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The Story of 2

My take on what would've happen post BD. Will Jacob And Nessie fall in love? Or will they stay BFF's? I tried to stay as true to the characters as possible. TITLE CHANGE!!! This was formerly known as Jacob and Nessie

This story starts off 5 years after BD. the cullen family is living in a seattle suburb. Jacob is Alpha of his pack of 8.

5. Chapter 5-Resolution

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Jake and I walked hand and hand towards the main house. He looked perfectly calm, while I was in total panic mode. My parents would not be happy with this. He grabbed the door knob and we both took a deep breath before entering the house. They were all in the living room waiting for us to come in. My father was the furthest from us in the corner glaring at Jacob. I looked at Jacob and his face showed compete confidence. My Dad hissed at us. I flinched back; he had never been violent towards me before. He crossed the room in a split second, and stood 3 feet away. Everyone else just stood still looking back and forth from us to my dad. My dad was furious.

“Dad?” I started to say but he hushed me with a hiss. Jake growled at that and put his body in between us.

“No, Jake. He won’t do anything to me.” I stepped in front of Jake because clearly my dad wanted to do something to him. I placed my hand that Jake wasn’t holding on my Dad’s face, to calm him down. “Dad…you can’t do this.” He looked at me no change in his face.

“Oh yes I can.” Now I was furious, I couldn’t believe he would do something to make me unhappy. Over the years he spoiled me rotten.

“Fine…then I’m moving out. Me and Jake will live in La Push. Goodbye” I turned and tried to drag Jake out the house. Jacob was in shock as was everyone else about what I just said and he made no attempt to move. “Come on Jake!” I was yelling and crying at the same time. I didn’t want to live without my family, but I couldn’t live without him. Between him and my family I choose him because he didn’t make me choose, they did.

“Nessie stop…it’s not going down like that” Jake said. I turned to see my father about to bust a vain, if he could.

“You would choose him over us…Renesmee?” He looked shocked and appalled.

“Yes…because he didn’t make me choose. You’re the only ones who have a problem with this. Jake has accepted you as family…why can’t you do the same?” I was glaring at my father. My decision was set it was either Jake, me and the family or just Jake and me. My hand was firmly wrapped around his. We were never to be separated.

“Nessie, Edward…lets sit down and talk about it?” My mother finally said.

“Fine” he said.

The rest of the family members moved to stand against the wall. I sat on the loveseat with Jake at my side. My parents sat down on the couch across from us. My dad was still furious, but now that he could tell I wasn’t changing my mind, there was some resolve in his eyes. I had always had my Mom stubbornness, it definitely showed now. He was either going to let me and Jake continue our lives together with them, let us move out, or kill us both. He looked at me as I thought about it. And let out another hiss. Yes, Dad I did say kill us both, because I won’t live without him. I thought.

“Edward…” Jake started making his argument. “…It’s not like I could ever hurt her. You know that. I just want to make her happy.” I looked at him, complete sincerity in his eyes. How could my father deny this? I couldn’t. My eyes started to well up and the tears started coming down again; tears of joy. I couldn’t believe that this unbelievable man was mine. “Edward say something please?” Jacob begged.

My dad let out a heavy sigh, how long had he been holding his breath? I wondered. “Nessie…this is your decision?” he looked like he was pleading with me.

“Yes Dad” without hesitation.

“I’m not happy about this Nessie, not one bit.” He sneered.

I couldn’t help but be furious. “Why not! You rather let some other guy FUCK me over. Jake could never do that, Dad. How could you not want him for your only daughter? How could you not let me be happy, dad? I can only be happy with him. I LOVE HIM!” Jake looked at me and mouthed “I love you, too” I smiled. And that’s why I loved him, in this chaos that was playing right in front of us Jake still made me happy. I was about to loose my family or loose my life and I was completely content with it because I had him. He was my calm to the storm of my everyday life.

My dad, listening to my thoughts, gave in. “Okay, fine but there are some conditions, young lady” Jake and I both let out a big sigh of relief.

“Okay, Dad what are they?” I steadied myself I could only imagine what he was about to say.

“First, you’re moving back into the house with us, and second you have an 11:00pm curfew on school nights. 12:00am on weekends. Do I make myself clear?” He then looked at Jacob “And if you think one thought out of line, you’re dead.” I suppressed a giggle Thank god he didn’t make that one my conditions. He heard that “You too young lady” Crap! Well you might as well kill me now.

Even though I just signed my life away I couldn’t help myself but be happy. I gotten everything I wanted; the man of anyone’s dreams and my loving and adoring family. What else could a girl want? “Okay Dad” I agreed. The curfew wasn’t bad at all since Jake usually left to go patrolling with his pack around 11:00, but I really didn’t want to live with my parents again. “But can I ask one favor?” He looked at me like he wasn’t in the mood to grant me anything.

“What is it?” he granted.

I smiled. “Could you and Mom not be so touchy feely around me, it’s really disgusting?” Emmet laughed. And my Dad flashed a quick smile, before controlling himself.

“You guys got 30 minutes before you need to be back at the house.” I hopped off the couch and towed Jake to the kitchen.

“Thanks Mom and Dad” I called over my shoulder.

Jake and I ran through the woods like we never did before. Laughing louder than we ever had, holding hands tightly, and kissing passionately. I looked at the time on my cell phone. 10:50pm. “Ugh this curfew thing is going to get old, Quick” I said.

“If it lets us all be together, then I don’t mind.” Jake said then kissed me again. As we walked back to my new home “You would really choose me over your family?” Jake said.

“Yes…I would. Not to say it wouldn’t be hard, but I don’t want a life without you, Jake. I’m forever tied to you, I always have been.” I smiled thinking of our relationship as I grew up.

“I would do the same, you know. I would leave everything behind for you” I saw the truth in his eyes and kissed him passionately.

“I love you. Jacob.”

“I love you too, Ness” I kissed him again before walking into the house.

I smiled at my parents before going into my old room. Some one, my guess was Auntie Alice, packed me a bag of clothes to sleep in and to wear to school tomorrow. I took a shower and put on my PJ’s, and lay in the bed. This day wasn’t supposed to go like this, but in the end everyone got what they wanted, well except my Dad. I giggled.

I layed in bed, happily, knowing that all was resolved.