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The Story of 2

My take on what would've happen post BD. Will Jacob And Nessie fall in love? Or will they stay BFF's? I tried to stay as true to the characters as possible. TITLE CHANGE!!! This was formerly known as Jacob and Nessie

This story starts off 5 years after BD. the cullen family is living in a seattle suburb. Jacob is Alpha of his pack of 8.

2. Chapter 2- Tarnished

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I woke up after crying myself to sleep. Last night was just another page in my book of failures. Bret was now grouped with all the rest of the assholes at my school who only saw me for what I looked like. God was I ever going to find someone who could see me for me. Auntie Rose always told me beauty could be a curse. I heard a knock on my door.

“Go Away” I yelled. They all had heard what happed last night and were constantly checking up on me.

“Ness, it’s me” Jacob said. I ran to the door and opened it.

Jacob, my best friend, was there for me like no one ever was. He always held my hand through these rough times, and he always knew what to say to make me feel better. He hugged me tightly.

“I’m so sorry Ness.” He sat me down and towed me to the bed. He looked at my red puffy eyes and said

“Don’t tell me you were crying over him!” he looked disappointed.

“I’m not crying over him…just what he represents” He understood, like always.

“Another one bites the dust huh?” I smiled and nodded, he always knew how to me smile. I sighed deeply and rested my head on his shoulder.

“I know you don’t want to talk about it, but I love you and I hate to see you like this” he said after a short silence.

“I’ll be fine, it’s just…I don’t understand why I can’t find anyone who likes me instead of this” my hand slid down my body.

“You’ll find someone, I promise.” There was sadness in his eyes, but I couldn’t make out why. Jake had always been happy when I wasn’t dating anyone. He and my Dad didn’t see eye to eye on much, but when it came to my dates they both agreed; my dates didn’t deserve me.

“I know your hungry, you want to hunt? He said. I didn’t hunt a lot nowadays I preferred human food, but when I was frustrated it did help to take it out on a deer or two.

“Sure” I agreed happily.

Monday morning was hell. I didn’t want to go to school and face Bret or any of the other boys at my school who would be all too happy to see me back on the market. I dressed in the most unflattering outfit I could find, and skipped down to the kitchen. Grandma was there with food already on the table. She kissed my forehead and smiled. Aunt Alice came down and gawked at my outfit, but didn’t say anything. I giggled, silently thanking Leah for showing me how to do the death glare, as Jacob calls it.

I drove to school, nervous. When I pulled up I got looks from everyone, which I expected, so I just looked down as I walked to my class. I saw Cameron, my only real friend at this school, and sat next to her in my usual seat. As class began she whispered to me.

“So what did you and Bret do on Friday?” She looked anxious.

“Ugh don’t get me started! I’m so sick of these hormone-crazed boys!” Her anxious expression quickly turned to shock and disappointment.

“So you did have sex with him?” It was my turn to look shocked. She knew me good enough to know I wasn’t like that.

“What!?! Hell no! His hands got grabby, but I told him NO. Why would you think that? You should know me better!” I was so angry at her for thinking that I was almost yelling. “No, I didn’t think that He’s telling everyone you guys did!” Suddenly the stares from everyone took on a new meaning.

“WHAT!?!” I shouted and stood up everyone looked up even the teacher.

“Miss Cullen, could you please sit down?” Mrs. Anderson said.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Anderson, I just need to use the restroom” She nodded, and I stocked out the room, with my phone in hand.

“Jake!” I said before he could even say hello. “I need you here NOW!!!” I was starting to cry, and my words were rushing together.

“Whoa. Whoa. Slow down. What’s wrong?” He sounded like he was already out the door.

“He…Told…Everyone….We….Had…Sex!” I was shouting in the restroom, it


“What!?! I’m on my way…wait, you didn’t right?” He didn’t sound out of breath but I could tell he was running.

“Of course not…he’s lying…he’s tarnishing my name because I wouldn’t.” He exhaled, relieved.

“Sorry, I should’ve known…I’ll be there in a minute” Click. I closed my phone and smiled vindictively Jake was going to kill Bret. I wondered if I had the heart to would stop him.

Jake texted me when he got to my school. He was waiting in my car when I walked out. I jumped in the car and slammed the door behind me. He crushed me to him and everything seemed to disappear.

“I’ll set him straight, Ness. Don’t worry.” He breathed into my hair. My heart raced at the feeling, weird.

“I know you will…I’m more worried about my name now. Everyone might know he was lying but the thought will always be in their head.” I was starting to cry again. Come on Nessie get it together I said to myself.

“It’ll be ok, I promise. I think you should be more worried about me getting arrested for killing him.” He laughed. I laughed too. God it was always so easy with Jake. I wonder…He tensed. I started to panic did he know what I was thinking?

I looked up and his eyes were looking out the window, looking at Bret and his teammates leave the gym. He got out the car; I followed smiling the whole way. He grabbed Bret by the neck and pushed him against the wall.

“So you had sex with Nessie?” He asked in a sneer. Bret looked at me and then back to Jake.

“No…I didn’t” everyone around us gasped and started talking. “I knew it!” someone said behind me.

“Then you lied?” Jake started to shake; it wasn’t going to be long before he lost it, and I doubt a giant wolf in the school parking lot would go over well.

“Yes, I lied” I placed my hand on Jakes arm.

“Jake, let him go” Jake let his hand drop and Bret fell to the ground gasping for air.

“I’m sorry Nessie.” He said as he stood up. I kicked him in the groaning and he fell back down. That’ll teach him I thought.