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A future beholds

This is my story of breaking dawn. Bella has a twist to her little nudger. Instead of having a wonderful baby girl, Renesmee Carlie Cullen. They have a boy. Ej Dawn Masen Cullen. Their son has a gift they cant even explain how Ej got his gift. With his father as a mind reader, and his mother a sheild, how did he get his gift? Maybe he got it from his aunty Alice?! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!
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1. My painful awake

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I felt the venom run through my vains to my heart. How long was I here? I had my eyes close, duh. But I didnt think I was dead. I knew I was having what I always wanted. To be a vampire. But wheres my little nudger where is it? I keep thinking about my little nudger, while Im burning inside. I still feel the venom running through me, and it was coming to an end. I could feel the coolness as it took over my body, and my heart finally stoped.

"Carlisle, I think its over, her heart stopped." Edward, I think, called. "Bella, are you awake? Love?" He asked me in a nice velvety voice. I opened my eye's slowly to see him staring straight at me.

"Mmm." I said, I felt exhausted.

I sat up and looked around, Carlisle's office. Why was I here again? My little nudger! I threw my hands to my stomach feeling it all around. I was starting to panic. I looked at Edward. Like a where is it? kinda look.

"Love, calm down, he alright, he's fine." He told me, I was so shocked. He? I thought it was a she?

"He?" I asked him. "We have a son?!" I asked him.

"Yes, and I guess his name is Ej," He smiled. How happy he was, a son. I smiled to. And soon after, I felt this burning sensation in my throat. It burned.

"Thirsty?" He asked me teasingly. I smirked. "Lets go hunting?" But what about Ej?

"Cant I see him first?" I asked. I could handle my own son right? He looked at me and frowned.

"We should go hunting first love, he is half human babe."

I frowned. Man, I cant see my son till I go hunting! Take it or leave it Bella. Kay I'll go hunting.

"Fine, but I want to see him after, ASAP." I said sort of demanding.

Edward rolled his eyes, and smiled.

"Your still stubborn huh?" He said in a playful voice.

"I havent changed babe," I told him. I didnt right? I had my hair and my eye's I had my eyesn right?

He shook his head with dissapointment. What is wrong with me?

"You changed completly love, your eye's, they arent brown, your smell, you dont smell like floral, and your blush, I cant tell when you lie, and your clumsyness. You cant fall now." He said in one breath. that really must suck for him. He smiled though. I walked up to him and kissed him.

But there was a shock. We were warm against each other. I didnt care though. He was all I ever wanted. We kept on kissing, and then two chimes of bells laughed. I stopped kissing Edward, and saw Alice. She was laughing with a baby boy in her hands. Ej! I smiled. I was about to run up to him but two hands wound around my waist. I rolled my eye's.

"Edward!" I whined.

"Bella!" He whined back sarcasticly. "I told you, you cant hold him till we hunt."

"But I cant even hold him? I can handle! Honest!" I said pleading. I looked at Ej, he was perfect. He had bronze hair, my eye's. And he looked exactly like Edward. A mini me of Edward!

"Fine lets go hunting so I can hold our gorgeous son." I looked at Edward, then at Ej, he smiled, his white pearled teeth.

"Lets go before Ej changes his mind." Edward said. Change his mind? Huh?

"What are you talking about Change his mind.

"How bout I tell you later so you can find out later."

"Okay lets go! Now Im really thirsty!" I whined.

Without a word, Edward picked me up in his arms and jumped out the window.