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The Story of 2

My take on what would've happen post BD. Will Jacob And Nessie fall in love? Or will they stay BFF's? I tried to stay as true to the characters as possible. TITLE CHANGE!!! This was formerly known as Jacob and Nessie

This story starts off 5 years after BD. the cullen family is living in a seattle suburb. Jacob is Alpha of his pack of 8.

6. Chapter 6-Winter Break

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My life was perfect, and falling into a pattern. Dad had released that silly curfew and let me move back into the main house after about 2 weeks. I guessed it had nothing to do with me and Jake; he probably just missed the alone time with mom. Ew. Every morning I would skip down the stairs grab my breakfast and Jake’s too and head to his house. I would sit his breakfast in the microwave and kiss his sleeping face before ducking out to school. At school, boys still tried to talk to me, but it was easier to reject them now that I had a boyfriend. And Jake would be there, in the parking lot, waiting for me after school. After that I really didn’t care what we did. We would hang out at the main house or his, or go downtown, or go to the movies, or whatever. Sky’s the limit. I would have to called my parents or one of my family members and let them know what I was doing, but I didn’t have to be back by 11:00pm. Weekends were the best because I got to spend more time with Jake. And the approaching winter break had me jazzed; it was like a 3 week long weekend.

“Good Morning Sleepyhead” Jake whispered in my ear. It was the first day of my winter break, and it was the first time I didn’t wake up at 6am.

I opened my eyes and Jacob was standing over me “Jake!” I grabbed him and pulled him down on my bed, and kissed him roughly. My thoughts were getting ahead of me when I heard the hiss. I sighed would he ever stop listening?

“What do you want to do today?” Jacob said.

“I don’t know…aren’t you tired? You should sleep more.” I was starting to see bags form under his eyes, it worried me.

“Now I thought I was your protector. I’m fine Ness….” He yawed.

“Oh, no you don’t. You’re not going to loose sleep over me…well unless we’re doing something productive” I teased, placing my hand on his cheek.

I replayed the images in my head of me undressing in the mirror, and then of me wearing lingerie in the mirror, and the last one of me wearing nothing but his shirt in the mirror. He had seen these images before, but they still had the same effect on him, which was good; especially since there probably wouldn’t be any new images soon. Dad caught me sharing one of the images and the next day my mirror was gone. He smiled holding me tightly. This was something we did often. I loved his powerful hold on me, and he loved the images I played for him. It was orgasmic to us, since it was all we could do. He released his hold and I let my hand drop. I sighed and hopped out of bed.

“I’ll make breakfast after I take a cold shower” I said as he jumped out the window.

As I took my shower I couldn’t help but think of Jacob, I hoped my father wasn’t listening because I would surely get killed for this. Jacob and I had been together for over 2 months now, and I really wanted to take things to the next level; maybe not sex, my parents would kill us, but something other than what we were already doing. My hormones were getting out control lately and it took all I had to not jump him every time I saw him. I really couldn’t help myself, Jacob was just irresistible.

After getting ready for the day I skipped down stairs only to see my parents sitting down waiting for me. They had that “talk” look in their eyes. “Sit down Nessie. We need to talk.” My mom said. Dad definitely heard my thoughts on Jacob when I was in the shower. I looked at the door and honestly considered running for it, but I knew my dad would catch me before I made it out the front yard. He smiled listening to my thoughts.

I sat on the arm of the sofa. “What’s up guys?”

“Nessie…we want to talk to you about sex.” my mom said.

I groaned as loud as could to express the discomfort. “Why? It isn’t like I don’t know everything about it already?” my Dad clenched his fist. “All come on, Dad I live with Uncle Emmet and Aunt Rose for crying out loud. Two hours with them and the whole world would know enough about sex to make a damn good porno.” My Dad shifted in his seat, good let him be the uncomfortable one.

“Nessie we just want to make sure you’re being safe about it. I don’t want any babies around here anytime soon” my mom said.

Safe? Wait a minute did they really think we we’re already have sex!?! Were they ok with the idea? I looked away to hide my happiness. “Mom its not…we aren’t doing anything even on a PG rating…But…” I hesitated Dad had to know what I was about to ask. “…if we would do something you wouldn’t kill him right?”

Dad let out a sigh of relief and said “As long as you don’t bring back any babies…we trust you Nessie, and know how much you and Jacob love each other.”

I nearly flew off the couch to hug them. “Thank you. Thank you.” Kissing both of them on the foreheads.

My Dad grabbed my hand just before I made my exit to Jakes. “I never want to hear about it, you got that, Nessie. Think of something else when you’re around me”

I smiled vindictively and his hand squeezed tighter on my wrist. “Okay, Okay Dad.”

I damn near jumped on Jake when I saw him. “You’ll never guess what just happened to me” I said through my kiss.

“Can I get a hint?” he was always up for my little games.

“I’m too excited to play….Mom and Dad just kind of gave us permission to take our relationship to the next level.” I said playfully.

“What? They said it’s ok to have sex!?!” he was just as excited as I was.

“Yeah, pretty much. Dad had some conditions as always, but yeah.” He grabbed my hand and played with it, tracing invisible circles across it.

“What conditions?” he asked.

It was hard to concentrate I didn’t think he really knew what that movement did to me. “Ummm…well no babies, and no thinking about it around him, and I’m guessing no doing it here.” I clench my hand into a fist and tried not to think about what I wanted to do to him. “So can we get out of here? I don’t think I can take anymore.” I said through my teeth.

He looked at my fist and let go of my hand. “Sorry” he smiled.

“Don’t Be.” I grabbed his and tried to pull him to the door.

“Nessie wait…I don’t want to do that right now” he looked at begging for understanding.

I stared at him in disbelief. A guy who didn’t want to have sex, with me! No way. I had been perused strictly for sex from everyone else and now the man of my dreams didn’t want to have sex with me. “You’re kidding right?” I managed to say.

“No. I want to make love to you when the time is right. I want it to be special. Not some spur of moment, because we can stuff” he grabbed me and pulled me to him, holding my hands softly.

I looked up at him and smiled. He really did love me, and he really was my dream come true. I kissed him tenderly. “I love you” he said.

“I love you” I said as I dipped my head into his chest hearing his heartbeat go wild. I sighed completely happy.

This was going to be the best winter break anyone ever had.