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The Sharpest Lives

“So, there are real werewolves?” Bella asked. “With the full moon ad silver bullets and all that?” Jacob snorted. “Real. Does that make me imaginary?” “You know what I mean.” “Full moon, yes,” Edward said. “Silver bullets, no – that was just another one of those myths to make humans feel like they had a sporting chance. There aren’t very many of them left. Caius has had them hunted into near extinction.” (Breaking Dawn 745) You’re the one that I need, I’m the one that you loathe… ---JokesOnJane, you're AMAZING!!!1! Thanks for the banner!

*All publicly recognizable characters are the property of Stephenie Meyer. **All song lyrics in this story are from the album The Black Parade, by My Chemical Romance. The title of this story is also a title of a song from that album.

1. Imminent Disaster

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If you look in the mirror and


like what you

see ...you can

find out first hand

what it's like

to be

me ...


“Someone’s coming.”

Alice had been stopped in her tracks, her eyes fogged over as the future faded in and out. Jasper was by her side in an instant, putting their hunting on hold. Emmett stepped closer as both he and Rosalie waited for more information.

“Can you tell who?” Jasper prodded after a long silence.

Alice shook her head. “They can’t make up their minds. It’s very vague, but I don’t think they’re coming specifically for us. I don’t even think they know we’re here. But we should keep on our toes, anyways. They're dangerous and moving…fast.”

This answer satisfied Jasper, but Emmett was still curious.

“Will there be a fight?” he asked eagerly.

Rosalie twirled her hair in boredom, her dark brown eyes flickering in annoyance. “Can we please move on with the hunt? I’m starving…”

Emmett threw Rosalie a playful glance. “You know, we haven’t had much action since last year when Nessie threw the Volturi for a loop.”

Her lips almost curled into a smile, but she suppressed it. “Postponing hunting won’t make our guests come faster.” Rosalie turned on her heels and moved towards the nearest target. A large doe with her young grazed nearby, unaware of the four vampires stalking them. Emmett gave up for the moment on revving Rosalie for a fight that may or may not happen while Jasper doted on Alice for a few long moments. Alice didn’t mind the extra attention that her mate gave her when her visions interrupted their life. In fact, it was often the only comfort she received after her more alarming revelations.

The four took their time while following their prey, making a game of it. During the momentary fun, Alice fell behind. She made sure that the others didn’t notice how preoccupied she was with her vision. She would scan the future for any clues as to what to expect, but she could only see the hazy scene that she had seen before. The only hint of what was coming was almost impossible to decipher.

Two men, one boy, she calculated. They’re running…from what? To where? Why? They’re coming this way…and may or may not pass through. It depends on whoever’s chasing them… Potential danger. Potential danger. Potential danger. Where is the danger?

Alice pounced on the nearest deer, ending the game. She sucked it dry as she mulled over her vision. She could see the two men and one boy running at unnatural speed for humans. Their backs were towards her as they sprinted ahead of the danger.

They’re running from the danger, they’re not the danger themselves. They won’t…hurt us?

Emmett spied another herd of deer and a new game commenced. Jasper eagerly took the lead, taking down two small bucks. Emmett growled in frustration, claiming one of the larger does for himself. Rosalie didn’t take part in the game. Instead, she took only what she needed to sustain herself, careful not to tear her clothing.

Alice scanned her vision again. Suddenly, it was set in stone. This new development alarmed her and she flicked through the future, searching for the cause. The three guests were coming, that much was certain.

But will the danger come with them? Or will the danger be lead elsewhere?

As she flipped through her vision another time, she saw another scene. The little boy was at their doorstep and his eyes were locked on the ground, his entire body drenched from the onslaught of rain. He was malnourished and small for his age, his clothes thread-bare and not efficient. As she watched the future, she watched him look up slowly, letting his eyes be visible for the first time.

They were milky white.

ight: 200%" class="MsoNormal"> Alice sucked in a breath quickly and focused on the present. Jasper raised an eyebrow, but Alice smiled and shrugged as if to say that the vision was unimportant. Jasper didn’t believe this, but it was enough for Emmett and Rosalie. Alice returned to thinking about her vision, grateful that Edward and Bella had decided to visit Charlie instead of joining their brother’s and sister’s on this hunting trip. Privacy was a rarity and something Alice learned to cherish.

She thought about the vision again. The boy would come first. The two men later.

And they’re all werewolves, she thought with a flash of irritation. Alice regretted that show of emotion. Jasper fell behind Emmett and was at Alice’s side immediately. He took her hand in his and squeezed it slightly. She patted his cheek, grateful for his company. She could no longer deny that the future was slowly spelling out trouble in big, bold letters.

“I’ll explain everything when we get home,” she said quietly.

The entire family was gathered around Alice that evening. She was sitting on the sofa while the others took positions around her. Included in this group were Jacob, Leah, and Seth. Jacob sat with Renesmee, Seth lounged on the floor, and Leah hung near the door. Alice described both of her visions perfectly, first the one of the two men and small boy running through the woods then the second with the boy arriving at their doorstep.

“His eyes were white?” Bella repeated Alice’s description.

“That means that he’s a new werewolf, still young in the disease,” Edward explained, petting Bella’s hand. He was always within touching distance of her, now that they had developed the new closeness out of Bella’s ability to let Edward inside her mind.

Jacob snorted. “Disease?”

Disease,” Jasper said in a snarl, making the word sound derogatory. “It’s a vial sickness that is spread through the saliva of a werewolf. The first stage of the sickness is called Lunacy, an accurate name. The new werewolves can’t control their actions and often fall into a craze if they sense humans. The sole purpose of werewolves is to create more werewolves which are then compelled to make still more werewolves. The disease forces them to bite others.”

Edward nodded in agreement. “They really don’t have a choice in the matter. That’s why they’re so dangerous. They’re unpredictable.”

“Right,” Bella said, her brows scrunching together. “But what difference does it make if his eyes are white?”

“White eyes are a side-effect,” Carlisle interrupted. “Like that initial fit of chills or sweats when a person has a virus. It will eventually fade, even if the illness persists.”

Bella nodded, understanding.

“Is the boy harmful?” Renesmee chirped.

All eyes turned to Alice as she scanned the future. After a moment, she shook her head. “Not to us, no. Charlie should keep away for a while, though, while he’s here.”

“I’ll call him,” Esme offered, slipping out of the room.

“When will the other two come?”

Alice shrugged. “It’s hard to say. It really depends on who’s chasing them and the outcome of their confrontation.”


The final, and most important, question was asked by Jasper. He was hovering at the edge of the couch, inches away from Alice. She looked up at him without really seeing him there. Instead, her sight was directed elsewhere, into the future. She flickered through a week and a half until she landed on the day when the boy would arrive.

“Not this Tuesday, but next. At night, when the rain is the heaviest,” she said with authority. There would be no more alteration to that segment of the future.

Preparations were made immediately. Jacob informed the neighboring pack of the situation and let them know what to expect. Esme called Charlie and told him why it was imperative to keep away from the Cullens until further notice. The other vampires understood that they were to keep their eyes open for anything suspicious and keep their senses peeled for danger.