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The Story of 2

My take on what would've happen post BD. Will Jacob And Nessie fall in love? Or will they stay BFF's? I tried to stay as true to the characters as possible. TITLE CHANGE!!! This was formerly known as Jacob and Nessie

This story starts off 5 years after BD. the cullen family is living in a seattle suburb. Jacob is Alpha of his pack of 8.

7. Chapter 1-Third Date Jacob's POV

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“Jake, Do you like it?” I heard her say.

I was focused on trying not to think of how much I liked it. Her father would kill me. “Yea, Ness. It’s coo.” I answered nonchalantly trying to keep my emotions in check.

I was actually nervous and angry. Nervous because she was trying on her outfit for her 3rd date with the jock. None of the rest of the assholes lasted this long. Angry because the outfit she picked out was very flattering; a blue shirt with some black shorts and a gold belt. As if she needed an outfit to make her look beautiful; she could wear a potato sack and still be a goddess. I sighed. My feelings for her were slowly starting to change despite how hard I fought at them. I was her best friend, but I wanted to be more. I knew she wasn’t ready for it and her parents were even less ready for it. I pulled myself out of my reverie “Ness, I have to go on patrol…Have fun on your date.” I said reluctantly. I knew I only had about 2 minutes before the rage would consume me and I would phase against my will. I hugged her and walked out her room. I ran as fast as I could out the door. I just got my sweats off before I phased.

You okay, Jake? Leah asked. She was use to this; every time Ness would go on a date I would go crazy.

Yea, I’m good. Anything new? I asked, even though I knew there wasn’t.

Nope. She said. Her thoughts turned to Alex.

You can go, Leah. And yes I’m sure and I’m ok. I knew her next questions we did this often.

Kay, Thanks She said as she ran to Seattle.

I concentrated on my route; our territory was huge now that the pack was split and our treaty with the Cullen’s had been changed. The only difference in the treaty was that now my pack could patrol their land as well. I could hear Embry and Colin running their routes as well. Embry was thinking about a girl, of course, and Colin was thinking about…school. I sighed I was fortunate to get the genius in my pack. I heard him laugh.

Then I thought about Renesmee. I smiled inside. I miss her already.

I ran my route with her in mind. She kept it into place for me. I didn’t care how long I had to wait for her because she was it. She was my everything. I felt like imprinting had nothing to do with it. Imprinting just gave me the chance to love. I loved her on my own accord. I loved the way her lip pouted out when her mind was set. I loved how her bravery had no bounds. I loved her smile, her eyes, and especially her heart. There was nothing about her I didn’t love. I recently discovered my attraction to her. She had grown up so fast that my feelings toward her changed just as quickly. It felt like overnight I noticed her long legs, her curves, and her face. She was breathtaking. It was hard to blame the guys she went out with for feeling up on her. Her body pretty much begged to be touched. Of course anyone who did touch I would kill, if she allowed me.

My life was all about this girl who is dating someone else.