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What am I ?

For as long as I could remember ... I've been sick . The doctors have no clue what disease I have . Neither do my adoptive parents . I came to Forks after my mom heard about this doctor . It was there that I learned things that would change my life , forever .


1. Chapter 1

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When I was born isn't a relative question to ask . Neither is it one that can be answered . My name is Isabella Marie Swan . I'm seventeen . I think . No one really knows . It's because of this damn disease I suffer from . I suppose I should start from the beginning .
September 14th , 1991 in the small town of Forks , Washington a news breaking event happened at 12:37 am . At the home of Chief Charles , Renee and son , Matthew Swan a baby was found on the steps of their home . The baby was me . I was wrapped in a shirt and looked to be only minutes old . My mother , Renee said I was the most beautiful baby she'd ever seen . I was born with pale white hard skin . They didn't think nothing of it , until I recieved my first pyshical. The first of many .
The physicians found several flaws in me . I have a rapid heartbeat . They call it a Humming Bird's Heart . Apparently , it will never slow down . It will quicken if I am doing anything that makes me exert myself . My skin can't be penetrated . Thus resulting in doctors finding a relative or telling me what's exactly wrong with me . Matt told me the doctors tried five times to stick the syringe in my arm , but I only broke the needle . Another factor to the disease is a high fever that fluctuates from time to time . My 1st doctor , Dr. William Troy told my family it was due to my heart . Then there's my eyes . My eyes are a dark shade of golden reddish-brown with pupils only found in wolf genetics . Their completely stumped about that . Along with the most important factor of them all . My fast rate growth . For the first four months , I grew to be the size of a one year old . The later four months ,I looked to be two . However , I was as comprehensive as a eight year old . I could walk , talk , and because of the bedtimes stories read to me by my parents ; I could read .
It's been seventeen years. I stopped growing so quickly . I look my age . For once in my life I look seventeen . I reached this physical age on my twelveth birthday . During this time I was living with my mom . She and Charlie got a divorce , where she gained custody of me . Charlie got Matt. She and I moved to Pheonix , Ariona . There she got remarried to a baseball player that's four years younger than her . You wouldn't know it , because Renee has a youthful appearance .
I love my mom . I want her to be happy . After all , she's fighting for a cure for me . Taking me to doctor after doctor in the hopes of me being normal . Normal . Something that can never coexisit in the same sentence as my name . Throughout my stay with her and Phil ( my step-dad), I've taken classes for piano , guitar , and violin . I'm one of the smartest students at my local highschool . I'm also the local freak . The kids make sure to make my life a living hell . The girls poke fun of my condition , and the bags under my eyes . The guys ? They gawk at me . Asking to date me . Pfft . Wouldn't date them even if I were normal . They rather parade me around than to get to know me .
I don't have any friends . My only friend , I should say is my brother . He's in college in Chicago . Music major . Sometimes when he comes to visit us here , I get to sing with him and his friends on their upcoming songs . They're not known yet , but they're really talented .
Anyway , it's a regular Saturday here in the Dwyer home . It's noon . I'm sitting in my room practicing some scales on my violen . I've just started playing . Last year , I learned to play the guitar . Before that , I played piano . Since Renee goes through music stages , I've learned to play classical , country , jazz , and sometimes I compose . Suddenly , she's taken a liking to techno . Guess I've got to get to work on learning that .

" Isabella ! Lunch is ready," Renee called form downstairs .

I sat the violin on my bed . Lunchtime . One of the most annoying time of the day . I've never been one to have an appetite . The doctors gave me medication to actually gain weight , because of my small frame . While this method is unprecedented , it is neccesary for me . Doctors fear that with my physic and insomnia , I'm bound to collapse . The smell tuna sandwiches waft in the air making me want to vomit . Ugh . Why does all my pills require a full stomach ?

" Uh huh . Yes , I'm sure you've gotten her file ... yes .... yes she is special," Renee's vioce greeted me as I took a seat at the kitchen table . Her new husband , Phil was down at his manager's office . He's a baseball player looking for a permanent place on a team . I picked up the triangular shaped sandwich , and took a bite . Squishy , fishy , gunk in my mouth . Renee saw my grimace and covered the end of the reciever of the phone . " Isabella , come on . It's not that bad," she whispered quickly . " Besides ... it's the only thing that came out right . " I covered my mouth and nose to hide the snort . Renee and the kitchen never got along . I took over the whole cooking job when I was ten . If I gotta eat , might as well taste decent .

" Yes . Thank you ! Ok ! We'll be there tomorrow," she squealed . She hung the phone , jumping for joy . " That was Forks Hospital ! They said they have a new doctor who can help you , honey !" Ah , sweet Renee . Like Charlie , Matt and Phil , they refuse to let me die without a fight . When Phil first found out he was sadden by the news , and vowed to be there for me whenever . Charlie and Matt help me to be normal . They don't want me to ever feel like there's no hope . When I visit them , we just hang out like a normal family . Fishing , eatting at the local's Friday's , and playing catch in the yard . I swallowed the heap of mushy fish and gag . Composing myself , I asked
her," Forks ? You're actually willing to go back there , mom ? You hate it there . "

" Yeah . It's a pain to live there , but Isabella you need to see the doctor there . He's well liked and his patients speak highly of them," she replied with a shrug . We discussed the plan until I finished my meal . Renee got up and got my pills . A set of four bottles of pills line the marble counter . They are as followed , Tachycardia x3 max ( for the heart . ) , Maxium Strength Tylenlol ( fever ) , Lenal GAPADs ( insomnia ) , and of course SEROQUEL nBs ( for the bipolar ) . Dr. Kimberly Hawins prescribed that one . Who wouldn't be depressed if all they heard is ' You're going to die. '

I palmed the vibrantly colored pills and popped them in my mouth . Washing it down with a glass of water . The strong effects always make me feel sick , but the doctor said that taking them at the same time probably will work better . My head felt dizzy, but I shook it off .

Just then , Phil ran inside laughing . " Florida ! There's an opening spot in Florida," he yelled . He wrapped his arms around Renee's waist screaming a chorus of Yeah's and Woo's . " Tomorrow . My manager said we should go down to Jacksonville , Florida . He's making some calls and I'll be trying out for their team," he explained . Renee pulled away from him . The joyous mood changed dramatically when he saw her worried frown . " Tomorrow ? It has to be tomorrow," she choked . " B-but ... Isabella's got a chance . A new doctor in Forks said he'll help her ... he has her file and ... and... " Phil knew where this was going . He hung his head , sighing . His big chance , ruined because of me . This isn't new . I'm always the reason for our family's sadness . To this day , I don't understand why they still want me in their lives .

" Phil-" " I know , Renee . We have to do this," he cut her off . " I'll just tell my manager to forget about it . " They looked each other in the eyes , solemly . " You could go . I'll just go with her , and if things work out ... we'll meet you later," Renee compromised . It didn't take a genius to know this idea would leave them heartbroken . Phil could be gone a whole year , while she's with me . Stupid skinny sick ol' me . Then if this doctor couldn't help me , it would've been all for nothing !

Later that night , I helped mom pack her bag . She and Phil were silent all through dinner . The guilt was heavy on my shoulders .

" What sweater should I pack," she murmured to herself . I sat on their queen size bed , mauling over my suggestion . " Mom," I began . She turned from the closet to face me . " What's up," she asked holding her red, white and black sweater . " Mom, you should go to Jacksonville with Phil . I'm fine with going to Forks alone . Dad's there , so it's not like I'll be living by myself . " She bit her lip , struggling with the idea . " Honey , you don't- " " You said this was my chance . If it works , I'll be with you guys soon . Besides , it's been a while since I visited him . Matt's been calling me asking when I was planning to . He's going to be on break from school soon ... might as well go . " Renee sat down beside me . She looked down at her lap and asked , " You'll be down there all your Jr. year . Are you absolutely sure , Bella ? " Oh now she'll use my nickname .

" Mom , I'm possitve . Go with Phil and be happy," I replied . Mustering as much cheer as I can for her . She wrapped her arms around my neck hugging me close . " Thank you," she sniffled . Leave it to her to get all sappy over this . Still ... I love her .

The next morning , she drove me to the airport . We said our good byes and I was whisked onto the plane . The flight was tolerable ... aside from the many smells that lingered in the air . God , I was so happy to be off that plane . Charlie was ecstatic to see me . He gave me a welcoming one armed hug . We placed my luggage in the back of his cruiser . Wish he had drove a regular car ...

" Your room's just as you left it, Bells . Oh and I got you a new computer for you room . Matt told me the last one was lousy," he said shifting the car into park . Charlie's place was medium sized . Two bedrooms and an attic . I chose to sleep in the attic , because it's like my fortress of solitude .
Charlie helped me carry my things up the ladder leading to it . He made sure to have it cleaned so that no mold can build up in there .

" I got you a new comforter . Purple okay," he asked . " Yeah , it's cool," I replied laying across the welcoming soft bed . I was exhausted from the plane and drive . Charlie moved my luggage to the side of my keyboard. " I'll let you rest . Get some sleep Bells ." He walked down the ladder , clicking the light off . Tomorrow will be my first day of school here . My first day with a new 'promising' doctor . I've learn long ago not to get my hopes up ... but a part of me wishes so badly for this to work . To be normal ... to be happy . Please God , let this work ...