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This Phenomenon

He leaned over. As he did, Bella’s body began to shake violently and her hearted pounded. The absolute strangest desire was gripping her. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t understand it. She wanted to give in to it so badly. She wanted to kill him. Banner

Inspired by this song- Down, Here comes the sound, Everyone pound your feet to this Phenomenon. Now, Lets make it loud, Let me show ‘em all how, You move to this Phenomenon. Roll, Open your soul, Maybe loose control, Inside of this Phenomenon. Just let yourself go. And let everyone know, You move to this Phenomenon. -Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch

3. Chapter 3 / Pasts

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Chapter 3-

“BELLA!” The scream made Bella jerk upright from her slumber.

“Wha?” She asked, only half coherent.

“Wake up! We’re going to be in New York in half an hour!” Alli’s excited voice squealed. “We just have to go to the museums in the city!”

Bella sighed tiredly. Alli always got psyched up over trips. She didn’t seem to understand that Bella was already exhausted from yesterday’s tour of DC. Then again, she couldn’t help but enjoy her friend’s enthusiasm over the road trip. Living in a cave was hardly the most entertaining of all life styles and a few weeks on the road cheered everyone’s spirits.

Bella stretched and sat up in the back seat of the van. “Yeah, Yeah. I’m up.”

The van the pride had rented was old and a bit cramped for the shape shifters. But, they were making due. Luna was driving the van. Her light blonde hair was long and wavy, it moved softly back and forth as she drove. In the passenger seat next to her, was Alli, who had her whole body turned around to look at Bella. Alli’s short golden brown hair framed her grinning face, making her green eyes sparkle. In the two seats in front of Bella were Kellan and Phyus. Phyus’s long dark brown hair was in her face as she leapt soundly. Kellan was asleep also, his spiky blonde hair was a ruffled mess as usual.

Bella sat alone in the back seat. She yawned and pushed away sleep. “Finally!” Alli commented. “I thought you were going to sleep forever! Would you wake up Phyus and Kellan for me?”

Laughter erupted from Bella’s mouth. “I’ll wake up Phyus, but your waking up Kellan.”

Alli’s eyes widened. “No fair! It’s your turn!”

Bella snorted. “I suppose it is.” She leaned foreword and tapped Kellan on the shoulder. “Kellan wake up.”

“WHAT?!” Kellan’s eyes shot open and he tried to leap from his seat. His seatbelt however, held him back and he crashed back into his spot. The whole car shook for a moment and Luna lost the control of the car sending them flying into the other lane.

“KELLAN!” Luna hissed through her clenched teeth. She regained control of the car and steered back into the correct lane.

Bella chuckled. Only Kellan could make quiet Luna brake into a rage like that. He was quite the handful. Constantly praying pranks on the pride and being his loud mouthed self. One might think he was childish. He kind of reminded Bella of Emmett…

No don’t do that Bella!

She scolded herself. You can’t let yourself slip like that.

Bella had been living with the pride for twenty eight years now. Of course, as a shape shifter she was still technically eighteen. Kellan was twenty four, Phyus was twenty, Luna was twenty three, and Alli was sixteen.

As much as she loved her new family, Bella still longed to see her old one. She missed Alice and all her antics, she missed Jasper’s understanding, Emmett’s bear hugs, even Rosalie’s humor of all things. And Edward, she missed him more and more everyday. Even when she thought it wasn’t possible to miss him anymore then she already did. She couldn’t help but wonder where everyone was now. Her heart lurched and she prayed for the millionth time in her life that Edward had not been so crushed by her departure that he had gone back to Italy.

She knew that returning to him and the others however, would be impossible. There was no way she could have the control to stand in the same room as a vampire. Especially one of the Cullens. If she lost control, if she just slipped up a bit, she might attack. And the thought of hurting them, was unbearable.

Bella forced the sad thoughts from her mind and focused on Kellan who was laughing and teasing Phyus, who had woken up in Kellan’s mayhem.

“Jesus Kellan!” Phyus was scolding him. “You could have caused an accident! You know humans are a bit more breakable then us!”

He laughed loudly. “Luna’s a great driver! She wouldn’t hit anyone right?” He prompted the pride leader.

“Let’s just say your lucky I have good reflexes.” Luna stated in a quiet tone.

Always so serious. That was Luna’s way. She was so mysterious too. Everyone else had shared their pasts with the pride. Phyus had been born on the streets and abandoned by her mother at the age of three. Somehow, she had managed to survive her whole life up until the age of twenty when she discovered she was a shape-shifter. Luna had found her wandering the streets of Seattle in 1985 as a leopard. Of course Luna realized that Phyus was a shape-shifter and they went on to discover the cave in which the pride called home.

Alli was born in Australia in 1986 and moved to the U.S at the age of 13. Three years later, she was on her way home from a movie with her parents and younger sister, when they were struck by a drunk driver. Everyone but Alli and the drunk driver passed way, who got away with only a few scratches. Alli was so frightened and sad that she ran from the scene before anyone arrived to see the damage. It was then, in the forests of Washington that she discovered that she wasn’t human, but a shape shifter. She met Luna and Phyus by chance, when she wandered onto their territory accidentally. They took the horrified teen under their wing. Alli had sworn if she ever saw the drunk man who struck her car that night, that she would rip him to shreds.

Kellan had just finished a filming a movie for the day, when he started experiencing strange events. He had gone back to his apartment where he underwent his first transformation. The next day he had gone to his job and told the director of the movie “Twilight” that he could no longer film the movie. Discouraged by this, the other actors quit as well and the movie was cancelled. Kellan sold his apartment and left all his family and friends. Out of fear that he might hurt someone he hid out in the Washington wilderness. Phyus found him, a grizzly, in a river one day attempting (and failing) to catch fish. She offered to help him and the two had been inseparable ever since.

Luna’s past however remained a secret to the pride. Whenever they asked about it she would say that the past is the past and that she didn’t like to dwell on it.

It wasn’t like Bella had told the pride her story, however. She had only told them that after her first transformation, she left her family and boyfriend. Not long after that she had stumbled upon Phyus in the woods. She had failed to tell them that her boyfriend was not her boyfriend, but her fiancé. She also hadn’t mentioned the fact that he and his family were bloodsucking vampires.

But how could she tell a family of shape shifters that she had been, and frankly still was, passionately in love with a vampire? It was beyond her, and she was glad that none of her family pressed her for more info.

“Everyone. I want you to listen for a moment.” Luna said after a few moments of silence.

The pride quieted down and leaned in to hear her. “I was thinking. That maybe we should stay in New York for awhile. There are plenty of forests and mountains there. It would be a change, but I think it would be a welcomed one.”

Bella sucked in a breath. Move to New York? She had lived in Washington for years now. It had been her home. Could she possibly leave something like that?

“I think that sounds fun!” Alli offered before anyone could answer. “We’ve been in Washington for a long time! It would be cool to live somewhere else for awhile.”

“Yeah, I think I’d like that.” Kellan agreed.

“I go wherever he goes.” Phyus laughed.

“Bella?” Luna asked waiting for her opinion.

“I go wherever my family goes.” Bella said quietly. They’re all I have.