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The painful truth

The pianful truth What could possibly happen when Bella's dad gets a new girlfriend? Her mother just died in a fire, and Bella was put in the nut house.Her best friends,Alice,Jasper,Emmett, her sister Rosalie, and Bella's boyfriend Edward cant stand their new dads girlfriend. So what would happen when they try to solve the mystery to their mothers death? Who is their mother's killer? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!
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2. Chapter 2

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Oh my god. I had the worst hangover I ever had. It was so terrible, major headache, I couldn’t even sit up. I woke to see Edward next to me, staring at me with the most beautiful green eyes and the most handsome crooked smile. I don’t think he got as drunk as me. But I had to smile, which made my headache more freaking sore. I lay down on my bed, and faced Edward. He is so gorgeous…

“Hangover?” He asked me. Its like he reads minds, well maybe not.

“Mmmm…” I closed my eyes, and breath in, and out.

I opened my eyes and Edward was just staring into my soul. Did I tell you he’s gorgeous? God, you should see when we go to La push, all the girls think he’s single. But I show those bitches that he’s mine. And ONLY mine.

“So do you like Charlie’s new girlfriend?” He asked me. He was whispering, what time was it?

“Kara? Babe, are you serious? She’s a ho.” I told him. He laughed. I looked at him confused.

“She is a whore, I don’t even like her, didn’t she help you’re mom?” He said. I smiled. I thought he wouldn’t agree, but…

“Dad told me yesterday, I was so pissed. I couldn’t believe it Edward, Kara?”

He wondered in thought for no damn reason. Nodding to himself. He was so much like his dad Carlisle. And he looked so much like Esme. He kept on wondering and nodding. I was starting to get annoyed. So I checked the clock. 7:57, almost 8. I got out of bed, and fell back on the bed. I heard Edward laugh.

“Need help love?” He asked. I nodded.


He got off the bed, and then picked me up. He swung me over his back. I made a “hmph” when he threw me over. He just chuckled. He walked down the stairs, and I could smell breakfast. It smelt good but will I die? Did step-whore poison it? Hope not cause if I choke I’ll kill her while I’m choking. If I go down, bitch goes down with me.

Edward swung me around and sat on a chair. Me on his lap.

“Good morning Bella, Edward.” Step-whore said to us. Why so nice?

“Morning,” I said, bitchy.

“Morning Kara,” Edward said.

We just sat there in silence while the others woke. Jake woke up, and then Angela, Mike, Jessica, Lauren, Leah, Paul, Rose and Emmett, then Jasper and Alice. I guess not many of them slept over. Everybody had smiles on their faces, so happy. I had to smile. I haven’t seen my friends for over a damn year. Headache came back. I layed my head by Edward’s neck. Laughter filled the room with noise, and tv. Kara finished breakfast, and mostly everybody dug in. The only ones that didn’t eat were Me, Edward, Rose, Jasper, Emmett and Alice. We looked at each other in silence. I guess Kara noticed. So she had to open her mouth.

“Why don’t you guys eat? I made enough food for everybody.” She told is six. I was so irritated. I have to ask you guys, wouldn’t you hate your dad’s girlfriend in the beginning, then you’ll like her right? For me, Wrong. Cant stand Kara.

“Not hungry,” Alice said.

“Me too,”



“Ate poptarts in Roses room,” Emmett said, what a liar! Laugh my ass off, Rose is a neat freak.

“Hangover,” I told her.

She looked at us, Bitch had no clue. We didn’t like her. I think I knew that already.

“Can I make you guys anything?” She asked us. We were all quite. Then we heard…

“Can I have a sundae with a cherry on top!” Dumb ass Emmett. I thought he ate Poptarts? I gave him a hard wack on his head.

“Emmett shut it!” I whispered.

“Ow, you psychopath.” He whispered back. Kara looked at us like what the fuck? Look, and I just laughed.

“Emmett doesn’t want a sundae anymore, right Emmett?” I said through my teeth. I looked at him, he was still rubbing his head.

“No thanks,” He said , I smiled. “Bitch” He whispered.

“Man whore.” I whispered back.

We kept on calling each other names and we kept going at it…




We kept on making up words as we went. Then Rose got pissed. While Jasper, Alice, and Edward were laughing their ass off.

“Quit it you two dumb asses. Can we talk out side in the meadow.” She said standing up. I just looked up at Emmett, and we both laughed. He was going to be a good big brother when Rose and Em get married. Rose already had the ring. We all six stood up and walked out the back to the meadow.

When we reached it, it never changed. First it was Edwards’s meadow, and mine then we showed Rose, then Rose showed Alice. Now it’s our meadow. It was JEEBRA. Weird… When we got their we sat down on the grass waiting for someone to talk.

“I don’t like Kara,” Alice said.

“I think we all don’t like Kara, I mean as in us.” I told them. This was another meeting like always when one of us had a problem.

“Yeah, cant stand her,” Emmett said. Okay… for some reason I don’t understand Emmett sometimes… Maybe a lot.

“She’s too nice, Rose,” I told her. She looked at me, and smiled.

“Why do you think she’s so happy Bella? Know what she was doing all the time you were gone…?” I didn’t want to hear it. “Riding daddy,” She mad a nasty move. Gross.

(A/N I got “Riding daddy” from Uninvited! Not mine!)

“Are you kidding me!” Edward said, disgusted.

“Whore! Whore! Whore!” He yelled. We all laughed.

“Dude I think she can heard you!” Jasper said laughing. “Do it louder!” He said, he sucked in a breath. “Whore! Whore! Whore!” He yelled louder. That made is laugh more. We couldn’t stop laughing. It was so funny! Then Emmett did it. He cupped his hands together and put it on his mouth.

“Whore! Whore! Whore!” He yelled even louder! It echoed! Oh my god. This was the funniest thing ever. We were all holding our stomachs. That was hilarious. Shit! If we were only like this before! This was funny shit.

We tried not to laugh.

“Okay, so we all get it. She's a whore.” Rosalie said. We all nodded.

“Definitely. I got a name for her…” I told them.

They looked at me with out trying to laugh.

“What!” They all said. I smiled.

“Step-Whore,” They looked at me, and burst into laughter. We couldn’t stop laughing.

So we stayed there a little longer. Laughing our asses off.