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After the Rain

RainLet the rain kiss you.Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.Let the rain sing you a lullaby~Langston Hughes*************************"I missed Edward, I missed him like the flowers miss the rain. Jacob was my sun, Edward was my rain. I needed them both to survive..."Will he let her go and grieve her for the rest of his life, or will he allow her to spend the rest of existance by his side? He has to make a decision, it all lies on his shoulders... and this time it's not Edward's choice. Decisions have been made that will alter the path of New Moon. What will Bella do now that she has found the truth? Alliances have been changed. This a a twist on "New Moon" Disclaimer: I am not, nor ever will be the Stephenie Meyer who shared her beautiful characters with us. They solely belong to her. Cheers!

This story picks up during Chapter 8 of “New Moon” (after the middle of page 193 to be exact). The morning just after Bella and Jacob went for her first ride on the motorcycle and she falls and cuts her head open. This is my version of what would/could have happened if Bella had a few things altered in her story. Enjoy!

4. Chapter 4 - Laurent

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I grabbed my duffle that was stowed away under the bed. Dust bunnies scattered about the floor in swirls as I plopped the bag on my bed. I shoved in a few change of clothes, my bathroom bag, pictures, the note, my wallet, and finally a map of Canada. I googled my directions earlier, but figured it would be better to have all the precautions needed.

I flung the bag over my shoulder and headed downstairs. I snatched my coat off the hook and headed out the door, my boots coated with the morning dew.

I tossed my bag in the space behind the bench seat and roared the engine to life.

This was it. I was going to find Edward.

I called Charlie earlier, and he wasn’t too keen on the idea of me going to Alaska. He doubted it was something I needed to do at this very moment in my life. So I used the guilt trick on him. I gave him the ‘I’ve been through a lot the last few months, and could really use a few days to get away. Besides, this is a great way to spend time with Jake and check out the college.’ He really didn’t have much to doubt my choice, other than he was concerned about my head. But I convinced him I was fine and just needed this trip to clear the air.

He reluctantly agreed.

I pulled up to Jakes house and he bounded out the side door with a grin and a backpack slung over his burly shoulder. I swear he gets bigger by the day. Not that I minded looking at his muscular frame underneath his sleeveless tee shirt. He had a smile that lit up the world. It was rare to not see a plastered grin across Jakes bronzed face.

“Hey Bells, you ready for the road trip of your life!” he exclaimed poking his head in the cab and proceeded to stuff his bag in adjoining space behind the seat.

“Absolutely!” I smiled. Oh, if he only knew the true meaning behind those words, both his and mine. I felt a twinge of guilt and it made my heart stutter. The smile fell slightly into a small frown.

“Hey wait here a sec. I’ve gotta grab the cooler. I packed us some munchies for the road. That way we don’t have to spend a bunch of money. And just in case we don’t see someplace to stop along the way,” he sprinted to the garage and emerged with a good sized cooler. He made it look effortless and his muscles flexed as he swung it into the air to place it in the bed of the truck.

He jumped into the cab and rolled down the window as the truck slightly swayed from his massive build. I decided to do the same and cranked my window down about half way.

“There,” he turned to me. “ Let’s get this show on the road!” And he flopped his one arm out the window and gave Big Red a few thumps on the side with his hand. “Hope she can hold out on us,” he chuckled as we barreled toward our mission.

Okay, it was my mission, he was just along for the ride.

“Well at least we have a superb mechanic with us if we should have any mishaps. So how did Billy take it when you told him we were going on a road trip?”, I raised one eyebrow in speculation.

“Ah, he was fine with it,” he waved a hand in the air. “Says, I’m pretty much the size of a 25 year old anyways. And besides, he said if there was anybody Bella would be safe going to Alaska with, that’d be me!” he trust a thumb toward his massive chest.

I smirked.

We chattered away for quite a few hours, not about anything trivial, just the same old conversations. I tried to steer clear of anything pertaining to Sam and his gang.

My exit finally came up that I had been waiting for and I turned onto WA-20. After a few miles, I had to take a small detour to get back to WA-20 and I was on Fort Casey State Park Rd, and that’s when it happened.

It had been raining earlier that day and the road was more slick than usual. The road rounded a bend, and the curve was pretty sharp. The road itself wasn’t very wide for each lane and the gravel shoulder didn’t give much leeway for the turn. An oncoming semi took the turn a bit short coming partially into my lane, causing me to veer to the right. I caught the gravel shoulder with my passenger side tires and caused the truck to spin off the road and come to a stop in the grassy field. I gave the truck some gas and the tires only managed to spit mud up behind us because of the earlier rain.

“Crap. Sorry Jake.” I sighed and leaned forward to rest my head on the steering wheel.

“Well Bells, with you, it could have been worse,” he suppressed a chuckle but I could still hear it in his voice. I glanced at him sideways from the wheel and wrinkled my nose at him.

“Ok Einstein, what are we going to do now?” I questioned him since he didn’t seem at all deterred from our current situation.

“I’m going to push, and you are going to drive!” with a silly grin he leapt out from the truck and moseyed to the back. I looked up into the rearview mirror and he just smiled even bigger.

“Ok Bells, when I say, give her some gas!!”

Oh boy. This is not going to be good.

“Ok, go!!” I gave Big Red a good stomp on the gas and the engine revved and mud flew fiercely several feet from the back of the truck.

I glanced up at Jake and he was dotted with muddy specks across the front of him and throughout his hair. I bounced in laughter at the sight.

“Jake you look hot!” I leaned and yelled out the window.

“Take it all in Bells, I’m a sight for sore eyes! Okay girl, try it again! Maybe not quite so much gas time time, ok, now go!"

Just as I was about to give her another go…

“Here, let me help you! It looks like you could use a hand!” I heard a voice with a slight French accent in the distance across the road.

A familiar voice.

A voice that once caused me to cower back in fear.

I threw myself out the door and came to a halt.

I froze.

I started to tremble and felt my legs start to go soft. Jake flashed a look at me and saw the frightened expression on my face and immediately knew I recognized the newcomer. I sucked in a breath and it staggered out in one word.