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I'M BACK AFTER A LONG DELAY! THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO LOST. THESE ARE MY AWARDS FOR LOST:#1 MOST FAVORITE STORY AND HAS BEEN SINCE OCTOBER 2007! #3 MOST READ #7 MOST REVIEWED Summary: Simmons is introduced to a certain female vampire that we all know. He has been a player, but what happens when he meets her? ~~~~~~LAST CHAPTER AND EPILOGUE~~~~~~~ Chapter 15:MAGNIFICENTChapter 16:(EPILOGUE) HEADLINE

Wow! This sequel has been a long time in coming. I want to thank everyone for keeping this story alive. I have loved reading every single one of your reviews! I have had everything from awesome people translating LOST into other languages, to yucky people plagiarizing my story and calling it theirs. No kidding! I started this just a few months after LOST, but I didn't think anyone would want to read it. It was just for me. But, I kept writing and many asked for a sequel, so . . . . . . . . If you hate it, I will understand. 3 REASONS YOU SHOULD NOT READ THIS STORY: 1. SIMMONS IS THE MAIN CHARACTER, EDWARD AND BELLA ARE ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT, BUT IT IS IN SIMMONS POV. 2. IT HAS BEEN LIKE A YEAR AND A HALF SINCE MANY OF YOU HAVE READ LOST. FOR SOME IT WAS JUST YESTERDAY, BUT FOR THE ORIGINAL READERS, YOU MAY NOT EVEN CARE ANYMORE! 3. I CAN'T THINK OF ANOTHER REASON. SO I GUESS THERE ARE JUST TWO. Lost is long, and I would never make you read it again. To help the original readers, I have given you a quick summary: Bella and Michael Simmons worked for a NYC firm called Berkshire-Hathaway. Bella was heartless and vowed to take down C-Corp Edward was C-Corp (yikes!) Bella had started to date a hot guy named Thomas Vaughn Bella ended up breaking Vaughn's heart Bella gave Edward back his company - after she put Edward through a lot Bella left to be with Edward after she quit the Firm Bella and Edward got married (yay!) E & B set Vaughn up with his first love from High School - Kristin Roberts Alice is very mad that she was not Bella's bridesmaid - it was Simmons Lola is the boutique owner who helped Bella pick out her dresses Rosalie wants Bella's awesomely expensive shoes - - - - - - - Simmons is a player, but he is also sweet and intelligent He is a 6'2 surfer boy from California He is very hotly handsome *Lucky for you this story is about 20,000 words shorter than LOST *THIS STORY IS ALREADY DONE. I WILL UPDATE EVERYDAY!


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Chapter 6 - REVELATION

I sat in my hotel room, and tried to busy myself with work. It was almost pointless. I glanced at my watch every few minutes, awaiting the arrival of Edward and Bella. Time wasn't moving very quickly.

Part of my anxiety came from the way Bella sounded on the phone. There was no way that she could be "physically" changed, but what else could account for the change in her voice? Was it drugs? My mind races with possibilities. Were the Cullens part of a cult, and she had officially joined them? What if there was a cult, and Tanya was part of it too? It would make sense, she not wanting to bring me into her world. And what about that that creepy long-haired guy that was staring at us while we danced? Would he have something to do with it?

There was a little bit of logic to that line of thinking, but there was still one part that didn't make sense.

There was no way Bella would do anything like that. She was way too strong a person to be part of something like a cult.

But what about the fact that I hadn't heard from her in so long? Was she being indoctrinated by the Cullens? What if she really was addicted to drugs? None of this made any sense when I thought of the Bella that I knew.

I began thinking about the unsettling fact that Edward was able to read my mind. I felt a chill run though me. There was something dark at work here.

It was 7:00 pm when I heard a knock on my hotel door. I took a deep breath before I answered. The next thing I knew, I was standing face to face with Edward, and someone who was almost a stranger to me. I sighed hard as I looked at Bella. The words had a hard time coming out.

"I was wondering if the face would match the voice. I guess it does," I said flatly.

Edward looked anxiously from side to side down the hallway.

"May we come in, please?" He said.

I moved over so that they could enter the room. I closed the door behind them, and then dead bolted the door. I had no idea how that was supposed to help. At the moment, I wasn't sure if I was locking me away from danger, or locking me in the same room with it. My blinders concerning Bella and Edward's strange little family were beginning to disappear.

"It's great to see you." Bella said quietly.

I raised my eyes to really look at her. I let out a large gasp.

She looked absolutely breathtaking.

Her skin had that ethereal glow that I had come to recognize, and all her features, had been . . . . .enhanced. Her cheekbones were higher, her eyebrows more full. Her lips were perfectly shaped and slightly pinker than her skin. Her eyes were neither gold nor red. There was a little gold color, but with a tinge of red mixed in, and they were framed by a set of dark thick lashes. Her hair looked darker and shinier, but maybe that was just in relation to the paler skin on her face. She wasn't wearing any make-up. I knew many women from my past that would have killed to look exactly like her. I didn't even want to get started on her body. I remembered Edward's "gift" far too well. I wasn't about to go there.

I swallowed hard and said, "I would say it was great to see you too, if I were actually seeing you again. This person in front of me is someone quite new, isn't it?" I stared directly into her strange eyes.

"I'm still the same person." She said with quiet conviction.

Suddenly, I missed Bella. I missed her so much. I knew I would never see her again. The sadness overwhelmed me and embarrassing tears came into the corners of my eyes. I cleared my throat and blinked hard as I ran my hand through my hair.

How could she have changed like this? Who could have done this to her? I glanced at Edward with hate. He was the only one. The only one that could have made such a change in Bella. She looked just like Edward and his family. Pale skin, perfect features, and those purplish bruises. How did her voice change? I didn't even know where to start on all of this. They were both staring at me. I took a deep breath.

"Bella, what is going on?" I asked hesitantly.

They stared at me. Neither had any intention of answering my questions, it was obvious. I noticed that Edward had taken a stance slightly in front of Bella. At first I thought he was protecting her from me, then I realized in shocked horror that Edward was protecting me, from her.

"Michael," Edward began, "We just flew here on a non-stop flight from New York. We came here to talk about what you know concerning the way Olivia Conner died, and what you think you know about Tanya. There are no other subjects up for discussion."

I was angry now. I don't care who he thought he was, I didn't expect to be spoken to in that way. Edward's eyes narrowed as he looked at me impatiently. I looked at Bella and her eyes were anxious as she stared at me. She took a step towards me.

"We came to help," she said quietly.

My hand ran through my hair as I breathed deeply. I didn't want to give up on finding out what happened to Bella. Was she in danger? I didn't know. I stared at her helplessly.

"Bella, are you in trouble? Are you all right?" I asked thickly.

She smiled slightly, but her look was sure. "I am completely fine."

I looked at her doubtfully. She was not ‘completely fine'. But, I finally decided that I must take these battles one at a time. They had come a long way for me, but they could turn around and leave just as easily. My hand rested on my tired neck as I sighed in resignation.

"Thanks for coming so quickly. I didn't expect that," I said roughly.

Edward seemed grateful for the diversion from the obviously changed Bella and jumped right in.

"Tell us everything."

I nodded in surrender. For the moment, I would let it go.

I then told the story in full. Leaving out none of the details, including the part about the fact that it may have been the Tanya we knew, who came into the office that night.

When I finished, Bella looked at Edward and didn't say anything. She just stared at him for a moment. Edward looked up at me and said, "I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. You will not need to worry about this anymore. We will take care of everything."

"Actually," I began, "I do mind, Edward."

His brow furrowed for a moment, and then he threw back his head in disgust.

"You can't honestly still be interested in her?"

"‘Interested' doesn't quite cover it, Edward. But I think you already know that."

"It's been months," he said flatly.

I looked at him evenly. "I don't think time is really going to make a difference here."

He shook his head forcefully and said, "You will have no part in this, do you understand."

"I am going to have a part in this. This is the closest I have come to seeing her again."

"She doesn't want to see you, don't you comprehend that?" He was staring at me incredulously.

I fought not to raise my voice. "I have got to talk to her, if only for answers as to why she left the way she did. Am I so repulsive to her that she can't be in the same room with me for just a few minutes?"

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to calm myself down before I finished.

"Edward, these last months have been . . . ." I saw Edward wince a little as he turned his face away from me. Just in case, I gave him the full force of what I had been enduring, withstanding, suffering through.

I took a step closer to him and said, "Edward, I know she doesn't want me. I am fully aware of that fact. But I can't go the rest of my life not ever seeing her again. I just need to see her one more time. I need to see with my own eyes that she's all right. I need to tell her how I feel. Before I say good-bye to her, I need her to know. I can't go the rest of my life with her not knowing."

I dropped my head. My chest was so heavy. I had been crushing every thought and feeling about her for so long. I had not talked about her with anyone. Now that I had opened the floodgates, it was like every scent, every touch, every sound of her was crowding in and demanding attention. Every memory tumbled in on the next. I had longed for them. I hungrily drank in every memory that I had been craving. I could almost taste her on my lips. I could almost feel the curve of her back. I clenched my teeth as I stumbled back and sat down hard on the bed. My head went into my hands as my fingers entwined painfully into my hair.

I felt a cold, marble hand lay gently on the back of my neck. I looked up to see Bella. She slowly knelt down in front of me. She looked into my eyes. She smiled softly, and for a moment, I saw her. I saw the Bella I remembered.

Edward took a step forward. His look of concern for the both of us was evident. But, she looked up at him and something in her face calmed him. She put her other hand in his and whispered something I couldn't understand, and I heard him softly sigh. She then looked back at me and smiled. She nodded her head as she put her frigid hands on each side of my face.

"Really?" I breathed.

"Yes," she whispered.

I put my hands over hers.

"Thank you." It was all I could say.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I tried to get answers from Bella as to what had happened to her. Edward would have none of it. They left shortly after the conversation concerning Tanya had ended, and I was left sitting in my silent hotel room.

I was weary, but I didn't make any effort to get ready for bed. There were way, way too many questions swirling in my head.

Was it any of my business to ask Bella what was going on? And what would happen when I saw Tanya again and had to say good-bye to her? These last months I had been driven by the chance of seeing her again someday. What would I do with myself when this was all over?

I knew sleep was not coming any time soon. I grabbed my laptop with the intention of getting some work done. I needed some background information about the current political climate in Estonia, and if their government would be open to a visit from me. Hathaway wanted to buy some office space there, and eventually make connections in that country.

I went to Google, but instead of typing in the key words for the information I needed, I stared at the screen for a moment as a new thought came to me.

Tanya and Bella both looked very similar now. The more I found out about Bella, the more I would also find out about Tanya.

I put in a few key words, not quite knowing where to start. I typed: pale, cold, hard skin.

A list of over 30,000 entries appeared on the screen. It was nothing but medical journals. Apparently the words I typed were the symptoms of many illnesses ranging from cancer to anemia. I added the words, red eyes, graceful and scent.

Then the information changed.

"For centuries, legends have given accounts of the pale, cold visitors that wreaked havoc on towns and villages that dotted the landscapes of Medieval Europe. . . . . ."

I read the next one.

"Their pale skin, grace and scent were designed to lure in their prey. Sightings have been recorded since the days of Charlemagne and Alexander the Great. Their cold skin served as a warning, though few have ever lived to tell the tale of the horror depicted by an attack of . . . . "

An attack of what? I wondered. I clicked on the site and was met by a graphic portrait depicting an ancient scene of blood and gore. I focused on the text and began to read.

"Their cold skin served as a warning, though few have ever lived to tell the tale of the horror depicted by an attack of an angry coven of vampires."

Vampires? I scoffed. That was definitely not what I was expecting. Get serious, I thought.

I went back to the list and scrolled down until another one caught my eye.

"Her sensual beauty and grace led many to believe that she was a gift from the Greek Gods. Her pale, granite-like skin and unearthly beauty was said to be irresistible . . . ." I clicked to read on, my heart pounding.

‘There is a tale relating the story of Zeus giving a beautiful creature as a gift to the mighty warrior Achilles for his bravery and success on the battlefield.

Helen of Troy was said to be the most beautiful woman that ever lived, but there is a question as to whether she was in truth a woman, or a supernatural creature that spurred a war that lasted for centuries.

Achilles instantly fell in love with the woman that was said to have beauty unsurpassed through all the chronicles of time. Her passion and strength were said to be greater than that of the great Achilles.

Helen of Troy was described as having long black hair, pale skin, and eyes of fire. Historians have interpreted this to mean different things. Some legends say that her eyes were like red flames that danced in the night.

An interesting legend claims that Achilles was captivated by her scent. She breathed in his face with her cold, intoxicating aroma and he was so entranced by her that he went to war for her. A war that would take him to his death.

Historians have long debated as to what the true nature of Helen of Troy actually was. Some say she was a Sprite sent to torment Achilles, much as the Sprite in Shakespheare's "The Tempest". Others say it was an evil spirit sent by the God of the Underworld, Hades. But there are some that believe that it was neither. A growing number of historians are beginning to speculate that she was indeed the most mystical of all creatures, the immortal creature known as the vampire.'

The article had described Tanya perfectly. The effect on Achilles was not far different than my own. But a vampire? There had to be a plausible explanation. Not this ridiculous business of legend.

I remembered Edward and Emmett, and how they carried all of Bella's furniture out of her apartment in a matter of minutes. I added "excessive strength" to the search.

A whole new list of explicit, ghastly tales about vampires jumped on the screen.

Everything I read only confirmed my worst fears.

Each site kept coming back to the same conclusion. Picture after picture, article after article. The horror of the realization was slowly seeping in.

Each time I saw the word vampire, it was like a stake through my heart.

The rest of the night was a blur.

When the sun came shining through my curtains, I had a long list of what I had found.

Pale, cold, hard skin was the universal signature of a vampire. Most vampires had red eyes, a result of drinking the blood of their victims. There were, however, a few legends of vampires that didn't drink human blood. It was believed that their eyes had a more golden hue.

All vampires seemed to have the strange purplish bruises under their eyes.

They were extraordinarily beautiful. It was believed that their unearthly beauty was designed to lure in their prey.

They were exceptionally strong. They were strongest when they were young, but any vampire's strength would far surpass that of a human.

Sometime in the night, I found a few legends of vampires having gifts that even transcended those of their kind. There were accounts of vampires foreseeing the future, and influencing others to do their bidding. There was even a legend of mind reading capabilities.

They were immortal. They were extremely hard to kill. Many of the same vampires that had been here when the Attila the Hun stormed China were still on the earth today.

All through the night, my mind kept flashing on the image of Olivia Conner. Dead. All the blood drained from her body.

As the sun began to rise, I could feel my body quaking. I told myself it was from lack of sleep and food. I went to the window and looked out at the city. Taxis and cars were just starting to appear on the street as the usual hustle and bustle of the day was beginning. People were hurrying along the sidewalk. Soon, children would be in school. This day, for many, would be just like the day before.

But not for me.

I doubted anything for me would be quite the same again. I closed my eyes and shook my head at the realization that this could really be true.

Edward Cullen was a vampire. He had been a vampire all this time.


I swallowed hard. There was an acrid, foul taste in the back of my throat. She was human when I knew her, but she had been hiding a secret. A big secret. She knew that Edward and his family were vampires. Yet somehow, she had fallen in love with Edward. I was sure that his little "abnormality" was the reason he had left her, the reason he had stayed away for seven years. But now . . . .

Bella was a vampire. Unbelievably, Bella had become a vampire.

"What the hell!" I shouted.

I started pacing the room, my thoughts were coming to a conclusion that I so wanted to avoid. I tried to elude it. To shun it. If I didn't actually form the complete thought in my head, then it wouldn't really ever be true. But, I knew it. Even through all my fast pacing, I knew it.

Tanya was a vampire, too.

At exactly what point did my life begin to mirror a supernatural science fiction horror movie?

I sat down in an exhausted heap on my bed. I stared out at nothing. Eventually, I began to see things as they really were.

There had never been anything between Tanya and me.

She lured me in just like she probably had done to so many others. Her scent, her beauty, her touch.

Her breathlessness had come not from her attraction to me, but to my blood. She had wanted to suck my blood, to kill me right there on the balcony. That's why she ran away so fast. The comment she made when she pulled away from our kiss about how good I smelled, finally made sense.

"Mouthwatering". Yes. That had been the word she had used.

I laughed darkly as I thought of how I had fantasized about rescuing her from whatever was keeping us apart. About how when she saw me again she would run and fall into my arms. I had played out the scene in my mind of how I would hold her tightly against me and tell her everything would be all right.

"Idiot." I whispered to myself.

I felt weariness begin to seep through me. At first I fought it. I had decisions to make. Bella and Edward would be on their way over soon. But I was so tired. Tired of everything. Tired of missing her. Tired of dreaming of her. Tired of building a future that included her.

Could I keep loving her?

Yes. But what would that mean for me?

If you loved someone, didn't you love them no matter what? Could I overlook this?

No. I couldn't.

I was done.

I had imagined many things that Tanya could be, but not this.

She was in a world where I couldn't follow.

A vampire.

A damn vampire.

I felt my eyelids get heavy. I fought to keep them open, but apparently there was no fight left in me. I was finished.

It was over.