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The painful truth

The pianful truth What could possibly happen when Bella's dad gets a new girlfriend? Her mother just died in a fire, and Bella was put in the nut house.Her best friends,Alice,Jasper,Emmett, her sister Rosalie, and Bella's boyfriend Edward cant stand their new dads girlfriend. So what would happen when they try to solve the mystery to their mothers death? Who is their mother's killer? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!
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3. makeout session

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We kept on laughing in our meadow, it was too funny. Because, we were making up name’s for Kara. There was one name where Rose called her the funniest name. It was disgusting too, but it was so damn funny! We were all red like tomatoes. Were my friends having this much fun with out me? This was the funniest thing I ever did in my whole life. No wait! Except the time where we dared Jasper to dress as a woman prostitute for Halloween. That was the funniest. As our laughing came to breathing, we heard noises. Noises like leaves crunching as you walk. When we heard that noise coming closer, all our heads snapped to look at the path.

“Guys we gotta go! She might catch us!” Emmett whispered.

We got up fast and ran the opposite where we came from and watched as she came in the meadow. But it wasn’t who we expected. It was Jake. He was looking around. Hands in his pocket. What the hell was he doing here?

Emmett point of view

Shit! I thought it was Kara. I thought she heard us, so I thought she was going to yell at us. What a bummer… man, I’m hungry I want, poptarts. Strawberry poptarts. Yummm…. But no, Rose doesn’t want anyone eating in our room. Not even me! I hide my snacks anywhere she doesn’t look. But it’s our room! Why the hell am I thinking this?

Anyway, it was Jacob who came to the meadow. Looking, stalling I think. He had his hands in his pockets and swaying his heels. He did that for quite a while. Then finally, finally he sat down. I looked at the others like why are we still hiding? So I decided to ask.

“Why are we hiding?” I asked. “Its only Jake!”

“Because I’m going to scare him.” Jasper whispered. Why him?

“Can I do it please!?” I asked Jasper. “Please?”

Jasper looked at me and shook his head. He was going to be tough. Shit. I stuck my tongue out at him. Why does he get the fun? So I made a face, a pout. He stared at me like I was retarded.

“Please Jazz! Please?”

He looked at me again. Then rolled his eyes.

“Hurry asshole.” He said. Yes!

I walked out of the place where we were hiding, and tried not to make too much noise. Jake was just sitting on the grass singing a gay ass song. I sucked in a huge breath, and let out my loudest scream. I mean… You know what I mean. Jacob screamed like a girl! Oh my god! This was yet funny too! Then we all started laughing except Jake. He turned around to see me standing there laughing.

“What the fuck Emmett!” He yelled. “I almost shit my pants! Dude!” that made me laugh harder.

“Sorry*laugh*we*laugh*thought you were*laugh*Kara!” I told him. He looked at me like I said something wrong.

“No worries, I gotta go. I think I hear someone calling.” Liar.

“We’ll go with you man, we gotta go to the house anyway.”

Bella point of view

We all walked back to the house with smiles on our faces. We saw Charlie, and his Kara, gross. They were in the lake swimming, like they were made for each other. I don’t think I can imagine dad with her. I only see mom, I loved her dearly. When you love someone either as a friend or more, they’ll say I’ll be there for you. But when my mothers time came. I wasn’t there. I should stop. I was holding Edwards hand when we came out of the woods, when I looked at him, then my dad and Kara. They were making out! Disgusting.

“Rose gross! Look!” I told her pointing towards the lake. She looked and made a gagging voice.

“What a slut.”

“You know what, lets go with them.” Alice said. We looked at her.“ I mean you know so we can make out with them.”

“Lets do it!” Rose shrieked “So we can show them who makes out better!” She said smugly.

“I guess, lets go get dressed.”

We all smiled, and ran towards the house to get our clothes. I threw on my roxy bathing suit, and Edward a billabong. When we got out of the room, there was Rose with her dark red bathing suit, Emmett with Quicksilver, Alice cute pink bathing suit with letters, and Jasper, he had on plad shorts. We all walked out the house to the lake. When we reached there, they stopped kissing. Don’t you hate that? I mean like why don’t they keep making out? They act like you don’t see them but you do, and then they stop. Gosh, life.

They looked at us, and smiled. Wonderful.

“Hey kids,” Charlie said smiling.

“Hey” We all said in synchronization.

“Come to swim?”

“Yeah exactly” I told him.

He didn’t say anything after that. So we just hopped in the water, I grabbed Edward; the girls grabbed their men. We started making out. We didn’t stop, and we kept on going. I kissed Edward tenderly, our soft lips together, and then it came passionate, and rough. I really didn’t care. I had a huge smile on my face. When I opened my eyes to look at Charlie and Kara, they looked at us with wide eyes. We were still kissing, and I looked over to the other side, and saw Alice and Jasper going at it! OMG. I cant even explain Alice and Jasper. They were ferocious…. I looked over at Emmett and Rose. They were like splashing in the water. I don’t know what the hell they were doing. But whoa!

We were making out still, and I felt hands going in my bottoms. Sneaky little Edward, I still kissed him but I moved his hands out, to my waist. He was a naughty boy, and that’s why I love him.

“Um guys?” Kara asked.

I guess me and Alice stopped but there were splashing still. God damn Rose and Emmett! Were they having sex or something in the water? Not that I care, but gosh when they kiss they cant stop!

“Hey Kara I didn’t know you guys were still here!” I told them like I didn’t know for real.

She looked at me with nice evil disgusting eyes. Gosh why cant I just beat the shit out of that bitch? She can just come in our lives and take everything from me. Why cant she get her own life that ugh!

“Yeah, your father and I were just going, so yeah, bye”

“Bye!” I heard Alice say eager for her to leave. Wow Alice must really want to make out with Jazz.

“Bye” She said.

Now where were we again?