Phenomenon. -Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch

2. Chapter 2 ~ Newbie

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Chapter 2://

Bella dashed up to her room. She was still in tiger form. Honestly she didn’t know how to get out of tiger form. She paused in the doorway and Edward’s scent filled her nose. To her surprise Edward smelled the same as before. It was just a lot stronger now. She pondered why this might be for a while. She shrugged it off, she had bigger issues to worry about.

First things first. Get the heck out of tiger form!

To Bella’s surprise, just by thinking about it her body shook once and she was human again.

Well that was easy.

Bella decided not to put her clothes back on. She was going to set out as soon as she was done here anyway. What was the fastest way to run away? As a shape shifter of course! Jake and the pack were fast enough to out-run vampires!

Looking through her closest, Bella found a decent sized string bag. She stuffed as many clothes as she could into it. She chose to bring mostly shorts and T-shirts. Thanks to her new body temperature, Bella never had to worry about the cold again. When she was finished she placed the string bag on her bag and gathered up a few more items. Her cell phone, toothbrush, her favorite book; Withering Heights, the CD Edward had given her for her birthday, her engagement ring, the bracelet Jacob had made her, the crystal heart Edward had given her, and a box of granola bars (She was really hungry). She skipped over her sneakers, remembering how many pairs Jake had gone through.

Ok, I think I’m ready.

On her way out the door Bella grabbed a pen and pencil. She quickly jotted down-


I’m so sorry I had to leave like this. I wasn’t planning on it. Please don’t come looking for me. Maybe one day I’ll be able to come back to you. Look after Charlie for me. Tell the others I’ll miss them. I love you.


It took Bella a moment to realize she was crying. She quickly left the note on her pillow before she changed her mind. Takeing a deep breath she let her mind drift back to being a shape shifter. She told her mind what she wanted. Just like that she exploded out of her human form and became a massive tiger.

Since she wasn’t so darn scared this time, it was a lot cooler. Before she knew it, Bella was charging out of her house and into the woods, leaving her old life behind her.

Good Bye Edward. She thought sadly.

It was raining, like usual. Bella didn’t mind however, as she was enjoying her newfound grace and speed. It felt effortless as her paws carried her faster and faster through the trees. She didn’t know how long she had been running, but she knew that if she didn’t do something to hide her trail Edward (as pathetic of a tracker he was) would be able to find her.

She slowed down a little and looked around the forest. She spotted a small creek nearby.

Ah Ha! That’s perfect!

Bella bounded over and plunged in. She was surprised that she liked the feeling of the water on her fur.

Weren’t cats supposed to hate water?

She searched her mind trying to come up with a explanation. Suddenly she recalled the zoo she had visited in Arizona with her mother. The tiger enclosure had a pond in it.

Hmm, tigers must like water.

She doggy paddled across the creek and on to the other side. Once there, she leaped out and shook the excess water from her fur.

There’s no way they can find me now!

Confident in her little escape Bella did a few celebratory bounces. She saw a few birds eye her from a nearby tree.

Whoops, I guess giant wild cats don’t do celebratory bounces.

Bella straightened herself up and tried to look as big as possible. She sent a low growl in the direction of the birds, to show them she meant business, before striding off in the other direction.

To be honest Bella didn’t know where she was going. That’s when the awful truth hit her. She was lost without Edward. Here she was alone in the woods with only her newfound ability to help her. God, she’d been away from him for a few hours and she missed him already!

He was probably at her house by now. Oh, poor Edward was probably panicking. He was probably franticly calling Alice and the others to come looking for her. But they wouldn’t find her.

Bella walked quietly through the woods her tail down. Her paws dragged. All the energy was gone from her body. Gosh, she had been through a lot today.

Maybe I should rest? Just for a little while…

Bella changed back into her human form and pulled off her backpack. She found the one pair of pajamas she had packed and pulled them on. She looked around for a place to stay the night. I didn’t take long. She found the perfect spot inside a hollow tree. It was nice and dry inside. Yawning, Bella curled up into a ball and fell asleep.

The next morning was bright and sunny for a change. Bella crawled out of her shelter and stretched. She opened her bag and pulled out one of her granola bars. She sat cross-legged on the forest floor, chewing and thinking. She had no clue where she was and no idea where she was going.

Man, I wish I’d remembered to bring a map!

Bella took off her pajamas and placed them back in her bag. She swung the bag back into its place on her back. She was excited at the idea of getting to throw her weight around. She leaped eagerly into the air and exploded into her tiger form. Her paws hit the ground with a thud and she was off and running at full speed.

She ran for a little while, just enjoying the wind in her fur. Suddenly a delicious scent hit her nose. She frozen in mid-stride and peered around carefully. The she saw them. A herd of deer on the edge of a nearby by clearing.

Bella completely abandoned her running and crept over to the side of the clearing. She was in hunting mode, completely reliant on instinct. She singled out a small deer, it appeared to be sickly, an easy target.

A low growl rumbled in her throat. She took a pace forward, about to spring from her hiding place in the shadowy trees. When- BAM.

A large figure crashed into her sending her tumbling backwards. Bella let out a loud roar of surprise. This made the deer aware of her presence and they all took off across the clearing.

Who gave you permission to hunt here? On our territory? A voice snapped at her.

Bella glanced up to see a huge leopard standing over her, snarling. For a moment Bella forgot that she was a humongous tiger and that she was capable of defending herself.

Oh, Uh, I didn’t know this was your territory! I’m sorry! I was just, uh, passing through!

The leopard seemed to roll her eyes. Jeez your almost as incoherent as Alli. I suppose you didn’t have anyway of knowing it was our territory. You’re a shape-shifter too obviously.

Bella nodded.

How long have you been a shifter? The leopard questioned.

About a day. Bella answered honestly.

Oh lord. A newbie. Listen, you need to come with me. The leopard stepped back giving Bella room to get up.

Bella scrambled to her paws. Where are we going?

To meet my pride. The leopard answered flicking her tail. She began trotting off into the woods. Bella danced a few paces and caught up to her.

What’s your name? The other shape shifter asked.

Bella. And yours?

I’m Phyus. It’s nice to meet you Bella. The leopard answered, sounding a little more friendly then before.

Phyus is a pretty name. What does it mean?

Gosh, I don’t know! I made it up! Phyus laughed mentally.

You named yourself? Bella blinked in surprise.

I was born, and lived my whole life on the streets as an orphan. Phyus admitted.

Oh wow. I’m sorry.

Well thanks to Luna, I have a family now. Sheseemed to swell with pride at the word family.

Your pride? Bella asked.

Well, not really a pride. We’re not all cats. But we are all shape shifters. You’ll see.

They walked for a little before Phyus lead Bella through a row of pine trees. At the end of the little path was a large pond with sparkling water. At the far end of the pond was a waterfall. Bella gaped at its beauty for a for a few moments.

Phyus noticed her expression and laughed. Haha. You like it?

Its amazing! You live here? Bella asked in awe.

Behind the waterfall is a pretty big cave. Phyus explained. We stay there. Come on, I want you to meet my friends.

Bella followed Phyus over to the waterfall. They climbed up the rocks and into the cave. Bella’s eyes adjusted quickly to the dark space.

Holy Crap Phyus! What’d you bring home this time? A voice with a Australian accent exclaimed.

Bella searched the cavern for a moment, before spotting a red dog like creature. It trotted up to them and sat down in front of them. Now that it was closer Bella could have a better look at it. It was smaller and shaped differently then a wolf, but it looked just as fierce.

A tiger! Wow! She exclaimed leaning forward to get a closer look at Bella.

Bella leaned away awkwardly.

Phyus shot an apologetic look at Bella before turning her gaze to the dog.

This, is Alli. She’s a dingo. Please excuse her rude behavior. She has issues. Phyus growled.

I do not have issues! Alli exclaimed leaping to her feet and letting out a loud bark. She turned to look at Bella.

Bella was relived to see the warm and friendly look in her eyes.

Yeah, so I’m Alli! Who are you?

I’m Bella. I’m kind of new at the shape shifter thing. Only been at it for a day.

Oh I remember my first day! Scary as heck isn’t it? Alli remarked in a happy tone.

Hey who’s having a party in here and why didn’t I get invited!? A booming voice demanded.

Bella turned to see a huge, golden colored grizzly bear thunder his way across the cavern to join them.

This is Kellan. Phyus introduced. He’s my empty headed boyfriend. He was an actor before he became one of us. Perhaps you’ve heard of him?

I racked my brain for movies.

Uhh, Kellan Lutz? From Stick it?

That’s me! Kellan roared proudly.

Bella grinned. It’s nice to meet you. She turned to Alli. Both of you.

It’s nice to meet you too Bella. A soft voice spoke out.

Turning Bella saw a sliver-gray lioness sitting near the entrance. Her fur reflected the water. My name is Luna, and I’m the leader of this little pride.