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After the Rain

RainLet the rain kiss you.Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.Let the rain sing you a lullaby~Langston Hughes*************************"I missed Edward, I missed him like the flowers miss the rain. Jacob was my sun, Edward was my rain. I needed them both to survive..."Will he let her go and grieve her for the rest of his life, or will he allow her to spend the rest of existance by his side? He has to make a decision, it all lies on his shoulders... and this time it's not Edward's choice. Decisions have been made that will alter the path of New Moon. What will Bella do now that she has found the truth? Alliances have been changed. This a a twist on "New Moon" Disclaimer: I am not, nor ever will be the Stephenie Meyer who shared her beautiful characters with us. They solely belong to her. Cheers!

This story picks up during Chapter 8 of “New Moon” (after the middle of page 193 to be exact). The morning just after Bella and Jacob went for her first ride on the motorcycle and she falls and cuts her head open. This is my version of what would/could have happened if Bella had a few things altered in her story. Enjoy!

1. Chapter 1 - Rainbow

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I’m not sure what woke me up from my nightmare, the headache from the previous nights catastrophe, or the very rare morning dawn sunlight that crept through my window and viciously hit me in the eyes. Either way, I was now awake and I could feel my swollen eyes fighting against their will to open. Swollen eyes and a headache, that’s what happens when you cry yourself to sleep and then delve into the nightmare of complete nothingness that leaves you feeling utterly desolate from ‘the one that no longer exists’.

It will be as if I never existed.

How foolish he was to think that was possible. I closed my eyes and remembered the velvet voice that rang in my ears last night, just before I recklessly bolted forward on my bike and predictably added another battle scar to my ever wounded head.

Go home to Charlie, the musical voice had demanded.

I guess the thought that he actually still cared for me was one of the reasons I welcomed the voice, even though it questioned my sanity.

I frowned.

Renee would surely send me to the psych ward if she had even the slightest inkling I was hearing voices.

Actually, just one voice.

But nevertheless, Renee tended to over exaggerate even the slightest of things. Thinking of Renee, I decided to check my email knowing it had been a good two weeks since I last booted up the ancient piece of technology. She would surely jump on the next flight from Jacksonville and come knocking on my door if she couldn’t get ahold of me soon.

I sat up slowly on the edge of the bed, using my hands to grip each side, knowing full well my balance has always cursed me, especially in the morning hours when I’ve yet to fully awaken. At this rate, Charlie was bound to get a call from the insurance company demanding they raise his deductible.

As I stood up and stumbled my way to the dusty desk across the room, a loose floorboard made an ear splitting creak as my full weight tested its durability. Instinct sent my eyes to the squeaky board and as my foot left the aged wood, the sunlight beaming down onto the floor sent a reflection of rainbow light up toward the ceiling.

I stopped and stared at the floorboard. The furrow in my forehead appeared, along with my curiosity, as my eyes focused on the product of the shiny rainbow light.

I bent down to examine the object hidden below and hit my nose on the wood as I peeked into the crack. Rubbing my nose until it stopped tingling; I jumped to my feet and made my way to the closet in the hallway just outside the bathroom.

Flinging the door open, it hit the adjacent wall as I fumbled through the plastic container which held various household tools for such a time as this, and pulled out what I was looking for. The rusted flathead screwdriver that looked like it could save my life, if needed. I practically ran back to my room and dove toward the mysterious floorboard.

Wedging the screwdriver under the largest crack, I gave the handle a good shove and the nails groaned in protest. I carefully made my way around the board, and after a few good maneuvers with my shaky hands, I manage to free the board. This really would have been a better way of getting the stupid stereo out of my ancient truck when I needed to. The cuts on my fingertips healed eventually, but the pain from clawing it out of the dashboard wasn't nearly as bad as...

I paused for a second before lifting the wood from its resting spot, and for some reason unknown, I knew what lie beneath was going to tear my gaping hole open even more.

I closed my eyes, and sucked in a deep breath as I felt the tears start their steady stream down my pale cheeks. I gently lifted the board and slowly opened my eyes. As the board fell from my hands, I stared into the space that held my lifeline to Edward.

There lay a sliver CD, two pictures which were turned upside-down, two plane tickets, and lastly on top, a folded note, all perfectly placed in the small dark hole.

That’s when the shaking started, and the uncontrollable sobs broke free from my trembling lips. Still sitting on my knees, my head dropped, and I buried my face in my hands releasing all I had held in for the last several pain-filled months.

The hole was now torn wide open, and this time, I welcomed it.