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After the Rain

RainLet the rain kiss you.Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.Let the rain sing you a lullaby~Langston Hughes*************************"I missed Edward, I missed him like the flowers miss the rain. Jacob was my sun, Edward was my rain. I needed them both to survive..."Will he let her go and grieve her for the rest of his life, or will he allow her to spend the rest of existance by his side? He has to make a decision, it all lies on his shoulders... and this time it's not Edward's choice. Decisions have been made that will alter the path of New Moon. What will Bella do now that she has found the truth? Alliances have been changed. This a a twist on "New Moon" Disclaimer: I am not, nor ever will be the Stephenie Meyer who shared her beautiful characters with us. They solely belong to her. Cheers!

This story picks up during Chapter 8 of “New Moon” (after the middle of page 193 to be exact). The morning just after Bella and Jacob went for her first ride on the motorcycle and she falls and cuts her head open. This is my version of what would/could have happened if Bella had a few things altered in her story. Enjoy!

6. Chapter 6 - Understanding

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For a while we drove in silence. There wasn’t much I could think of to say to Laurent, and Jacob didn’t make any initiative to speak to me. Every now and then I would glance back at him, but he remained unchanged, staring off into the mossy trees that were blurring by. I couldn’t think of what may have conversed between him and Billy to set him into such a weird state. Usually Jacob was his happy-go-lucky self, unless....unless something happened with that stupid cult of Sam’s. That was the only time I ever saw Jacob act like this. My nerves couldn’t help but tie my stomach into a big knot. Several hours ago I was elated at finding Edward, and now I was running for my life and worrying about my best friend. I sighed rolling the window back up to lean my cheek against the cold glass as a tear escaped. I missed Edward, I missed him like the flowers miss the rain. Jacob was my sun, Edward was my rain. I needed them both to survive. How I quenched for Edward, I wanted to soak up his presence. Ironically, I felt like a dry, withered up, wilting flower. I closed my eyes and pained for Edward to hold me, comfort me. Part of me knew it wouldn’t be long before I would see him. Hopefully we would be reunited before Victoria could get to me. I shuddered at the thought of her name, and Laurent flashed a glance at me.

“You okay?” he questioned as his eyes smoldered. He reached for the thermostat and turned up the heat. If only the fix for my current issue at hand was that easy.

“Yeah, I guess as good as I can be.” I tried to pull a smile to my mouth, but it refused to do so, it came out as a grimace. “Just thinking about what’s going to happen once we do get home, or possibly before we get home,” I looked out the window my voice cracking, giving away my fear.

“Bella, I’ll keep you safe. I promise I won’t let anyone harm you. Do you understand?” Laurent bore into my eyes and I immediately felt trust with him. I didn’t doubt that he would do everything in his power to keep me safe.

“I know., I’m sorry, it’s just that...” I sighed, I really didn’t even know what to say.

“You miss him don’t you?” He didn’t look at me this time, he just stared straight ahead.

“Yes, very much so,” I hung my head fidgeting with my hands. “More than a normal person probably would.”

“You were very brave to venture this far to look for him, you know that right?”

I surrendered to my stress and leaned my head back against the headrest, staring at the ceiling of the truck. Watching the felt that was coming loose ripple from the blowing heater.

“Yeah.” My lips quivered as I tried not to cry. I thought about the note and how brave it made me feel after I read it. Like I was unstoppable to be reunited with my love. I felt invincible, no matter what, nothing was going to keep me from finding Edward.

As Laurent continued, my eyes alone wandered in his direction as he spoke.

“You know Bella, he is an absolute wreck without you. He took off after he left Forks. Didn’t say where he was going. From what Alice and Jasper have told us, he was an emotional mess. It took everything he had not to go back to you. He wrestled with the selfish side of himself, but he loved you more. That’s the only reason he was strong enough to stay away.” Laurent had a calmness to his demeanor. I enjoyed his company, even though I didn’t know much about him. He managed a small smile in assurance to me, which was encouraging, especially with my current situation at hand. I gave one in return, and simply nodded.

“You’ll see him again soon.” And with that, Laurent was silent.

At that moment, the eerie feeling of being watched crept up and I glanced over my shoulder to Jacob who was staring at me, his eyes were trying to read mine. He seemed conflicted. At one moment, I was sure he looked broken, and another, he looked angry, almost bitter. It was strange to see Jacob like this. Uncomfortably, I spun back around and sank lower in my seat.

We were finally just about forty-five minutes from the Canadian/US border and Laurent looked up in the rear view mirror, a smile creeping up on his face as he let out a breath he must have been unwarily holding in.

“It looks like their mode of transportation exceeds the limit on this old truck,“ he chuckled. “Alice and Jasper are behind us, they’ll meet up with us in about 15 minutes.”

I eagerly spun myself around to see nothing highway running away and dust kicking up behind us. The relief I felt was welcoming, although I wasn’t sure if it was a natural release, or if Jasper was already making his mark on the many times he would surely have to help me in the coming days. I couldn’t help but get excited at the thought of throwing my arms around Alice.

Sure enough, just as Laurent predicted, the shiny Volvo zipped up behind us, a grinning Alice franticly waving her bony pale hand out the window in animation. Laurent slid the truck over to the shoulder.

“Bella!“ Alice bounded out of the car well before it came to a stop and flew to my door yanking it open pulling me into her icy arms. I never felt more warm and comforted than I did at that moment.

“I’m sorry we left, we shouldn’t have listened. I’m so sorry Bella. It was the wrong choice. I didn’t want to leave, but he made us promise. He said he had to do what was best for you, but the idiot wouldn’t listen to a single one of us when we tried to tell him and I...” she was talking almost too fast for me to hear each word.

“Alice!” I interrupted to silence her squeezing even tighter, although she probably didn’t notice any more strength coming out of wee little me, but I gave it anyways.

“Shut up. I’m just glad you’re here now.” I finally broke a real smile and pulled away to show her I was alright. She sighed scanning me up and down.

“You’re a mess Bella. What did we do to you?” Alice frowned shaking her head in disbelief.

“What’s done is done, we can just move forward now.” Alice mumbled and turned back toward where Jasper was still sitting in the Volvo, my eyes followed hers. He had the most bizarre look on his face, a look of pure hatred, and he was glaring straight at Jacob.

Jasper exited the car, not taking his eyes off Jacob and shut the door, he remained next to the Volvo. At that moment Jacob stood upright in the back, his massive body unfolding to reveal his full size. I flashed my eyes back and forth between the two of them, and saw out of the corner Laurent was getting out of the truck to flank Jasper on the side. They both stood staring up and Jacob, who was bearing down at them, his frame quivering relentlessly.

“Jacob, what’s wrong?” He stayed motionless, ignoring my request.

“Alice?” I asked without looking at her, keeping my attention fixed on the situation.

“Bella. This is Jacob Black isn’t it?” Alice stated, more than questioned. I nodded silently. “Well, that would explain things.”

“Explain what?” Confusion flashed across my face, eyebrows furrowing as I wondered why she would ask such a thing, she knew him from the prom incident, but then again, he did look quite different. Defiantly in terms of size.

“Why I can’t see you anymore,“ she said pulling me behind her with an outstretched arm, as if she was protecting from some unknown threat.

“Bella?” she paused. “Jacob hasn’t told you the full story behind his legends, has he?” His body didn’t move, only his eyes flashed to Alice quickly then back to Jasper and Laurent. His hands trembled as they clenched into fists. His lips formed a hard line. What was wrong with him?

I broke from Alice’s protective stance in front of me, and marched my way to the back of the truck to confront Jacob. Alice was watching me carefully, panic clearly written across her face, which is abnormal for Alice. She could always rely on her visions, but if she couldn’t see what was going to occur, that would explain her sudden alarm.

“Jacob, what the heck is going on?! Please explain to me why you are acting so strange. I’ve never seen you like this, unless it has something to do with Sam’s stupid cult! And why do you look so angry?” I accused crossing my arms in frustration, my eyes welling up with tears at confronting Jacob. I didn’t like feeling this way, but something was not right here.

“You don’t remember all the legends Bella? Think real hard and you should be able to figure this out. Or maybe your mind is too focused on the leech that left you to whither up and die,” he spit out. A new hole was ripped open, this time Edward was not the cause. My heart stuttered and I let my mind try to absorb what he just said. Legends? Why must I always try to put these stupid puzzles together?

“Why do I always have to figure this stuff out on my own?! Why can’t anybody ever just come straight with me and tell me what the heck is going on?!” I screamed up at him, now I was mad. Not only at the confusion, but at Jacob’s irrational behavior, and the unknown cause behind it.

“Bella?” Jasper brought my thoughts back to the present tense and I looked back up toward Jacob who was trying to keep his composure. Was this what it was all about? Jacob being jealous of Edward? It was absolutely ridiculous to act in such a way if that was the cause.

“Bella, you need to move away from the truck. Jacob’s not fully in control of himself and I don’t know what he’s going to do.” Jasper's tone was serious, and authoritative.

“Shut up you stupid bloodsucker! You don’t know what I can and can’t do. You’re not in charge of Bella, so stop acting like you have some kind of right over her. You don’t own her!” Jacob snapped at Jasper, blood rising to his face causing it to turn a deep crimson.

“Jacob Black, how dare you talk to him like that!” Anger boiled up inside me unleashing it full force as I stomped forward toward the back of the truck slamming my hands on the tailgate, glaring up at him. He bore down at me, and for the first time in my life, I was afraid of Jacob Black. My Jacob. No, this was not my Jacob.

In my heart I knew he would never hurt me, but instinct, which I‘ve always seemed to lack thereof, told me to back up toward Alice, I didn‘t make it that far. As my body language presented my intention, the bed of the truck rumbled as Jacob’s entire frame shook. The tremors began from his toes, shooting straight up through his arching back, as piece by piece tuffs of hair appeared, Jacob phased into a giant, werewolf? He let out a gut wrenching growl from the pit of his stomach. I was frozen in place, unable to take my eyes off him. Jasper, Laurent, and Alice must have crouched into a defensive stance because a flash of panic crossed Jacob’s face.

Realizing he was outnumbered his muzzle drew up a sneer, and he launched himself off the back corner of the truck flying airborne over my head barely clearing me as his hind leg accidentally kicked back, shoving me down to the ground. But not before my arm slid along the rusty bumper. The shard from an aged spot sliced my forearm an inch wide as I fell. I watched Jacob disappear into the woods on the other side of the road as I clutched the wound.

Then realization hit.

Not from Jacob leaving, but my current, deadly dilemma.


I spun my head in the direction of the other three, terror rose through me as I cowered under the truck.

Alice gripped Jasper by the arm, his face expressionless, eyes fixated on me.

“Laurent, hold your breath , GO!” she screamed and with her free hand gave him a shove in the back toward the drivers side of the truck . He flashed by me so quickly, I didn’t even see him shut the door and peel away. She turned to grip Jasper by the arms and lead him backward toward the Volvo.

“Jasper, get in the car!” Alice demanded.

He didn’t move, he stood still as a statue, watching me attempt to keep the wound covered with my free hand.

“Jasper? Didn’t you hear me?! Get in the car!”

Jasper remained unchanged, he didn’t even look at Alice. My eyes met his and at that moment his face melted, remorse flooding out of his liquid butterscotch pools. Without a word, his eyes never leaving mine, he grabbed Alice by the arms, and gently pulled them off to place them at her side.

“Jasper?” she quivered, her voice cracking.

Carefully, he walked toward me, leaving Alice in his wake. Slowly bending down Jasper drew his face so close to mine I could feel his chill on my skin, proceeding he dropped his head in dishonor. Without a sound, he gently scooped me up in his arms and I buried my face into his chest as he turned to carry me back toward the car. The flood of tears I surrendered soaked his shirt and he leaned his cheek on top of my head to press a kiss into my tangle locks.

“I’m so sorry Bella.” he whispered not referring to our current situation, but something far more meaningful, and I knew if he could cry, he would have. Alice met us with a tee shirt she ripped into long strips and wrapped my arm tightly securing the temptation as much as possible. She flitted a glance up at us from underneath her long lashes, and the love she expressed for Jasper was unfathomable.

“Let’s go home.” Jasper pulled up an apologetic smile, finally placing me into the backseat of the Volvo. I knew the significance behind his words.

I laid down curling to my side, stretching out as far as I could on the cool leather seat. Jasper and Alice gracefully slid into the two front seats, Alice taking Jasper‘s hand as he pulled out onto the road. Calm had blanketed itself over me, and I drifted off into a light sleep as we barreled toward Forks. Jacob was the last thought on my mind as I lulled into slumber. I seriously had some issues when it came to the company I kept. Vampires, good and bad alike, and werewolves, the protectors. Forks was going to become a town of mythical creatures, and I was going to be at the center of it.