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After the Rain

RainLet the rain kiss you.Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.Let the rain sing you a lullaby~Langston Hughes*************************"I missed Edward, I missed him like the flowers miss the rain. Jacob was my sun, Edward was my rain. I needed them both to survive..."Will he let her go and grieve her for the rest of his life, or will he allow her to spend the rest of existance by his side? He has to make a decision, it all lies on his shoulders... and this time it's not Edward's choice. Decisions have been made that will alter the path of New Moon. What will Bella do now that she has found the truth? Alliances have been changed. This a a twist on "New Moon" Disclaimer: I am not, nor ever will be the Stephenie Meyer who shared her beautiful characters with us. They solely belong to her. Cheers!

This story picks up during Chapter 8 of “New Moon” (after the middle of page 193 to be exact). The morning just after Bella and Jacob went for her first ride on the motorcycle and she falls and cuts her head open. This is my version of what would/could have happened if Bella had a few things altered in her story. Enjoy!

8. Chapter 8 - Welcome

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The chill from Edwards icy hand in mine was a warm welcome to the usual desolate and clammy feeling it became accustomed to during the last few months. As we journeyed down the hallway toward the stairs, I paused, taking Edward off guard, which was a rarity. He came to a sudden halt and turned to face me.

“What’s wrong?”, he questioned lifting my chin with his free hand, forcing my eyes to meet his. He searched them, looking for the reason behind my sudden apprehension. I couldn’t help the abrupt guilt I felt for causing his family so much turmoil. The reason they had to leave in the first place was because of my tendency to attract anything hazardous within the vicinity of Bella Swan. Now, I was the reason they had to turn their life upside-down again and come to the rescue to protect me. I was beginning to feel like a nuisance. His family shouldn’t have to come back because they felt they had an obligation to take care of me, a weak human.

“Bella?” Edward narrowed his eyes taking an account of every movement of my features, trying to decipher my emotions.

“Edward, I feel terrible they had to change all their plans on a moments notice to come back to Forks, just to protect me. It’s not the way this was supposed to happen. I’m sure they are going to get tired of running back here every time a new danger comes hunting me down.” I shook my head as I stared past him looking into the corner of the wall, realizing the irony of the words I chose to use at that moment.

“Bella,“ he interrupted reaching for my other hand, intertwining our fingers as he brought both of them to our chests, pulling us together. I took a deep breath, taking in his sweet scent. “The only reason they left in the first place was because I asked them to. They fought me, and hard at that. We’ve had to migrate so much over the years, moving has become second nature for us. Really, it’s quite effortless as far as that part is concerned. Don’t even begin to think this was all for nothing. I had to try Bella. I had to try to let you move on with your life and begin anew. I thought by leaving, you would finally begin to really live. It was a futile effort on my part, because I can see what it has done to you, to my family, to me. We’re not going anywhere Bella, not now. No such endeavor could ever make it possible to leave you again. They were all too eager to return. Trust me, love.” I knew this particular meaning excluded Rosalie, but I was used to her overbearing dislike toward me.

“And you?” I questioned with doubt, swallowing hard. I knew he loved me, but was he also all too willing to come back and spend his days and nights watching out for my safety?

“Oh Bella,” he gave me his crooked grin, “In my mind I was already contemplating how I would return to you. It was only a matter of time. I was spending my days trying to come up with pathetic excuses to justify returning and begging for your forgiveness.“ He leaned forward and whispered into my ear. “Which I will be glad to do if you’d like?” The icy chill from his breath sent a tingle down my spine and a row of goosebumps up my arms. My heart went into overdrive as the electric current shot through me.

Just as I was about to display my affection onto his marble neck, the burly sound of Emmett bounding up the stairs interrupted the intention of my actions as he scooped me up.

“There you are!” Emmett boomed, wrapping his arms around my waist, removing me from Edward’s hold and hoisted me in the air. My feet dangled helplessly as he enveloped me in a bear hug, smushing my cheek to his stone chest.

“Haven’t changed a bit, well, you’re somewhat scrawnier, but Esme will plump you up in no time!” Emmett finally released me to the ground, full grin spread across his face, bearing his pearly whites.

“Yeah, nothing like stocking up the buffet before the lunch rush,” I joked, but by the look on Edward’s face, and the hitch in his breath, he didn’t find it funny at all. His mouth pressed into a fine line.

Emmett’s laughter thundered as he smacked Edward on the back, grabbing his shoulder and giving him a good shake. “Bella grew a backbone while you were gone Edward!”

“I was just kidding Edward.” I chuckled, trying to lighten up the mood, giving him my best innocent smile.

“Bella, that wasn’t funny.” Edwards eyed me then clenched his fist flashing a scowl at Emmett.

“Oh lighten up bro’. Besides, even though you are usually a humdrum most of the time, we actually did miss you.” Emmett laughed clapping Edward on the bicep.

“Emotional old man…” Emmett muttered under his breath.

“But you Bella, not only did we get to come back to Forks to be with you again, you bring a revenged vampire with you that I’m all the more willing to take care of if you’d like.” Emmett folded his hands and thrust them outward, cracking his knuckles like he was ready to get his fight on right then and there. Edward surely heard me gasp, and saw my eyes grow large.

“Emmett!” Edward snapped, pain crossing his face. “Bella, why don’t we head downstairs to see the rest of the family, shall we?” He didn’t look at me, but glared at his obnoxious brother, who still had a grin plastered across his face. Edward reach for my hand leading me past Emmett toward the stairs. Emmett followed as gracefully as his brawny legs could muster.

As we descended the stairs, I could see the family displayed across the living room, excluding Esme, who I assumed was still in the kitchen. Alice and Jasper were coming through the back door with the plasma, Carlisle was up on a ladder replacing some light bulbs in the chandelier, and Rosalie was cleaning the glass on the back wall. The house looked untouched, as if nothing had ever been out of place. The smell of cinnamon and syrup lingered throughout the space, causing my stomach to growl in hunger.

“There you go Bella, just a little louder next time, and Edward will think you’re getting turned on by his presence!” Emmett chuckled, commenting on my lively stomach. Grabbing me by the shoulders giving a little squeeze he ranted, “A little more practice and I think you’ll have this vampire thing down pat!”

Letting me go, he ventured over to Rosalie who pursed her lips at him, throwing a towel in his face. He chuckled, helping her finish the windows. My jaw dropped slightly at Emmett’s comment. Edward was going to have a peace talk with Emmett later, I was quite sure of that, but the peace part was far from being the focus.

“Emmett, is that really necessary?” Carlisle asked as he climbed down off the ladder, making his way over to Edward and I. “Bella, it’s so good to see you again. It’s nice to finally have you back with us.” He leaned in and gave me a welcoming hug, then reached over to do the same with Edward.

“We’re so glad to have our family back together Edward. We’ve missed both you and Bella.” Carlisle stated, pulling away from Edward’s embrace and nodding toward me with his genuine smile.

Edward paused a moment, angst written on his face. He took a deep breath, putting an arm around my waist. “Carlisle, I owe you and everyone here an apology,” he began, but not before Carlisle cut him off, putting his hand up to halt the subject.

“Edward, there is plenty of time for discussion later. Right now, let’s just enjoy our reunion for now. Your mother will be ecstatic to see you. Bella, how is your arm feeling? I cleaned it up and put in a few stitches as soon as Alice and Jasper brought you back. I hope you don’t mind, but I sedated you a bit. It was quite a deep cut, and I had to give you a tetanus shot because of the rust, but it should heal just fine,” he smiled.

“It feels great, thanks.” I looked down at it. For awhile I had completely forgotten about the injury.

Alice bounced over to us after her and Jasper finished setting up the plasma, finally giving Emmett something he could enjoy doing to help out, He immediately zipped over to help Jasper program it, leaving Rosalie to tend to the windows herself. I could only hope there was a game on today to keep Emmett occupied, otherwise Edward might finally snap and give Emmett a long deserved dual in the backyard.

“Esme has breakfast ready for you, come on!“ Alice pulled me by the hand heading toward the kitchen. Her spiky locks bouncing in eagerness to feed the human. Edward finally allowing a smile back on his troubled face.

Esme was busying flitting around the table, making sure everything was in it’s rightful place. A beautiful bouquet of various roses adorned the center.

“Bella!” Esme met me in the doorway, embracing me in her motherly hug, offering a sincere smile as she pulled back to take a good look at me, holding on to my shoulders. “You are a sight for sore eyes. How we’ve missed you! And don’t ever think for a minute we weren’t all too excited to come back. You have finally allowed us to realize what it feels like to have a complete family. Welcome home Bella.”

My eyes started to tear up at the sentiment Esme was so lovingly sharing with me, and I felt at peace once again being with Edward’s family, my family. Edward stood next to me, compassion pouring out of his face toward the only mother he clearly remembers. Giving her a slight nod, he pulled the chair out for me as I took my place.

“It smells great Esme!” I complimented, her face was glowing with excitement at the opportunity to tend to her newest daughter. She flitted back over to the stove to finish up whatever delicious smell she was preparing.

“Thank you, apparently Laurent here was quite the cook in his former life while he was living in Italy. He has given me quite a few tips,” she replied as Laurent rounded the corner of the kitchen appearing out of the walk-in pantry with condiments in hand placing them on the table.

“Don’t you ever miss it?” I asked no one in particular as Alice, Edward, and Laurent all found a place to sit, most likely to keep me company and small talk. They all eyed me with curiosity at my request.

“What’s that dear?” Esme questioned placing my breakfast in front of me. A heaping stack of french toast with syrup and a glass of orange juice.

“The food, it seem like you would have nothing but the same old thing over and over again. Don’t you miss the flavors, the texture, you know?” I asked cutting my food. Esme slid in the chair across the table from me.

“Well, most of us don’t remember it. Especially Alice,” Edward chimed in next to me, Alice nodding her head in agreement.

“Hmmmm. Guess that makes sense, can’t miss what you don’t remember. But humans remember more than you vampires give us credit for.” I glanced at Edward, who met my eyes, deep in thought. He noticed the meaning behind my words. I speared a piece of french toast popping in my mouth, chewing away, enjoying the flavors. I looked up to notice four vampires watching me relentlessly, unmoving.

“What?” I asked wondering why I was being stared at.

“How it is dear?” Esme looked slightly scared, and the rest curious.

“What, the french toast?“ I waved my fork at the gooey stack. “It’s excellent Esme, I have to hand it to you, especially since you don’t have a clue what it’s supposed to taste like.” She let out a held breath and smiled in satisfaction. “You can put this one in your recipe box Esme, it’s wonderful.”

“So, how do you like the new bed Bella? It‘s perfect for you and Edward!” Alice chimed in, hands folded under her chin, elbows propped up on the table.

I had just taken a huge gulp of orange juice, and managed to swallow just before I choked on it the last bit, causing it to shoot up my nose. I coughed in response and realized my face probably found the rightful shade of crimson Alice had made a comment about earlier. Alice always found a way to have a conversation about something I didn’t want to have a conversation about. But in front of one’s mother.

I glanced at Edward, who had a huge grin plastered across his glorious face, and I swallowed hard. Edward let out a chuckle, and reached for my hand under the table, calming my pounding heart with his soothing touch. The others shared the same sympathetic smile, apart from Alice who seemed pleased at her particular subject of discussion.

“Alice, I don’t want to know what you’ve seen in that pretty little head of yours, but if you don’t mind keeping it to yourself, it would be appreciated.” I winced in humiliation.

“Oh don’t be silly Bella! Edward is the only one who gets to know anything in my head. We are respectful of each other’s ‘moments‘, so you don’t have to worry, I won’t say a thing. Only Edward will know exactly what happens, which is no big deal because he will be there anyways…,” she belled.

“Alice,” I interrupted, embarrassed to have this discussion at the breakfast table, I stared relentlessly at my plate, swirling the syrup around. I heard a booming laughter from the other room, and glanced in that direction mortified. Yes, there was definitely going to be a dual in the backyard later. Bella Swan would make sure of it.

“Hey guys, you better come take a look at this!” Jasper exclaimed from the other room, turning up the sound on the plasma. We all immediately made our way to the living room as we all surrounded the source of news.

As the newscaster went about his daily update, I saw Alice eye Edward in a silent conversation, he watched her intently, his eyes growing large, and I heard his teeth snap together as his body went rigid. Shock and anger were evident on his face, and I soon found out why Edward reacted so strange.

Along with local ranger and police force, volunteers are needed to hunt the multitude of wolves sighted in the area. As a precaution, the police and local rangers advise you don’t go into the woods unarmed. There have been several attacks in the area and until this situation is under control, the warning will stay in affect. There is a reward for any wolf carcasses turned in…


The news reporter continued, but the voice began to fade as the room around me spun and my vision enclosed on me. Gasping for breaths, my world faded black. My entire body went limp as I fell to the floor, a set of cold arms catching me before I slipped into unconsciousness.